Know The Author

Hello, My beautiful people!!

My name is Shehnaz. The brainchild behind this blog who has always been very creative and curative about skincare. I deal with sensitive skin, hence I have always been an advocate of being gentle towards a skincare regime. Since sixth grade, I have followed in my MUM’s footsteps and started creating different concoctions to slather on my face. I love to cook for family and friends whenever possible. There is this little corner in my home which I call it MY LAB, where you can find me quietly brainstorming about skincare products and ideas and trying out recipes. Hence, the name TheBeauty&FoodLab.

I love loves dewy blushes😊, bright lip colours and love to eat amd cook fusion food..something traditional..something exotic..

Join ME on this eclectic journey as I take you through my style and take on skincare, informative guides, DIYs for that luxurious “me” time…and everything else centered around beauty, with a pinch of cooking topped with a tempering of lifestyle.

Feel free to look around and stay tuned.. Nothing will make me more happy than my readers benefitting and learning something through my each post.. So, I am always welcoming new ideas and feedbacks.

Your precious time and support is very much appreciated.

Let’s create this tiny place, which I call it My Online Home..a wonderful space to LIVE..TEACH and LEARN!!..

Love yourself.Stay Chic.



(SM@TheCurativeLab- Twitter account).



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