Mystic Naturals Moroccan Beldi Soap Review

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For years, I have been a fan of glycerin soaps. They are gentle, effective at cleansing and do not strip the skin’s moisture content. With different brands coming up ever so often, I have tried hundreds(not exaggerating) brands both Indie and International to find that one perfect body cleanser other than just glycerin soaps. While some bathing products really stood out, I often noticed that most of them left my skin really dry, forcing me into trying out more body butters, lotions, creams and salves. I love moisturising my body after a hot shower but let’s be honest here, do we really feel excited enough to sit down patiently and cover our body from neck down to the toes in thick layer of body lotion on a hot summer day of night? I most certainly don’t! Trust me, I was still searching for a gentle body cleanser that neither does leave my skin covered in residue nor makes it go all pruney. And, somewhere between watching my favourite late night show and feeling bored, I stumbled upon Moroccan Beldi Soap. It wasn’t the first time I read about it but there was something different this time. I was really getting these vibes that its time, its time to finally figure out what this soap is all about and whether it is worth it.


So, what is Moroccan Beldi Soap?

It is an ancient soap that involves a traditional recipe originating from Levant region, apparently. High percentage of fats aka oils are used in a lye base(KOH/Potassium oxide) where often crushed olives with olive oil is used as a fat. The saponification of such mixtures give this goo like soaps their sensual silky smooth texture and jelly like consistency. Unlike regular bar soaps that either involve cold pressed or hot pressed oils that use NaOH aka Sodium Hydroxide, Beldi soaps require KOH aka Potassium Hydroxide. If you have read about curing a soap, it basically is the wait period before we can use it. The longer the wait or curing, the better our experience with the soaps. Curing period lasts anywhere between 6 weeks to even longer. This makes the soap longer lasting, helps the oils finally release after the evaporation of water resulting in better moisturisation. But, there is also a difference between store bought basic soaps and the ones made by artisans. The artisanal soaps have higher fat content and lesser salt is used. Hence, they feel nourishing and can also be used on face.

On the contrary, Beldi soaps do not require the long curing period and can be used within a week to 10 days. Nowadays, essential oils and crushed herbs like eucalyptus leaves are also added that not only gives the soap a luxurious scent but their astringent, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties also help with minor skin issues.

Savon Noir or Moroccan Black Soap are another names often used interchangeably to refer to Moroccan Beldi Soap. This soap has been used since centuries and is also a part of Hammam rituals in the Middle East.

Hammams are places of relaxation where people can rest in a hot steamy room before they bathe with traditional Beldi soaps and a type of an exfoliating tool called as Kessa. The bathing is finished off with a massage performed by professional masseur/massuese. The guests then relax in a cool room and enjoy freshly served food and drinks.

No wonder, Beldi soap gets so much attention and now is coming back in the form of a luxury bathing experience. Many organic brands are stocking up this wobbly paste directly imported from the manufacturers in Morocco.



About the brand- MYSTIC NATURALS

I was extremely happy to have come across an Indian brand based in Coimbatore that offers luxury handmade products prepared fresh on order. Mystic Naturals founder, Rashmi Chandrasekaran has studied natural cosmetology and was always inspired to lead a healthy lifestyle whether it came to what she and her family ate or used on their skin. In attempts to use natural skincare products, she turned to “natural” brands available in India only to be left disheartened. She wanted to create products that not only her family and friends can indulge in, but mass consumers as well without making a dent in their pockets.

She has one very simple philosophy—combining Ayurveda and Aromatherapy to formulate products from raw ingredients without the use of synthetics. This capsule collection has been formulated based on her knowledge and her expert research and development team to offer non toxic, cruelty free, clean, vegetarian formulas.

According to the brand, none of their products have hidden synthetics or preservatives. That’s why they prepare a fresh batch on order to have control over the quality and stability.




A soft jelly like facial and body soap made using only USDA certified organic ingredients. The brand allows its consumers to customise the fragrance that only comes from therapeutic grade essential oils. You can either choose one of the given combinations or go sans fragrance, whatever you prefer.



Formulated With;

58% Argan and Olive oils with my choice of essential oil blend of of juniper, lemon and lavender(customisable)






Price, Quantity and Availability;

550 INR for 100gms jar. Comes with a wooden spoon

Buy from here


To show some extra love, the brand is now offering a flat 10% discount on any products on their website. Read further to know my experience and also don’t forget to use this coupon code Shenazmn10 , if you wish to purchase Moroccan Beldi Soap or any other products.


How To Use;

Scoop a small amount of Beldi soap with a dry wooden spoon and massage on the skin using a loofah or an exfoliating mitt. Leave it on for 7-10 minutes for better results and then wash off with warm to hot water.

I strongly suggest using an exfoliating mitt as the glove allows for a better application and control whilst also providing uniform exfoliation.


My Experience;

My initial encounter with this soap was a rather funny one. I used a lot more than what is needed and my body was covered in heaps of lather.


Nonetheless, what I have been noticing so far after about 6 uses is that every time I use this soap, my skin looks polished, feels smooth to touch and squeaky clean but, in a good way. What really made me fall in love with this soap is how it helped with dry patches and itchy skin. Contrary to my facial skin, my body is extremely dry and can easily look ashy and wrinkly. After workouts or long travels the nicks and corners where moisture is likely to get stuck tend to itch and also look rather irritated— red patches that itch and burn at the same time. What most body washes do is get rid of the grease and dirt but leave the skin dry, leaving me with two choices— either apply moisturisers to reduce the dryness and lead to further moisture accumulation or ignore the parched skin so I don’t end up with itchy rashes. No, I don’t have eczema, it’s the humidity and stimulation and I  am looking to prepare my own concoction of body powder to absorb moisture. Any suggestions?


One of my body washes that contain tea tree oil and epsom salt does reduce the itching to an extent but isn’t that great in terms of moisture. But, this soap got rid of the itching and actually left my skin looking healthy. Both Olive and Argan oils are known to be rich in fatty acids and vitamin E that nourish the skin barrier. Their high percentage used in this Beldi soap makes it leave the skin moisturised, and I don’t feel the need to reach out for my body lotion everyday. Who doesn’t want that?

I have also used it on my face as it is considered a good option instead of basic cleansers. My skin does look glossy and very soft to touch but I won’t use it everyday as I am testing it on my facial skin which is very much prone to acne.


I know the price is a little steep, considering it is just a cleansing product. But we really need less than 1/4 of the wooden spoon that comes along with it. So, this 100gm jar is definitely going to last for a while before you finally need another one. Also, you can use it few times a week and leave on the skin for 7-10 minutes to reap its benefits before washing it off with warm to hot water. My skin is noticeably smoother and has a natural radiance when I allow it sit for a while instead of just massaging and washing it away instantly so I suggest you do the same.



Would I recommend it?

My expectations with this product have definitely been met and I will be gifting to others as well. I personally recommend it to everyone, especially someone with dry itchy body skin and also try swapping facial cleanser with it few times a week, if the skin responds well to it. Trust me, this soap doesn’t leave the skin greasy, instead very clean and refreshed.

Additionally, the essential oil blend I chose to go with adds a very uplifting aroma to the soap. So, bathing with it after a long tiring day is like walking through a spa.



I hope you guys try it out and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram, when you do!


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