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Our skin’s natural moisturising factors are abundant during teens and due to stress and irregular diet they start to deplete giving an irregular texture and tone with or without any acne issues. Most of the queries I come across on a daily basis is regarding the dullness and greyish look which in short gives an unhealthy appearance. With constant change of skincare products to achieve that “glow” most buyers especially women use different types chemical exfoliants, but only a few understand how these products work and what may go wrong if used incorrectly.

Chemical exfoliants break the surface glue of our skin to shed excess dead skin cell accumulation that cause blockage and lead to comedones while also reaching deeper to stimulate collagen production.

There are few things that you have to take into consideration in your skincare routine when you introduce these products and the first product to scrutinise is a cleanser. Cleansing may be the least interesting step of skincare but it has a major impact on the health of our skin.

Chemical exfoliants are acidic and applying them on stripped skin will cause a sudden shift of skin’s pH leading to strong tingling sensation, redness and even long lasting flushing. If strong surfactants based cleansers are used, they can leave the skin vulnerable and more likely to experience irritation. You will have to deal with irritated skin than trying to reduce acne and wrinkles or correct skin tone.


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My skin wasn’t quite keeping up when I introduced AHAs(a type of chemical exfoliants)— Pixi Glow Tonic, to be precise. It was high time I start looking for options. I tried a couple, including the very popular Cosrx Low pH Goodmorning Gel Cleanser, but to my disappointment it didn’t seem to fit the bill, for me.

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I relied on non foaming cream cleanser formulated for combination skin types from Andalou Naturals, that I reviewed here and my very own concoction of soothing oats, turmeric and matcha blend as my morning cleansers and Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil, reviewed here, as my night cleanser.


But beauty bloggers can never rest when it comes to trying new products and having an opportunity to test Huangjisoo’s products came along my way at a perfect time.

Their Anti-trouble Foaming Cleanser is indicated for sensitive skin types and is formulated with 98% natural ingredients that are EWG verified as 1-2(1 being the safest) and right on Cosdna rating. When you look at the plant extracts and gentle cleansing agents, you wouldn’t be able to resist trying this product out.


To find out more, please keep reading further. 



An EWG verified calming cleanser for oily, easily irritated and sensitive skin types made with amino acid based cleansing agents and multiple skin soothing ingredients in a 98% natural ingredients based formula. Cleanses the skin well without harming the natural protective barrier.

Read more about the brand and their soothing mask here



180ml sturdy bottle with foam pump

Buy from here (worldwide shipping and discounted rate)



Dispense 1-2 pumps on palms and spread all over damp face and neck. Use alone or with a konjac sponge. Massage for 30 seconds atleast and rinse with warm water.

Watch this video to see how I cleanse my skin using konjac sponge and Anti-trouble cleanser




A subtle hint of herbs that calms the senses with a cloud like soft foam.



AMINO ACID BASED SURFACTANTS– Biodegradable surfactant extracted from apple amino acids used to cleanse sensitive skin types without stripping the skin barrier oils

PHASEOLUS RADIATUS (Mung Bean) SEED EXTRACT– Currently gaining positive reviews and used in skincare worldwide for it’s anti-ageing, antioxidant and deep cleansing benefits

CHAMOMILLA RECUTITA (Matricaria) FLOWER EXTRACT– Extremely popular and beneficial anti-inflammatory

CENTELLA ASIATICA (Gotu Kola) EXTRACT– Proven and prescribed by skin specialists and dermatologists for calming irritation and redness from senstivities, post laser and peels

MORUS ALBA (White Mulberry) EXTRACT– Used as dark spot correcting and lightening ingredient

GLYCCYRRHIZA LABRA (Licorice Root) EXTRACT– Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and skin lightening for sensitive skin

ARTIC LAPPA (Burdock) ROOT– Known in Ayurveda and Homeopathy to treat skin disorders by detoxifying and stimulating

PROPOLIS– Produced by honeybees, this ingredient is believed to strengthen the immune system and topically offer antiviral, anti-bacterial and barrier strengthening benefits. To read more on Propolis, click here

GINGKO BILOBA– Extremely rich in a variety of antioxidants and has shown tremendous skin soothing, collagen regenerating and detoxifying properties by stimulating blood circulation.


Above mentioned ingredients also have many similar as well as some other different properties that benefit all skin types.




For the longest time I have kept my distance from foam cleansers. This started when I used Clean & Clear in my teens. Most foam cleansers have a similar base formula that add to the soft creamy foam consistency and also work as surfactants—cleansing ingredients. They give the skin extremely matte squeaky clean finish post cleansing but in a few hours my skin looks extremely oily, more than usual. They work for me in dry weathers—cold or hot, but not in humid climates. So, I have kept gel cleansers closer to me for the longest time possible.

But, Huangjisoo Anti-Trouble Foaming Cleanser has amino acid based surfactants that gently cleanse but do not strip causing skin to compensate for the lost natural oils. Now let’s be honest— there are many theories, claims and somewhat proven benefits of soo many things but, if you personally experience them, then comes surety, which I have with this cleanser.

Along with a very gentle cleansing base, there are multiple plant extracts that further go on to calm any irritation while taking care of redness associated overactive sebaceous glands. So, this cleanser gently yet throughout washes away dirt, reduces surface sebum and provides soothing effect.

I personally favour herbal scents and this one has just the right amount of it from tiny amount of natural essential oils—pleasant and calming without causing nausea or headaches.

I love how soft the foam is, almost like a cloud being smeared all over the face. When used with my Konjac Sponges and Angel Cloth (biodegrable and no washing required, made from konjac root) my skin is left extremely polished and clean but not parched. 


From my experience, I have learnt that all low pH cleansers do not work for everyone, often times there are other factors like gentler skin caring blend of amino acids and anti inflammatory ingredients are important. After starting to use this cleanser— day and/or night(as a second cleanse) my skin doesn’t tingle or flush like it did before. This will be loved throughout the winters and I may try something bit more brightening, like their Brightening Cleanser during summers or continue using the same one, you never know!


Now you understand why I started off this post talking about Chemical Exfoliants?


If you think Anti- trouble Cleanser is not suitable for your skin type, then Huangjisoo offers four other variants;

Deep Cleansing- Peppermint, Cucumber and Chrysanthemum

Moisturising- Oatmeal and Ceramides

Anti-Pollution- Propolis, Omija with mildly acidic pH 

Brightening- Green tea, Arbutin, Acerola



Would I recommend Huangjisoo Anti-trouble Cleanser with Chamomile?

I recommend it to everyone who has combination skin type that is also a little sensitive and require clean, brightening effect with smoother skin and/or are using chemical exfoliants too.



Thank you so much for reading!

Good Luck






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