What’s In My Travel Beauty Bag- Fighting Dehydration|Controlling Breakouts

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Few days back I had an emergency trip uncalled for that I couldn’t afford to miss. I had to pack everything last minute, from arranging flight tickets, to packing up the stuff, and rushing to the airport, there were literally a couple of hours before I grab my bag in one hand passport in the other and rush out of the door. My Instagram followers wouldn’t be aware as I was posting regularly but due to constant change of locations and certain situations I couldn’t walk everyone through my travels(I really wished to share a couple of locations and the beauty).

Anyways, so I want to share with you everything that I took along(will share makeup details in the other post) in skincare. There were a couple of old favourites, some acquaintances and some that I didn’t expect to do so much so that I got backups of them if, in case they ever get discontinued—fingers crossed. This routine helped my skin from getting flaky and breaking out in small painful bumps.

I normally have a good balance of oil and water content in my skin but even after just a couple of hours in an aeroplane, my skin looks and feels like I haven’t drunk water in ages. This also accentuates any creasing and superficial forehead lines that aren’t usually visible. By the next day after the travel, my skin develops tiny bumps as if I had an allergy to a product, which in reality is from excessive dehydration and weakened moisture barrier.





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I do love a basic everyday neutral look to add some colour and look radiant at the same time. For my first cleanse, I tried Huangjisoo Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil. It is made with seven plant oils—Apricot Kernel, Jojoba, Macademia, Green Tea, Evening Primrose, Pot Marigold and Olive. These oils have antioxidant, exfoliating properties and help with dehydration as well. Huangjisoo is an EWG(Environmental Working Group)Verified Brand that offers unbiased reasearched information on ingredients and provide certifications to products that comply by their safety regulations—I spoke about one of Huangjisoo’s best products here. Most cleansing oils have a long list of multiple fragrances, surfactants and slip agents, Huangjisoo has kept it minimal and indicative, using antioxidant-rich skin replenishing pure oils with a gentle emulsifier. Huangjisoo Pure Perfect Cleansing Oil removes the makeup and leaves my skin almost nourished without being slick, like adding back moisture to skin tortured from constant dry temperatures soaking up all the moisture from my skin. If you have sensitive and normal to dry skin or are looking for something to use in winters, then you will love using this as your first cleanse.

Buy from here(worldwide shipping)



I decided to carry Soultree Indian Rose Face Wash as after using it for three to four times, I noticed how soft it leaves my skin. The formula has very gentle cleansing agents and Ayurveda herbs such as Manjishtha and Vetiver with some well known skin revivers like Honey, Licorice, Turmeric, Rose, Neem and Aloevera juice. The consistency is more like a jelly than watery gel liquid. It is one of those cleansers that do not give a stripped feeling even after a thorough double cleanse. I find most cleansers/face washes lead to temporary dryness when used as part of a double cleansing routine but not Soultree Indian Rose Face Wash and it is very affordable too.



I love the scent, deep orange hue and the gentle foam it creates. My skin feels baby soft everytime but not at all greasy, just clean and fresh face. I didn’t regret taking it along on my trip as most of the time I was out fighting the wind and shifting temperatures. It is very affordable too. Will repurchase it.

Buy from here


Also, try Soultree Indian Rose and Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel, it is soap free, gently cleanses, leave the skin smooth and gives a refreshing effect from the herb Vetiver. I will definitely use this during summers.



I have spoken about Raw Rituals Orange Lip Butter almost 1000 times and still can’t stop raving how soft it makes and keep my lips. It is soo affordable, contains cold pressed plant oils and is actually like butter. It beats many expensive lip balms ln the market. It has been months of using it and I am still not even half way through.

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As a fast acting trusty treatment, Benzoyl Peroxide with Adapalene has to be a must for any emergency spot zapping situations. This dermatologist recommended/prescribed product comes under variety of names, mainly Epiduo and Persol. Use once a day, preferably at night on clean dry skin with a q-tip. When it comes to treating a pimple, less is always enough, so Lipthe actives do not irritate the surrounding skin while getting rid of the bump. Many people say it dried out their skin, the problem is in the quantity applied, a tiny dot exactly on the inflammation will work very much effectively. A 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide with 0.1% Adapalene, works gently by killing the bacteria and exfoliating the skin simultaneously. When it comes to treating stubborn pustules or papules, you can’t beat this acne product.

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I prefer not to use AHAs like Pixi Glow Tonic, reviewed here. when I am out and about exposed to sun for longer periods on a typical hot day, instead The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution works just fine to apply on the most breakout prone areas-comedones once a day or alternate days so there are lesser chances of pimples in the first place.

For more on AHAs and BHAs read my full detailed post


As a brightening treatment, I add Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C Booster, a very pure form of 10% Vitamin C that should be used within a week. You can buy one booster pack for 7 days trial or a 30 days supply and add to your serums day and night while enjoying strong antioxidant and dark spot lightening benefits. It also contains proven Peptides that help with anti ageing and reduce fine lines. You also get 7 single use sachets of Cleansing Powder. I recommend using this range if you have sensitive skin.


