My Experience With EWG Verified Sheet Masks From HUANGJISOO- For Sensitive Skin

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On a bright sunny day, I was sitting by the window thinking about what type of new skincare products should I experiment with and preferably recommend to my readers. Surprisingly, I kept on thinking about sheet masks, they are such popular skincare products and everyone has great things to talk about them, isn’t there any brand that would be making a sheet mask I would actually love to use? Before I dived more into K-beauty and Japanese skincare, I need to have come across at least one sheet mask so I would feel bit more fitting as an Asian beauty enthusiast.

Read more to find out what I stumbled upon and how was my experience.


HUANGJISOO- An EWG verified nature inspired Korean skincare brand


A bit about the brand;

Huangjisoo, pronounced Huang-Ji-soo is a Korean skincare brand founded by cosmetic formulator Hwang Ji-Soo. The founder wanted to create a balance between natural skincare formulations and cosmeceutical products by choosing allergen-free ingredients to offer skin comforting care, good results and soothing formulas. The story behind the beginning of this brand was watching her mother suffer from psoriasis throughout her life and relying on steroids to calm the inflammation.

Huangjisoo is a Vegan and EWG certified brand working towards offering mild formulas that suit sensitive skin without compromising on the effectiveness of the products. EWG is a non profit organisation working towards educating consumers about the products they use that are not limited to cosmetics but foods, utilities and more. Their website gives information on ingredients, safety, products and also have list of the verified brands/products. You can check out their website here . By using only EWG verified ingredients, Huangjisoo assures they are offering safe skincare products and effective formulas. I am glad to have an opportunity to work with a brand like this.


The founder’s philosophy and message, “We have done our best in offering SAFE, NATURAL, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE and EWG VERIFIED products, now it’s up to the consumer to use and evaluate.”

You can find cleansing oil, foam cleansers, body care, sheet masks and chamomile based toner and gel that can also be used as a sleeping mask.

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HUANGJISOO TEA TREE SOOTHING SHEET MASK comprises a targeted formula for sensitivity and excess sebum. It works to calm down any irritation, clarify the skin, and promote a healthier appearance.

A deeply hydrating, anti-inflammatory and soothing sheet mask with Tea Tree Oil, plant-based Hyaluronic Acid, moisturising Squalane, plant extracts and brightening ingredients. While the formula is jam-packed with excellent ingredients I will talk about some in brief.

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Onething has to be understood is Asia is a very old continent and our ancestors relied on natural plants, herbs and and other natural sources to heal, treat and improve immunity. Out of thousands, atleast hundreds of those are being researched to prove their benefits based on science and results. So, it is likely that a lot of unfamiliar but possibly benefiting ingredients show up in the skincare products manufactured by Japan and Korea that are now used by the western cosmetic industry as well.

TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS– Type of a mushroom also known as snow fungus known to have incredible moisture retention capacity, like hyaluronic acid. It has also been studied for it’s dark spot lightening properties. Some luxury skincare brands have added tremella fuciformis as one of their primary ingredients as it is considered as a safe plant based form of Hyaluronic acid.

SQUALANE– Highly resistant to oxidation, unlike some natural oils, Squalane is derived from Squalene which is naturally present in our skin’s sebum. Squalane has a fast absorbing light weight texture making it an ideal moisturiser for all skin types. (Although, there can be exceptions)

ONION BULB– Used in many scar treatments but research has shown that it does have positive effects on skin erythema(redness and irritation).

WHITE MULBERRY– A popular plant-based skin brightening and melanin reducing ingredient used in many dark spot and pigmentation lightening serums amd moisturisers alone and/or with other potential ingredients. It is often compared with Kojic acid minus the side effects.

HYDROLYSED COLLAGEN– Collagen is a type of tissue(protein) present in our skin that gives it the shape and firmness. With age the collagen production is significantly reduced leading to loose saggy skin, dullness, uneven skin-tone(not hyperpigmentation), wrinkles. Hydrolysed Collagen is derived from the hydrolysis of amino acids(naturally present in our skin,read this blog to know more) and work to improve moisture levels, strengthening and smoothening the top layer of our skin.

ARCTUM LAPPA ROOT– May posses blood purifying, circulation enhancing and detoxifying properties. It is widely used in Homeopathy for many ailments.

LICORICE– A well-respected root of a plant in Ayurveda for both health and skin benefits. It has multifunctional properties such as an excellent anti inflammatory, akin brightening and dark spot reduction and also as an antioxidant. It is very well tolerated by sensitive skin types.

PROPOLIS– A naturally forming resin by honeybees, propolis has been long used as an immune booster and possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. It is rich in amino acids and sterols making it not only good for all skin types by may also help with acne issues. Read more in this blog post with my factors propolis products

SH-OLIGOPEOTIDE-1– Peptides improve barrier repairing function of our skin. Internally, they play one of the major roles to help our body function normally. They have properties that help cells grow and proliferate which keeps our skin young and plump. SH-Oligopepetide-1 does posses some if not entirely factors similar to EGF. Learn more about Peptides here

TEA TREE OIL– It has been my favourite natural spot treatment and it can do wonders for the skin when used correctly. From reducing the sebum, working as an excellent natural spot treatment, antifungal and has anti inflammatory properties.




All the sheet masks from the brand are made with lingerie fit cupra sheets that adhere to the skin like a glove and allow the essence to be absorbed in to the skin more evenly. Not only this prevents from wastage of the serum, the snuggly fit also leads to more moisture retention. Compared with other brands that I have tried, Huangjisoo have added richer, dense serum and there is a lot of it. I must say these sheet masks are quite big as many users complain of the mini sheet sizes that do not cover the entire face. It is a very soft breathable sheet that sits on the skin like an extremely thin and smooth cloth.

I was relieved to find out there is no alcohol in these sheet masks. Although it functions as a delivery agent and I don’t detest it but, when it comes to sheet masks, I haven’t had luck with it. Another thing I loved is the ingredients list is not only jam packed with ingredients that hydrate, tone and soothe the skin, the presence of Squalane further slows down the evaporation of the water based serum which keeps the mask from drying out faster. The brand recommends usage of 10-12 minutes but I could easily go on for 25 minutes and my skin absorbed most of the product with an added bonus of moisturisation.



There is a drawbthem or just call it the nature of these types of products that comes with every sheet mask. Since there is always more than required quantity of the serum added, it often leaves a slimy residue even after massaging the skin well. I experienced the same with this one even after good 45 minutes including mini facial massage. So, as I had letted my skin absorb most of the product, I eventually rinsed it with warm water and spritzed rose hydrosol.

I could easily leave the serum on for the night and cleansed the next morning because there weren’t any reactions or discomfort, infact it worked like a very hydrating sleeping mask. So, to rinse the product or leaving it on for longer is totally an individualistic decision.



I kept on checking and rechecking my face throughout and the next day to witness any type of reaction and I am happy to claim there wasn’t any. My skin did not itch, sting, burn or got red and bumpy, infact it feel comforted and nourished. The hydrating effects of the mask are left behind even after rinsing with warm water as the serum is dense and has moisturising ingredients too so you will not need a moisturiser afterwards, atleast I did not.

The mild scent assured there is no nasal stimulation for those who either sneeze or get headaches from strong synthetic fragrances. Based on the claims, this mask did everything from calming down any redness to softening my skin surface and to be honest my face looked plump and bouncy throughout the day.



I am thoroughly happy with the product and the ingredients, size of the cupra sheets used and more importantly the results truly justify the claims and brand philosophy.


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