New Additions To My Skincare Routine- Hits Or Misses?

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Aah, the excitement of mailman ringing the door with the packages of your new possessions that made a thorough financial damage to the monthly budget. But who cares, it is the stuff inside the box that is all we want to think of. The child-like feeling of finally owning the new beauty products and trendy ones is unexplainably pleasurable, don’t you agree?

I have had unsettling issues with Korean skincare for about two years now but my willingness to not give up and find a soft spot for this trending and fascinating industry finally led me to some products that could really go up my alley. I was excited to receive my package two weeks ago and it didn’t take me any longer to start using all the products from the very same day. However, which ones I thrived to use every day and which of these went to the back to my skincare stash? You will find that out soon so, please keep scrolling to read the details.

Let’s do this, shall we?


Unintentionally all the products are from Korean brands so, a plus for k-beauty addicts.




When I reviewed Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil I had only started to introduce oils as a part of my double cleansing. It soon became more relevant to use cleansing oils for easy removal of makeup without the irritation of cotton pads rubbing against the skin. The soothing warmth and slippage as the finger pads gently stimulate while massaging the skin is a very relaxing process, so much that now I highly encourage everyone to swap micellar waters with cleansing oils. However, if you suffer from acneic or very oily skin, you should reach out for emulsifying oils, the ones that turn milky when water is added.

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The Saem Phyto Seven Cleansing Oil is a lightly tinted blue cleanser made with blue calming formula, seven herb extracts(not essential oils) from thyme, oregano, sage, lavender, chamomile, rosemary and lemon balm sourced from France, antioxidant-rich plant oils, bamboo water in an emulsifying base. The consistency is light and the fragrance is something that you will remember for a verryy long time, it has an uber luxurious vibe going on. It is claimed to soothe any irritation from external factors such as pollution, temperature changes. You may think why the unnecessary addition of blue colour but, wait right there, this very faint royal hue comes from guaiazulene, a compound mostly derived from chamomile. Usually used for its colour that is approved by FDA because it doesn’t cause irritation on the skin is now also included in skincare because of some studies showing the anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antioxidant benefits. Chamomile extract is used very often with other skin calming ingredients(allantoin, madecacosside, panthenol)to manufacture balms, ointments, gels for reducing redness, swelling and burning sensation, a common side effect of intense dermatological treatments, like lasers and micro needling.


I always use this oil when I have my everyday makeup look or occasional full face of makeup on, as the first cleanse. Two pumps are required to remove all the traces of makeup efficiently from face, neck and eyes. It does leave my skin softer and doesn’t cause cloudiness or itching in my eyes. The price is great for the formula and the 200ml pump bottle, the scent is ahmazing and it ticks all the right points for a good cleansing oil. I can’t find a single negative factor about this cleansing oil and will certainly repurchase it so, it’s undoubtedly a big hit.




After trying out two products from this brand, one that I reviewed here I am drawn to experiment with more of their products, the ingredients are uncomplicated, all the products are artificial fragrance free, they have made an effort to use ingredients that are either rated as 1 or 2 by EWG(an online source to analyse if the ingredients in your products are toxic to you and the environment, rated as 1 being the safest and some EWG verified—products rated as EWG verfied are considered by their methodology as extremely safe to use). For more details, click here

Sea Buckthorn is not an underwater creature but a plant, that is extremely rich in antioxidants, anti inflammatory compounds and the rich orange hued oil possesses high levels of vitamin A and C with skin repairing and healing benefits.

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Purito Sea Buckthorn Vital 70 Cream contains 70% sea buckthorn extract that according the brand is concentrated and has more vitamins and antioxidants than sea buckthorn water(water infused with steeped sea buckthorn). The formula is free from 20 possibly toxic and 26 irritating ingredients. There is a blend of some antioxidants, plant extracts and anti inflammatory ingredients like 4% macadamia seed oil, niacinamide, citrus unshiu(a type of an orange), panthenol, arginine, adenosine, sodium hyaluronate. The wonderful subtle scent from orange peel oil is so refreshing while using in the morning. I find the consistency of this cream extremely fast absorbing yet forming a protective comforting layer so the skin doesn’t feel dehydrated throughout the day. This cream looks more like a soft gel than an actual cream and although it may seem bit odd, the brand recommends storing it in the refrigerator to preserve the freshness of the product. Doing so, not only the application is relaxing but using it chilled jade roller helps with puffiness as well. There are a couple of ingredients that provide skin brightening action while the others soothe any minor irritation and prevent from transepidermal water loss.

Would I repurchase it? I will be testing out the other two variations, Centella Green Level Recovery Cream and Deep Sea Pure Water Cream to find my best among the three.




Dermatory is a brand that is taking up the notch in the sensitive skincare industry with their “20 free from” formulas. The website has compiled a list of 78 other skin irritating ingredients to look out for. Their intention is to not only include anti inflammatory, soothing and calming ingredients but discard the most skin sensitising ones as well. Just to be clear, there are many more ingredients used by different brands that can cause a reaction but Dermatory has maintained to skip the prime culprits. I got this trial kit for well ofcourse, trial, and the quantity is perfect for travelling because my skin starts behaving badly within a 4 hour flight, not the mention those long holts and 14 hour in flight times, eeks. There was a time when I used to be excited about being up in the air and enjoying a five star service but unbearable headaches and wrecked skin just makes me want to stay on the ground now. Anyone else feels the same way?

Getting back to the products, the hypoallergenic azulene line is made with two primary skin soothing ingredients, guaiazulene and cica, aka centella asiatica. Other plant extracts include chamomile, turmeric, amaranthus, feverfew with honey, algae and olive oil. I am pretty sure if you own Korean skincare products, you do have one that has cica(or centella asiatica) in it. It is a herb used since centuries for its medicinal properties and also to relieve skin irritation and induce faster healing. If you live in India or are born to Indian parents, you would have heard about Brahmi, well, that’s another name for centella asiatica(cica, centella, madecassoside-a derivative and powerful anti inflammatory). It has scientifically proven properties to improve microcirculation, repair damaged skin and reduce inflammation, and, respected by top dermatologists worldwide.

The trial kit includes;

Hypoallergenic Cica Rescue Gauze Pad- 3

Hypoallergenic Cica Gel- 10 ml

Hypoallergenic Cica Cream- 10 ml

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All of the products are fragrance free and have a lavender like hue because of guaiazulene. The cica gel cream and cream have been formulated with same plant extracts and both of them contain guaiazulene and cica with some differences in their base so as to make changes in each of their consistencies. For me personally, the cica gel cream works just fine. I use a very little amount, the size of a baby pea for my entire face or else my skin looks and feel greasy. Cica cream is for those who live in dry climates or have an overall dry skin.



The gauze pads have a more concentrated penetration enhancing formula containing guaiazulene and centella asiatica with honey, olive oil, feverfew, rose flower, chamomile. There is an addition of allantoin, collagen and urea for providing faster and better relief from stimulated skin(redness, swelling, burning and itching sensation) and improving skin’s barrier. There is a bit of residue left behind that needs a patting action and the consistency is like that of a moisturising essence. I used these after cooking for a big family dinner that left my skin very itchy, red in certain areas and hot to touch due to constant heat, the visible symptoms and irritation calmed down after a couple of hours.

I like the cica cream but will need it occasionally or if I migrate to colder areas so, my favourite from this kit has to be cica gel cream. The texture is lovely, leaves the skin smooth, feels comfortable without being too occlusive and can also work as an everyday makeup base.

Overall, all of these products need to be used regularly to achieve better results but they can help provide comfort with their blend of soothing ingredients.


Which one would you like to add to your skincare routine?

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