Angel Cloth By The Konjac Sponge Company- Is It A Better Alternative To Flannel And Muslin Cloth?

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After a long quest of finding a product that does something extra while I cleanse and is interesting at the same time, I found my prolonged love for Konjac Sponges. I mean, how couldn’t I? These straightforward and basic looking hard porous stone like structures turn into almost jelly-like squishy tools that feel more soothing than abrasive as many presume. However, not all Konjac Sponges are manufactured the right way so it is important to choose quality over pocket friendliness. You may find these from as low as 300INR/6USD/4GBP depending on the brand, but they are very much likely to be mass produced in unhygienic conditions and possibly use contaminated Konjac(konnyaku). When I last posted on the similar topic, there were lots of queries and opinions on Instagram about how some randomly purchased konjac sponge was too harsh on their skin, degraded within a month and also that they feel it is just a gimmick. There could be many reasons why they did not have a positive experience such as poor storing conditions, lower quality product, not letting the konjac sponge rehydrate enough, pressing it against the skin while cleansing and etc.

If you need more detailed information on the origin of konjac, manufacturing process and what exactly the word “konjac” means then read my previous post on konjac sponges.

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Today, I am talking about one of the newer launches in collaboration with The Konjac Company aka creators of the original konjac sponge.

A bit about the brand;

Konjac Sponge Company, a multi-award winning brand is based in the UK but their products are available worldwide through various e-commerce websites. They are proud to be the only Leaping Bunny certified cruelty free and vegan brand, meaning, their products are never tested on animals and contain only vegan-friendly ingredients. The brand believes in using only the finest quality Konjac free from any additives or microbes. Their konjac sponges are handmade in the pristine mountains of Jeju island that is known to be preserved for its unmatched beauty and clean environment. This ensures that the konjac sponge purchased from them is as close to nature as it can be and is safe for the environment as well.

Once selling the traditional pure white round konjac sponges, the brand now has various offerings, for both face and body, and also for babies!

Different infusions include;


French Green Clay, Pink Clay and Red Clay

Green Tea

Pure White


The brand assures that the colour added to their products comes only from natural clays and green tea extracts.

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The product I will be discussing now is Angel Cloth, claimed as a natural and much gentler alternative to flannel and muslin cloths.





What does the brand have to say about it;

Angel Cloth, a CEW award winner of the year 2015 is made from 100% pure konjac plant fibre and spring water that is shaped into an angel but turns into a really soft square shaped cloth when hydrated.

It is wafer thin and extremely gentle on the skin, can be used on its own or with a cleanser. This product is specifically designed for those who love to use muslin cloths and flannels.

You can rest be assured of the quality as it free from additives, colourants, irritants and is safe for vegans too.



UK residents can buy from here

International residents can buy from here

Indian residents can buy from here


How to use;

Hydrate it in a bowl of warm water or while you are in the shower before using on the skin. Can be used on it’s own or with your facourite cleanser.


Rinse well before letting it dry on a rack preferably in a well ventilated area.

Tip– Give a very gentle stretch(do not tear it) while it is getting hydrated to get an even square shape every time.


My experience;

There is no denying I am a huge fan of konjac sponges, in fact, these are the first k-beauty products that I really love. So I wanted to try out Angel Cloth because I did not have a great experience with muslin or even flannel from The Body Shop, so coming across something which is supposed to be gentler that is made from a natural biodegradable source and has been handmade in Jeju Island using only the finest and purest ingredients then it was just a win-win situation.

Muslin or even soft face towels have been used for many years to take makeup off, wipe away masks and people seem to have smoother skin as these additional tools work as gentle physical exfoliators. Often, they can feel harsh on very sensitive or acneic skin. I myself have never truly enjoyed using them and found flannels to have an abrasive effect on my skin even though they have a very smooth surface. While I can’t rave enough about konjac sponges, I needed something even gentler and Angel Cloth appeared to be the right fit.

There are two variants offered by the brand, bamboo charcoal and pure white, which I am talking about today.


What I absolutely loved about Angel Cloth(other than the cute shape) is how thin it is which makes it hydrate and swell up a little in less than a minute under running warm water. Thicker konjac sponges do need a bit longer but this one is perfect for mornings when you need to get out of the shower real soon.

It is very soft and I am not saying as I am reviewing it(I don’t like to brag about products unless I really like them), but I have been having issues with extremely sensitive skin because of longer cooking hours and the fact that chemical exfoliants make our skin sensitive to extreme temperatures and sun. Angel Cloth is the only facial cleansing tool that I can think of at the moment, as it is really helping me to give a thorough cleanse few nights a week without causing any more redness or making my skin sore. I use it to take off my mask as well and it comes off quickly without any tugging.

As it is really thin, almost see-through, even a drop of cleanser foams up like crazy, so you can really save a lot of bucks in the process. I will suggest going for gentler cleansers like this when using any cleansing tool and the same goes with Angel Cloth. My skin looks polished and smoother to touch with every use and you will feel the difference once you use it as well. The size is perfect enough, approximately 4.5-5 inches to cover each side of the face horizontally at one go.



When dried, it will shrink back and turn hard but don’t be apprehensive, you will get the same experience as your first with the Angel Cloth everytime it is hydrated. Do make sure to place it in your room(or somewhere with good air circulation) to make it last longer. I hang it on my clothes rack to avoid excessive moisture in the bathroom from making me purchase it sooner than 2.5-3 months.

In my opinion, this product is much superior to flannel and muslin in terms of cleansing, versatility and being kind to the skin. Use at night or day and carry wherever you go but make sure to skip a day or two between each uses.






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