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When a product is so highly credited for its versatility and effectiveness, it surely secures a spot in a beauty aficionado’s must-haves journal. Pixi Glow Tonic is one such product, an exfoliant to be used as a toner and the one formulated to offer gentle and gradual results so even the most sensitive of skins can leave the thought of apprehension behind and move along the path towards glowing skin. Exfoliants are one of the best to include in your skincare routine. They are clinically proven to help reduce hyperpigmentation, improve skin texture, soften wrinkles and give “refreshed” effect. Pixi Glow Tonic is claimed as a wonder product by the users, experts and mass customers. People can’t stop applauding the multitasking formula and one of the major reasons behind its success is how well different skin types have responded after 1-2 months of usage. Millions of bottles are sold worldwide, both in-stores and online, and, Instagram resellers are making massive profits making it one of the most valued products that is constantly out of stock. If it is so much of a revolution in the skincare industry, then you may be wondering why it took me so long to review it, don’t worry, I will share all the deets in this post. There have been some queries brought to my attention since I posted a picture of this bottle on my Instagram page which I will be clarifying too. And, most importantly, discussing the highs and lows I experienced while using it.


First of all, What Is Pixi Glow Tonic?


Pixi Glow Tonic is an acid based toner marketed to be used for a variety of skin conditions such as comedones(blackheads and whiteheads), congestion(uninflamed and slightly red-pink skin like bumps), superficial wrinkles, hyperpigmentation from different causes, tan or let’s just say uneven skin tone, rough skin texture, dullness from accumulation of dead skin cells on the stratum corneum(the outer layer of the skin visible to our naked eye).

Acid based toning is simply a step or process to bring the skin’s pH back to acidic, where it should be, as our skin is left alkanised after cleansing. This sentence does not suggest you should stop washing your face, instead choose from hundreds of gentle cleansers on the market such as, for oily skinnormal to combination skinslightly dry dehydrated skinvery dry sensitive skin.

It is suggested to be used either in the morning or night after cleansing and before applying any other products. Daily usage is not recommended, especially if you are new to this area of skincare and should continue using it for atleast 2 months to notice visible difference and clarity. Although its pH is slightly higher and the reason it has been criticised, I can confidently claim that Pixi Glow Tonic does not disappoint.

Although, referred to as a toner, it is more of a treatment product given the percentage of the active ingredient, glycolic acid, derived from fruits and cane sugar synthetic ingredient used in different industries but as an exfoliant for at home uses and in dermatologist clinics. Glycolic acid works by breaking the fatty bonds on the skin’s surface that hold dead skin cells together. This leads to shedding of dead skin cells revealing young fresh skin cells, which looks luminous and healthier. In this process, your skin becomes more even toned, post acne scars and dark spots start to fade, skin texture is improved and wrinkles become less obvious.


Click the link to read more on Glycolic Acids and other AHAs and BHAsWhat are they, how to use them, what can you benefit from using them and which products are good to start with, here.


Other Notable Ingredients:

Aloe Vera Juice– A known anti inflammatory ingredient used extensively in all cosmetic products for soothing sun burns and in most water based serums amd moisturisers to provide hydration. It is rich in many trace elements and minerals.

Glycerin– A popular humectant, known throughout the world for relieving itching and irritation from dryness. It also has tolerance on all skin types.

Witch Hazel– An astringent, known to help tone the skin and many studies found it to have anti inflammatory properties. It is also known to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal benefits.

Horse Chestnut– Used in natural skincare products to heal chapped skin and soothe inflammation.

Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose– Natural sugars that have water binding and skin conditioning benefits.

Urea– Used when used in significant amounts acts as an exfoliant that helps shed dead skin cells faster. It relieves itching and provides comfort during sensitivities, ezcema and psoriasis like skin disorders by drawing moisture to the skin and with it’s anti microbial properties.

Dextrin– It works by both improving the solubility of cosmetic products and by improving moisture balance of the skin.

