Neemli Naturals Hyaluronic Acid And Vitamin C Serum- Review And Facts On Why Vitamin C Is A Must Have

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My love affair with Vitamin C goes back to my childhood when every morning my Mum would feed me freshly cut oranges, sweet limes or guava with a light sprinkling of black salt. There is so much I am thankful for because of my Mum and, although, I have never officially thanked her but have always appreciated for inculcating self care habits.

Needless to say that now everyone knows how good is Vitamin C for skin, even in low amounts it functions as one of the best antioxidants. You should also keep up your Vitamin C intake for strengthening immune system.

Skin that is better protected from oxidising stressors ages slower”

Vitamin C is effective and multifunctional yet gentler than other skin brightening and anti-ageing ingredients, which is why I always recommend to use a good Vitamin C serum over Glycolic Acid and Retinol for women under 30 years so their skin retains its glow and gradually accustoms itself for other actives.

Few years ago there were only a bunch of brands that offered scientifically proven forms of Vitamin C in a stable base that gave superior anti-ageing and brightening properties but fast forward to 20th century and we are spoiled for choices. The formulas now do not oxidise quickly, cater to all types of skin and even help penetrate Vitamin C in the skin so it can offer better dark spot correcting benefits.

However, not many Indie(Indian) brands offer well formulated treatment products, including Vitamin C and its exciting to come across Neemli Naturals that doesn’t make false claims, keeps the ingredients list disclosed, uses environment friendly packaging, uses stabalised form of Vitamin C and more. 

Today’s review has recently become one of the highly requested ones on my Instagram given the fact that Neemli Naturals  has some interesting products that are both cruelty free and vegan(something many people are leaning towards as of lately) and holds the desired qualities I mentioned above. One of highly anticipated products the brand offers is their Vitamin C serum that is dubbed by the brand as a gel like formula containing undiluted 12% stabalised Vitamin C, which is high enough to show visible results in few weeks. 

Let me share with you how I am liking the product so far. 



A lightweight gel like age defying serum that contains 12% Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide with other antioxidants and calming ingredients in a vegan formula.  




Amber glass bottle with a pump dispenser housed in a cardboard box. 

30 ml

Purchase from here



Keep the bottle away from windows, kitchens and bathrooms. It is preferable to store in clean cupboards.



Vitamin C– In its pure form or from derivatives, Vitamin C helps defend the skin from UV rays, helps keep the skin firm by enabling collagen production, and in certain amounts also helps to fade dark spots both from sun and acne. 

Hyaluronic Acid– It is present throughout our body tissues and has vital functions other than just for topical application. With age and lifestyle stress, the levels of Hyaluronic acid are depleted in our skin that can not be replaced by adding oils. Hyaluronic Acid adds hydration that keeps the cells plump and it has been known to help heal skin faster. Many dermatologists recommend it over oils for post treatment care.

Niacinamide– You may not know but this ingredient is like a silent helper in many brightening and anti-aging products. Experts and dermatologists often recommend using products containing Niacinamide in conjuction with Vitamin C for faster dark spot reduction. It has also been studied to calm redness and surface oils from overactive sebaceous glands.

Green Tea– Although Green Tea is advised to be included as part of a healthy lifestyle and diet, the anti-inflammatory and strong antioxidant properties makes it a wonderful skincare ingredient as well.



Pale yellow coloured translucent serum that is thinner than aloe vera gel but viscous than most water based serums. Has a faint scent of geranium essential oil



1-2 pumps on slightly damp skin post cleansing and toning. Spread to the neck(front and back) and décolleté(upper chest)—ALWAYS!



I have used up more than half of the bottle in less than two months and trust me, there are very few treatment products that I go through so quickly because my skin always take time to adjust with the actives. 

The first thing I liked about this serum is not the scent, the colour or it’s feel on my skin but the form of Vitamin C used. 

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a derivative of L-Ascorbic Acid and has better stability while offering all the benefits of Pure Vitamin C aka L-Ascorbic Acid. 

– Brightening the skin

-Lightening of dark spots


-Boosts collagen production

3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid is a newer generation of Vitamin C derivative that has shown to offer superior brightening properties in many studies. It is much more stable than Pure Vitamin C and has lesser chances of any irritation on most skin types.

Although it is not widely known by consumers, 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid has been around in dermatology for sometime now. Call it a newer generation stable Vitamin C which has the capability to convert into Pure Vitamin C in our skin. 

FACT: Our skin needs Vitamin C from skincare as a defense because it is not produced in the body.

I have only raves about Hyaluronic Acid as a hydration bomb that every skincare routine must include. As a consumer, you must be reading great things about a product or ingredient and it wows you, then there is that “Oh My God!” feeling when you actually use a product and see your skin getting better by each day, this is what Hyaluronic Acid will do. Choosing a suitable product is crucial though.

Remember, our skin always looks better when it’s hydrated inside out.


The addition of 1% Niacinamide amplifies the dark spot reducing and brightening effects and adding it to a product containing derivative of Vitamin C ensure that even the most sensitve of skins will not react negatively. 

Although, this serum doesn’t contain silicones or other similar ingredients, it has a lovely slightly richer consistency as opposed to watery serums but lighter than aloe vera gels and has great “spreadability”. The faint scent disappears almost instantly on application, which I love and the smooth finish leaves the skin soft and thoroughly hydrated. 

The pump dispenser is very high quality and smooth operating so there are no chances of excess product squirting out leading to wastage.

Except for mild tingling sensation initially, my skin responded very well to the product and it has become a consistent part of my morning routine. My skin has definitely gotten brighter, looks and feel plumper plus new acne marks are fading very quickly—my skin just looks healthy with a radiance. All the ingredients compliment each other really well and enhances the product’s efficiency. It is a lovely all in one day time serum and moisturiser for oily skin during summers and can be easily layered with other products whenever needed. It did not cause purging on my skin.


Many articles on Internet suggest not using products containing Vitamin C during the day but do not explain why. Those products have different types of Vitamin C, higher strengths and all together a different formula. However, you can use Neemli Naturals Vitamin C both day and night, and I personally recommend it for day time use.

This is a light weight water based serum so make sure to layer with a moisturiser if your skin is dry.

I have mentioned this serum on Instagram a couple of times already that it is a wonderful day time hydrating, protecting and treatment product for All Skin Types. However, as it contains essentials oils even in tiny amounts, I will suggest doing a patch test on skin that is ezcema, rosacea prone and/or prone to redness from most products. You can check out their travel size products for trials as well.


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