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Hello Everyone!

My name is Shenaz. I have always been an advocate of skincare. Since my sixth grade, I started following my Mum’s footsteps and began to create my own concoctions of different ingredients to slather on my skin.. Over the years, the obsession turned into buying many skincare products and finding right technique to use them.. My passion turned into a qualification after certain events and I am so glad I did it. You can contact me for consultations and regimes or just skincare advice.

During my free time, I also love to cook and try out beauty related diys for family and friends… I call this little corner in my home, My Lab, where you can find me quietly brainstorming for different ideas and finding the ones that are unique to me related to beauty, styles and food. Hence, the name…TheCuratedLab..

Through this blog, I will be sharing my take and style on skincare guides and products, giving out professional yet practical advice and information, reviewing products so you can have a better understanding of them and easy guides to wellness. Why? because “Beautiful skin and Wellbeing are correlated”, your skin won’t shine until your inner being and health are doing A-okay, and, you won’t feel so great if you aren’t skin confident.

Join me on this eclectic journey. Your time, love and support is all that I need. And, I thank every reader to consider my blog as a guide for their beauty needs. Nothing makes me more happy than my readers benefitting something through my each post. Your suggestions and feedbacks are always welcomed.

Let’s create this tiny space as a wonderful home to LIVE..TEACH.. and ..LEARN


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