Alanine, Glutamic Acid, Aspartic Acid– All three of these are basically amino acids  that in skincare work with other ingredients to provide relief from skin discomfort and dryness.

Panax Ginseng– Renowned for it’s excellent antioxidant and immune system boosting benefits, it works on some level by functioning as an anti inflammatory, antioxidant and improve microcirculation when used in skincare.

Biotin– Vitamin B7, also called as Vitamin H naturally present in the body, Biotin strengthens the nerves and stimulates function and metabolism at cellular level when taken orally. When applied topically it can have hydrophilic like properties, meaning, clinging to the water molecules and holding on the skin for longer lasting moisture.

Panthenol– Another form of Vitamin B, B5 aka Pantothenic Acid to be precise, Panthenol(provitamin B5) has many functions similar to Biotin for our body’s normal regulation. Panthenol when used in skincare has moisturising benefits along with improving and expediting skin’s healing process. It has great penetration ability making it an excellent ingredient to use in skincare for dryness, wrinkles, compromised skin barrier, dehydration, sensitivities.

Many of the above mentioned ingredients when combined with other beneficial ingredients improve skin’s barrier function and prevent it from being irritated, prone to infections and look lifeless caused from lack of moisture.


Fragrance And Consistency

It is like just another toner, a watery consistency that has a synthetic prominent fragrance. It is very reminiscent of florally scented drugstore toiletries, but not offensive.


How To Use

After cleansing, saturate a cotton pad with Pixi Glow Tonic and swipe all over the face and neck, avoiding eyes and mouth. Use once daily.

I always recommend to start with twice a week usage at night and ditch the cotton pads to save from product wastage. Wait for few minutes after cleansing. Take a dime sized amount in your palm and pat on dry skin. Follow with a sunblock in the morning.


Moving on the crucial part of this blog post, which most readers anticipate to find out. Did Pixi Glow Tonic fall true to all the claims?

Well, read further to find out.

My Experience And Ruling Out Some Confusions

Like I said above, Pixi Glow Tonic is an exfoliating product and should not be used like a toner, twice daily and don’t even think about applying “7 skin method” with it.

So, the reason for taking it so long to own one of the cult favourites and review it is, that I have been comfortable in my zone of having gentle, no fuss skincare routine with two spot treatments(tea tree oil and gentle retinoid) for when there is any new breakout for a very long time. Even though I have pursued studying skin and treatments, the most important thing I have learnt to understand is there is nothing wrong in going minimal, in fact precise concentrated skincare routine will give better results than excruciating ones. Read more to find out many skincare myths and facts revealed.

But, experimentation is one of the job descriptions for bloggers and overtime I wanted to incorporate stronger formulas for prevention and maintenance.


FD920EDF-AF2B-4A64-954A-530E9502DE41.jpegThis review was on hold because I had to take a break from chemical exfoliants(except while using them as spot treatments) because of the hot climate and certain temporary lifestyle changes that didn’t seem fit to exfoliate my over stimulating skin. So, I am back to using it again at night twice weekly and here are the results so far with all the highs and lows, disclosed.

-My first week update was slightly swollen, sore face with consistent dryness. The neck area wasn’t keeping up with the concentration of the product and it stung.

-For week two, I switched to a non foaming cleanser for day time and cleansing oil for my evening skincare routine, It didn’t change the initial discomfort and redness but the dryness wasn’t as bad. After four uses, my skin started feeling smoother to touch and very small congested pores were dissolved.

– By week three, I was still experiencing redness and sore feeling throughout my neck, so I started skipping it for twice a week and used only once a week. However, congestion on my forehead(rough bumpy texture) started clearing up.

By fourth week, the discomfort started dissipating, which I am glad it did as performing normal daily activities during summers(tropical scorching hot summers) that caused stimulation and sweating(cleaning, cooking, going for walks) made me look red and my skin was hot to touch(I really mean it) with an intense sore feeling, like it would start peeling. However, my skin looked clearer, smoother and had a glossy finish.

