Review- Suganda Co. Skincare Centella Green Tea Face Wash| Aloe Green Tea Face Gel

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It has been a while since I reviewed a product on my blog as I am super busy with Instagram and practising as an Esthetician and a skin and hair consultant. Suganda Co. Skincare products have been gaining so much popularity for bringing AHA and BHA exfoliants to the Indian based skincare brands category. So, I want to share my thoughts on two of their launches- Centella Green Tea Face Wash and Aloe Green Tea Face Gel.

Oily skinned beauties, you are in for a treat!

A bit about the brand;

Suganda Co. Skincare is a Hyderabad based skin and body care brand founded by Bindu Amrutham who is also the product formulator. She started to experiment with raw and organic ingredients while creating products for her son’s dry and sensitive skin.

The ingredients are sourced from throughout the world and the philosophy is to offer affordable products that deliver like well researched formulas but with an Indian touch and essential oil based fragrances that soothe the senses.


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Suganda Co. Skincare Centella Green Tea Face Wash

This face wash is created with a mindset to offer one cleanser that caters to all skin types. It has a blend of humectants and antioxidants with gentle cleansing agents in a medium lathering formula. The packaging is sleek and travel friendly with a pump dispenser and a neck lock to prevent leakages.

It has a brown hue and subtle almost negligible fragrance.

Few of the notable ingredients in this face wash are;

Panthenol– natural component of our skin that helps keep the barrier stronger and the skin hydrated.

Centella Asiatica– well researched and proven plant extract that soothes irritation from various causes and also has an antioxidant effect.

Green Tea– a strong antioxidant that has anti inflammatory properties and benefits all skin types, especially acne prone.

The pH of a cleanser often defines how it will leave the skin feeling afterwards(this varies slightly based on the ingredients too). According to chemistry, if pH is above 7 then you may feel some dryness and if it is between 5-6 then it won’t disrupt the natural oil and water balance. The pH of Suganda Co. Skincare Centella Green Tea Face Wash is marked between 5-6 making it slight acidic and optimal for cleansing thoroughly without stripping the skin.


My take on this face wash is that its ideal for use on normal to oily skin. It does not cause any irritation or itching and works well with any type of skincare routine. Since there are no AHAs and BHAs in the formula, this clean, minimal, antioxidant rich face wash can be used day and/or night depending on the requirement. Unlike some cleansers, this one does not leave a residual film that seems to never get washed off.

I recommend this face wash for everyone looking for a natural alternative to conventional cleansers that also mildly hydrates and leaves the skin refreshed and smooth without making it feel squeaky clean.


Yes, for normal to oily skin types.

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Suganda Co. Skincare Aloe Green Tea Face Gel

Described as a soothing and hydrating gel for all skin types by the brand, this almost serum like oil free gel is a very versatile product.

The colour of this gel is reminiscent of the brand’s Centella Green Tea Face Wash and has subtle lingering lavender scent from lavender essential oil.

Notable ingredients are;

Green Tea– part of many products offered by the brand, this antioxidant powerhouse does everything from protecting skin from UV rays, reducing oxidative stress, soothing irritation, helping with oily acne prone skin and more.

Aloe– high concentrations of this ingredient is effective against irritation from sun burns, thermal burns, post treatment inflammation, acne and excellent hydrator.

Tetrahydrocurcumin– turmeric extract that is proven to lighten dark spots, works as an antioxidant and strong anti-inflammatory.

Sodium Hyaluronate– derivative of Hyaluronic acid with a better penetration capability so it can reacher deeper layers of epidermis and improve skin’s hydration making it look plumper and smoother.

Panthenol– an ingredient mostly added to products catered towards dehydrated and/reactive skin as it works with other components of the skin to improve its defense and increase water retention capacity.

One thing I love the most about this gel is the consistency — very thin and light weight on the skin. On application it may feel bit sticky but give it 30-40 seconds and it will melt in the skin leaving an instant smooth finish. It is so lightweight that even the most oiliest of skins will not find it heavy during summers. All the other skin types will require a gel or cream to follow up for extra hydration or nourishment.


If you do not have extremely problematic skin or need a supplementary hydrating serum, then this product ticks all the boxes. It doesn’t have such actives that cause purging in some, never feels heavy or drying on the skin, has two excellent antioxidants for better protection against sun and pollution and works on all skin types and ages. You will notice improvement in skin tone and texture with regular use when coupled with good sun protection.


Yes, for all skin types.

Purchase link: Suganda Co. Skincare Aloe Green Tea Face Gel

Highlights about the brand;

There are no artificial dyes or fragrances added

Raw ingredients sourced from around the world

Effective formulas consisting of well researched ingredients

Free from controversial preservatives

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