What’s Your Favourite Type Of Eye Liner- Kohl, Gel, Liquid Or All In One? Review And Swatches

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My idea of a perfect yet simplistic makeup routine involves all the products that serve more than one purpose. For my clumsy and impatient attitude towards makeup, a bag of not more than five products should do the job for me.

And, pencil eyeliners, especially gel or kohl ones have a a multifaceted side to themselves. We can use them to tight line the waterline, intensify lash line to create an illusion of thicker eyelashes, create a smokey eye or subtly define the eyes— the options are endless. Although I don’t apply an eyeliner everyday, I see no reason why they shouldn’t be a part of a makeup bag.

I wanted to talk about this new makeup product with you for few weeks now but work has been so stressful and with me being under the weather on and off, the timing was completely against my will.


Today, I going to share about these gel eyeliners from Esqido, a brand I have spoken about before on my blog, you can read more about their other products here. So far the brand’s claims are at par with the performance of their products and detailing on the boxes is exactly what a girl wants—rose gold fonts!

Let me share with you the features of their newly launched gel liners, what the brand has to say about them and my experience.


If you have sensitive eyes and hands that just can’t stay steady and you always mess up your eyeliner, then this post is for you.




These are gel liners which is pretty much understood from the very title itself but these aren’t like most other “gel” liners. They do not dry out or have ashy colour pay off and have great features to become one of your favourite makeup products.



White sleek packaging, travel friendly with rose gold fonts.


Retractable eye pencil with attached sharpener. The silicone ring near the tip ensures a secure closure of the cap so the product does not dry out.




5 free- Formaldehyde, Phthalates, Fragrance, Sulfates, Parabens




Suitable for sensitive eyes





There is a thin silicone ring that ensure secure airtight closure of the cap so the product doesn’t dry out and you get perfect smooth application till the end.



I have never been much of a winged eyeliner fan and only use liquid eyeliners if there is a specific look I am going for but, eye pencils are more forgiving and versatile.

However, most eye pencils I have used so far have four major deficiencies- breaking of the tip easily, tugs the skin, smears, gives a chalky finish. Apart from Estée Lauder and Sephora kohl I loved MAC ones but there is bit of smearing with MAC pencils that causes watering of the eyes. I am sure most people wouldn’t have this problem but I have very sensitive eyes and choosing right makeup to avoid swelling and irritation is bit a task.


Esqido’s gel liners are claimed to suit sensitive eyes and are latex free as well.

The retractable feature allows for precise application without breaking of the tip and the smooth rounded tip doesn’t poke the skin. The formula is extremely smooth and creamy but not buttery smooth(if you know what I mean) so it does not feel oily on the lids and will actually suit both dry and oily eyelids. The slim lightweight design along with perfectly blended creamy formula makes the usage very convenient for shakey hands like mine. Using these liners on lower lash line is again a breeze and I love using brown shade because it looks more natural yet playful.


Both the shades are very pigmented and black one doesn’t give off a greyish appearance which is very common with most eye pencils or gel liners. The formula blends well, settles quickly but never emphasises the wrinkled skin and feels lightweight as promised.

These are definitely waterproof but come right off with my favourite cleansing oil, reviewed here. Happy eyes. Happy me!

I normally avoid using any product on my waterline as I will end up looking like a panda but have been loving these Esqido gel liners so much that I did apply the black shade once as an experiment or call it a risk because I was headed to a wedding and, surprisingly, there was no itching or any other issues whatsoever and the liner stayed put throughout the night. Yay!

Esqido Gel Liners- Black on top lash line| Brown on lower lash line
Esqido Gel Liners- Black| Brown
Esqido Gel Liners- Black on top lash line| Brown on lower lash line

If your eye sight is weaker(you wear glasses or lenses) like myself then you know how difficult it is to properly line the eyes, if a liquidy liner or a chalky one is handed over then things turn around very messy. I am honestly going to purchase other shades by Esqido when they are released and can’t find any negative points, except for one—The rounded tip doesn’t allow for a thin winged effect but I think that can be easily sorted out with the help of attached sharpener.



Instense pigmentation so one stroke is enough for an intense colour pay off

Very smooth, goes on silky and soft without being oily so will be suitable for dry and oily eyelids

Does not cause irritation when applied to waterline

Sleek and luxurious design

Retractable, that means no breakage

Travel friendly and easy for touchups unlike most gel liners that require a brush and come in a pot

Can easily be used to create smokey eye effect

These are truly all in one eyeliners


Buy from here


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