FFC7F604-B518-4F8D-839E-33F41A0386C0647DAA1E-8280-47F2-ABFE-391FEDFC2CD6 I am sure we all have seen superficial wrinkles at some point on our forehead, either due to lack of moisture, ageing skin, or being one of the very animatic people. Usage of Pixi Glow Tonic did improve the appearance of those fine lines within 4-5 weeks of usage(twice a week application) which is quite impressive given the fact that I use a very minimal amount and very less often. The areas of my face where it really did make a difference were fine lines, post acne marks, tan around my mouth, rough texture and overall skin tone. It does make your skin look and feel healthy, fresh and firmer.

Towards the end of ten weeks, my skin looked fresher, more youthful, firmer with an even skin tone, visibly smaller pores and smoother texture. To get rid of post acne marks, I was also using a dark spot lightening product so can’t give the credit to Pixi for it, entirely.

There are a couple of things that could have been skipped from the formula. First being the added fragrance, which is many times preferred to be opted out from chemical exfoliants or stronger Vitamin C formulas(to be honest, fragrance free is always a plus in skincare). Witch hazel is an antibacterial and great for oily skin but its astringency effect may lead to irritation with its drying effect when added to exfoliating products in higher amounts. There is also a small amount of colour added. On the contrary, there are products contained this ingredient that have worked beautifully when used on smaller patches of my skin so, my suggestion is to stick what works for you.


Clarifying some queries regarding Pixi Glow Tonic;

– This is not a fairness product, the words brightening, reducing hyperpigmentation does not refer to changing the natural skin colour.

– While it really helps clear out congestion from dead skin cells buildup and rough texture from long exposures in the sun, salicylic acid product works more effectively on blackheads and whiteheads/milia and large pores associated with oily skin.

– If you have deep pitted scars, this product can barely do something for you. By increasing cell turnover, it can help with uneven texture but pitted scars need professional treatments.

– If you are currently facing multiple active spots, pustules and/or papules, use an acne fighting product containing benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin in conjunction with chemical exfoliants. While Pixi Glow Tonic works on other skin blemishes, it can not be used as an active acne fighting product.

-You can not use it alone to reduce hyperpigmentation from acne, melasma.

This product is not only for the face, it can be a good subtle option for post acne marks on the buttocks and back, dead skin cell buildup conditions like keratosis pilaris(bumpy skin that is not inflamed) and ingrowth hair on hands and legs. Use sparingly and only at night, followed by very good sunblock.

377E1675-7238-4009-ADF2-73C94AED8DF3.jpegOverall, Pixi Glow Tonic does have many benefits to offer and is a great multitasker for a clearer vibrant skin at all ages. I definitely recommend it if you are in the market for a well formulated glycolic acid product.

Teenagers should use products like these after consulting a dermatologist.


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    I just wanted to know can I use Pixi Glow tonic as a toner twice a week and then use The Ordinary Hyraulonic Acid daily twice.

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  2. Wow ! Great info 🙌
    it’s only been a month since I started using this , good product but my facial skin became very very dry nd patchy after using it for alternate days. As you said twice a week application is better. Bt I Have one doubt, I use cotton pads for applying it(Product wastage), so that I can wipe away the dead cells ,dirt ,grim nd all . But you are recommending to pat it in.Simply Patting onto the skin would be enough???

    Btw you look stunning 😍 Nice shirt 💜

    1. Hi Rukhzana,
      I totally understand your concern dear. When we wash our face, with cleansing oils and then face washes, our skin is left completely clean, so there isn’t dirt or grime left behind, and, dead skin cells come off in the process too. Also, Pixi Glow Tonic does a great job at shedding dead skin cells(we can’t see it), that’s why our skin looks better with continual use. Applying directly with our hands allows more product to be applied on the skin than getting absorbed in the cotton pad.
      And, thank you for being so sweet, I truly appreciate it😘

      Let me know if you still have any queries❣️


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