Fresh Face Glam Makeup Look

Fresh Face Glam Makeup Look

Hi everyone and welcome back to another blog post! I have had quite a few festivities and family events to attend as of lately and wanted to master a look that is neither too fancy schmancy nor extremely subtle which I go for most of the time. If I am attending an outdoor event during …

My Uncomplicated Weekend Makeup Routine

I am going for two days trip this weekend and I want my makeup to be just as simple and natural because it's going to be all about relaxing and being a little closer to nature.

Festive Full Face Makeup Look- Perfect For Beginners

India being a culturally rich land, festivals and weddings are equally variant, vibrant and filled with glamour. Outfits are very important part of any festivity and the choice of bright reds, pinks, gold is most common. Pairing beautiful costumes with simple everyday look might be underwhelming so a little something something that would look festive …