The Ultimate Guide To Hydroxy Acids With Product Recommendations

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! I get more and more queries from people trying to find a non-abrasive solution for uneven skin texture, tone and pigmentation with each passing day and it is now evidently one of the most talked about major skin conditions. These unharmful skin blemishes can range from a …

I Tried GlamGlow And Loved It

Aside from the pretty packaging and alluring name, the contents also make this mask very tempting. The combination of chemical exfoliants and brightening ingredients is an effective one. Although, the percentage of chemical exfoliants is not very high(which is actually good if you are not used to actives) you can expect a visible difference from the very first use. The presence of pumice adds to the physical exfoliation so your skin is left more even toned, dullness is reduced, texture is more refined. The consistency is nice and creamy with pumice particles.

Valentine’s Day- Hair And Makeup Look

No matter what your skin type, even before you think of applying makeup, your skincare essentials need to be taken out of the drawer and lined in order to use so you are able to achieve the perfect base. Toss out the lip balms and in with lip masks. For long night outs, dates, events, I prefer a lip treatment over lip butters or chapsticks...

Skin Detox With Ahé Naturals Anti-Pollution Mist

15% off discount code and free shipping. According to the brand, many of the herbs used in their products are organically grown on the outskirts of Madurai, a quaint and beautiful location in Southern India. The owner herself is prominently involved in creating and testing the formulas. In fact, the inspiration behind this brand comes from years of fighting with rosacea, a painful and embarrassing skin condition characterised by constant redness, mostly but not limited to the nose and cheeks with painful bumps that look like acne breakouts and in severe cases, it also leads to thickened leathery skin with visible broken capillaries...

Flawless Skin Begins With Bliv

Bliv pronounced "believe" is the only brand that has been tested in over 200 professional skin care centres to offer salon strength products for everyone to use with a rather minimal price tag. It has won multiple awards since it's initiation in 2009 and now has flagship stores in many countries....

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream

Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! “Snail Slime”, a term that is causing such a stir among the beauty industry that even the most finicky ones have finally laid down their armour and surrendered to the fact that this clinically proven ingredient does have multiple benefits on our skin.

Winter Body Care With Palmer’s

Raw Shea and Coconut range is slowly getting launched throughout the world so when I saw my regular e commerce shopping destination stocking it, I had to try my luck once more. They don’t simply believe in hundreth times a charm, do they? I went ahead and grabbed the body lotions from both the ranges as they are pretty reasonable but also because these formulas are more nature derived and free from many controversial and/or carcinogenic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, dyes, sulfates and gluten...

Black Mess For Clear Skin?

Ryaal Black Mess

Charcoal being one of safest and inexpensive wonder ingredients, there is no doubt I have tried many products containing it. Today’s product has an effective combination of many other ingredients with Charcoal that takes it a level above others.

Skinfood- Black Sugar Mask Wash Off Vs Dear Klairs- Gentle Black Sugar Polish

Skinfood Vs Dear,Klairs

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog! This is one of the highly anticipated reviews because it features products from two very popular Korean beauty brands. S K I N F O O D D E A R ,  K L A I R S Skinfood is one of the first known brands by …

Classic Red Lip Makeup Look

Classic Red Lip Makeup Look

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog! It feels like the year had just began and everyone was talking about their new year resolutions and now it is almost Christmas eve. Whether some of you were able to achieve your goals this year or were left disappointed, I wish you all the best wishes …