My Experience With L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara

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Few weeks back, I was going through my makeup stash and organising old and new stuff when I realised I had no backups left of my current mascara. Often so, on the blog or on Instagram, I have shared my love for lipsticks and mascara and finding that my current one is almost dried out, I had to stop everything I am doing and grab my Ipad to order a new one(or two) immediately. It may sound bit freaskish or just pretentious, but I never wear a foundation or have much makeup skills to artistically create eye makeup looks and mascara is a saviour whenever I am leaving my home as it instantly creates depth, gives bit of definition and makes me look fresh(especially on the days when my eyelids are swollen from allergies).

Nykaa is my go to for purchasing makeup items online and L’Oréal Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara(among other products from the brand) appeared on the home page with a 30% discount.

Now, I have ever so frequently come across blogs, reviews, praises by all sorts of people on this mascara. I have been so happy with my Maybelline New York mascaras that my level of contentment never led to take a step out and try another(drugstore) brand.

Anyways, so I purchased and used it multiple times both indoors and outdoors, and here are my thoughts.






I bought it for 805INR

Buy from here



Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara is formulated with a revolutionary collagen infusion and a millionizer brush. It does not clump, amplifies each lash, goes on smoothly and lasts all day with a smudge free finish. It is buildable as well.

The millionizer brush has a built in clean swipe wiping system so the excess is removed allowing for clump free, defined and voluminous lashes.







Black and gold hexagonal shaped bottle that is neither too slim nor bulky. The applicator brush is very sturdy and has densely packed bristles that are mostly of the same length except for the few on the front and back(or start and the end, however you want to call it) of the brush.

The brand is right about clean wiping system so there is no extra goop of mascara on the bristles.



Based on the reviews and being tagged as not a volumising but a millionising mascara, I have to say I had lots of expectations about it and, also as it is definitely one of the costliest drugstore mascaras.


I like that the applicator handle is not too big so holding it while application is not inconvenient. However, I have to say I am not a fan of the bristles, the ends are very pointy- they almost hurt the lash line if I am trying to cover the roots of the lashes. I had the same experience with one of Max Factor mascaras.

Talking about the formula- it is not liquidy nor very thick and waxy, but rather drying. Within seconds of application the coat starts to dry and because of this, building up the mascara is quite difficult. There is no clumping or irritation, no matter how many hours I have this mascara on.


Based on my pictures, can you really say my eyelashes are millionized? I certainly don’t think so, however looks a little better in reality, but definitely not a wow product. Firstly, even if the millionising effect starts to show up after 2-3 coats, then that will be very difficult. My lashes feel very stiff and the bits of flake literally cause tugging of my eyelashes when I try to repeat with the second coat. However, I do manage to apply 2 coats and the effect is quite obvious in the pictures. Secondly, volumising mascaras have a dense formula to make the lashes appear thicker from the very first coat, but with this one, I noticed more of separation with average volume. You can call it a spidery effect mascara(like the telescopic one) with flakes in the shape of small round bits based on my results.


In attempts to make a clump free mascara, the manufacturers ended up with much thinner formula than required for a “millionising mascara” and a quite drying one as well- which explains the flakiness.


Sorry to disappoint you, but if you are sweating and outdoors, and, even if you very faintly wipe your eyes then this mascara will start smearing all around the eyes. I have been using washable mascaras on a daily basis for very long now and none of them come off or smear so easily until I use a makeup remover. I once had something stuck in my eye and it watered(just a bit), and the whole mascara started flowing down the cheeks in the form of “black tears”, like I was playing a corpse bride in a movie, hahaha! So, it would be best to wear it indoors, preferably in an air conditioned environment for a clean finish till the night.



Chic packaging

Well design for clean mascara application

No clumps

Well defined and separated lashes




Not at all millionising

Dries very quickly

Smears easily

Longer lasting only in cooler environment




A decent, everyday washable mascara for natural looking well separated lashes without any clumps. Can be removed easily with any makeup remover. Definitely not worth the price tag.

Mascaras work differently on everyone, so the opinions can vary.

TIP– Splash some warm water and the mascara will start coming off so you don’t need a lot of makeup remover.


What are your thoughts on this mascara? Did you have a similar or a better experience with it?

Thank you so much for reading.

Good Luck










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