My Uncomplicated Weekend Makeup Routine

I am going for two days trip this weekend and I want my makeup to be just as simple and natural because it's going to be all about relaxing and being a little closer to nature.


What’s In My Handbag?

"A girl's best friend is a diamond", a saying that may never seem to be disagreed with. Similarly, a handbag is a girl's chest of secrets. From her favourite shade of lipstick to her long wishlist, a girl and her handbag shares many hush-hush moments and is something very personal and close to heart. I …

What’s In My On The Go TLC Bag

Hey My Beautiful Friends!! Being out of the holiday season and heading to workplaces reminds us of the lazy mornings and the privilige of being up late night without the worry of the morning after. For me December has been more stressful and hectic than enjoyable and I am glad I got to complete certain …