NOTE– To notice visible results in dark spot reduction, any product should be used for 2 months atleast.



I did not know the entire routine would work out so well, hence the limited number of samples in the pictures. But, as soon as I returned, I took out all the last ones and started writing this post.


As a defending serum that works to keep my skin protected, I used SNP HDDN Lab Skin Saviour Essence, which is infused with Ceramides, Guaiazulene(read more about in this post) and Fillagren technology—an important protein that protects skin barrier and enhances other skin functions. It has a silky consistency and  if your skin is thirsty, it will get absorbed in seconds. It is free from many allergens and has green level EWG verified ingredients. Need to know more about EWG? Read here

For other EWG verified products, check out this post

Buy SNP Skin Savior Essence from here


For night time, I used Estée Lauder Syncronised Recovery Complex II which is one of the best selling and multi-award winning products since many years. I applied it all over my face, neck and around my eyes, and no, it didn’t not cause any irritation. It is very light weight, no significant scent and works well with any other product. This silky serum contains some proven ingredients to renew the skin and delay the signs of ageing. Probiotics, Fermented Yeast, Sodium Hyaluronate, Peptides, Caffeine are part of this overnight skin renewing serum.

PS- It doesn’t contain heavy silicones too.



I always keep two moisturisers so I am prepared when my skin needs a change.

The first one is a constantly featured Vitamin C, and antioxidants based light weight cream from Andalou Naturals, reviewed here with purchase link. I only have great things to share about it and highly recommend if you are on the hunt for clean, certified organic, gluten free and vegan skincare brands. This cream has stabalised Vitamin C, light weight organic plant oils, Squalane, Allantoin, Probiotics to daily protection from sun, pollution and free radical damage.


My second pick is Dermatory Azulene Cica Gel Cream, which I talked about here.  It is specifically formulated for sensitivities, redness and dry skin that may also feel itchy with visible flakes. There are lots of anti inflammatory ingredients like Honey, Turmeric, Guaiazulene, Centella Asiatica and no added fragrance or possible allergens. Dermatory uses only green level EWG ingredients, a fresher change approached by many brands nowadays.

Pairing this gel cream with SNP HDDN Lab Skin Saviour Essence for day time use turned out a life saver for me. I am used to living in humid weathers and the place I visited had a climate opposite of humidity which would contribute to serious signs of dull, inflamed and rough skin with breakouts.

Buy from here



For a while now, I have been using Innisfree Triple Care UV Protection Cream SPF 50+(my apologies, forgot to take a picture), reviewed here

It is neither oily nor gets clumped on drier areas of my face. Offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection with added benefits of Niacinamide, Green Tea, Sunflower seed oil, The actives used are Zinc oxide and Titanium oxide that I always recommend for use on sensitive skin types. The tinted formula discards the chances of white cast and this formula has a good resistance to sweat.

Buy from here



Clinique Moisture Surge Supercharge Concentrate, a gel based very hydrating treatment containing Hyaluronic acid, Caffeine, Aloe vera, Cholestrol, Fermented Yeast, Acetyl glucosamine that will never leave the skin greasy, even if you have oily skin type. It is not new to me but using it in the flight wowed me to the extent that I got a backup as I will be using a lot of it now. Sealing my skin with two thin layers of this jelly with microspheres beads(microsphere technology is a way of infusing products with encapsulted ingredients) that burst open when massaged on the skin and finishing with Pure Bubbles Propolis Sleeping Cream(read here to know why I love it so much) increased my hopes on these two products even more. I will make sure to carry them in my future travels.

Buy Clinique Moisture Surge Concentrate from here


Finally, I can’t ever think of not having a hand cream in my purse, Innisfree’s new range of hand creams are formulated according to how a certain month would smell like based on the seasons and October is my favourite. It isn’t floral nor sweet or fruity, just very much Autumnal. These creams are very popular among the men because they do not look oily or feel like your fingers will leave any grease stains.

Buy from here

Perfumes can be overwhelming at times and currently I don’t have trial or travel size one so I took this tiny little bottle of Forest Essentials Rose And Cardamom Body Mist. I spritz it on my hair, palms, neck and bit on my clothes and it does last so very long, as claimed. If you want a true royal rose scent minus synthetic sweet fragrance, then try this body mist.


If you are going to be travelling soon and will be on the go, then skip taking your precious Victoria Secrets pouch and go for a washable nylon one. The one in this post is extremely lightweight(we all know the current stringent flight rules for baggage), spacious, unisex and I can just throw it in the washer on a delicate cycle and it will be fresh as new. It comes for under 3 USD and in a variety of colours. What more could you ask for?

Buy from here


So, this is all what I took with me on my recent trip and successfully fought dehydration and avoided breakouts. Have you used any of these products?

Thank you so much for reading.

Good Luck





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  1. Moisturiser and lip balm are must haves for me!! Especially because of how dry the air in airplanes tends to be, I never leave for a flight without them! Great post! x

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