Wakeup To A Glowing Skin With Propolis

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While Honey is quite an essential and an every household ingredient to use in skincare and for health benefits, Propolis on the other end is not so popularly known but those who have made it part of their lives can’t stop raving about its multifaceted role. It has a prominent place in wellness industry backed by numerous research.

I think, today, is the first time throughout my blogging journey when I will be talking about a “night cream”. Although, I do not like to differentiate moisturisers and don’t even insist on buying two separate creams(serums and boosters are appreciated) for day and night time use, there is aways something new that may come along and will stay, for good.


PURE BUBBLES, an ecofriendly skincare brand founded and owned by Bhavna, who believes in preparing effective skincare solutions indicative of their formulations, with minimal ingredients that are topped with a hint of essential oils and/pure hydrosols.

Her newest range featuring PROPOLIS, is used in two of the brand’s products.

But, what is Propolis?

Propolis is produced by bees using beeswax, tree resin and their bodily discharges(saliva like substance) as means to seal any cracks that may lead to any form of intrusion into the hives.

What is Propolis?

Propolis is known throughout the world for centuries. Ancient experts, medicinal healers praised its use to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Oral intake of Propolis tincture or capsules is used to treat the common cold, throat infection, imbalance of bacterial flora in the gut and as an antioxidant. Through many research, it is found to be high in flavonoids, an antioxidant that is known to assist our body in fighting against free radicals that cause many serious health conditions and diseases like premature ageing of organs, heart conditions, cancer, etc. In addition to antioxidants, it is also found to be rich in amino acids and steroids. It is also considered as a wonderful alternative to conventional medicines in reducing the pain associated with inflammatory diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis. Some brands manufacture ointments containing Propolis to treat cold sores and genital Herpes, a form of viral infection. Some comparative studies with a Propolis containing ointment to treat Herpes show that it works much effectively and faster than conventional ones.

To summarise, Propolis in skincare can offer protection to the skin barrier, perform an antioxidant activity, repair wounds faster, work as an antibacterial(may be effective in reducing acne and post acne marks when coupled with other treatments) antifungal and antiviral, assist in skin rejuvenation, provide moisturisation, improve collagen synthesis-think plumper and firmer skin.


The products from PURE BUBBLES that contain this highly praised ingredient are;




Let’s talk about each of them in detail now.



Pure Bubble Propolis Face Drops


A blend of antioxidant-rich natural plant oils and Propolis that make this lightweight, oil-based serum/treatment to be used before your nighttime moisturisers.



Amber coloured glass bottle with dropper dispenser.



2-3 drops massaged on the face and neck and letting it absorb before applying any moisturiser. Use at night.



Pomegranate Seed Oil– One of the best oils for oily acne prone skin, a very high source of antioxidants

Rosehip Seed Oil– Known for it’s ability to lighten acne marks and dark spots, it also works great on oily skin with wrinkles.

Argan Oil– Extremely rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids. Helps repair the skin and work as an antioxidant as well.

Black Seed Oil– Known in Ayurveda for it’s many health benefits is a lesser known oil in the western countries. It is used for hair growth, softer skin and is especially high in Linoleic acid, which is often used for preparing facial oils that target only, acne-prone skin.

Pumpkin Seed Oil– Rich in minerals, sterols, fatty acids essential for skin health. Sterols work in forming a proper healthy cell membrane and are precursors for Vitamins A, D and E.



Before I begin to share how I feel about this facial treatment oil, I can’t help but rave its heavenly scent. It is so soothing, relaxing and therapeutic that it will take you to an imaginary high-end aromatherapy spa. Using products like these before bedtime can truly help with reducing the psychological stress. The blend of Jasmine, Neroli and Lavender essential oils is not only great for the mind but these oils are known for their hydrating, clarifying and soothing prowess.



Now, about the product. It is almost golden coloured but slightly towards orange golden hue and has a luxurious consistency that is neither like a dry oil nor extremely sticky. I use not more than 2 drops and gently yet firmly massage all over my face and neck in upwards and outwards movements. 


As recommended, I use this treatment oil after water-based serums and before any moisturiser keeping close attention to drier areas of my face, neck and décolleté. It takes about 4-5 minutes for the oil to sink into the skin before leaving a silky dewy finish. The fragrance does linger for a while and I love that bit because it is very relaxing to end the day with. After 3 weeks of usage, I have noticed a visible difference in the tone of my skin. The post acne brown spots and uneven tone resulting from tan are visibly softened and now are completely camouflaged with the tiniest amount of medium coverage concealer. My skin looks healthier, any active pimples do not leave a dark spot and the overall healing is quicker. I haven’t experienced any breakouts, reactions or sensitivities while using it. I am loving it so much that finding excuses to use these Propolis drops has become a usual event. I add few drops to my body moisturiser, hair serum and even hand creams. 



Pure Bubble Propolis Sleeping Cream

A moisturising yet fast absorbing night moisturiser rich in fatty acids, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that together provide a cocoon of protection and repair while you sleep.



Amber coloured strong glass jar with golden to copper lid. Love the posh packaging.



Take a desired amount, preferably after using Pure Bubbles Propolis Drops and gently massage all over the face and neck.



Moringa Oil- Rich in Omega 9 fatty acids, Antioxidants,

Sea buckthorn- High in Vitamin A and C, Skin repairing and healing properties, Good for dark spots, post acne marks and scars.

Pumpkin Seed Oil- High mineral content especially Zinc and Selenium

Kokum Butter- Deeply nourishing, soothing, lightweight

Sunflower Oil- Rich in Linoleic acids, great for oilier skin types

Aloe Vera Juice- Anti-inflammatory, Soothing

Glycerin- Moisturisation, Skin protectant

French Lavender Essential Oil- Known to have skin soothing properties, Therapeutic, Antibacterial

Hyaluronic Acid- Skin plumping, Hydrating



The consistency of this ivory coloured moisturiser is rich yet melts once in contact with the skin. I take a very small amount(less than a pea size) and warm it between my fingers before application all over my face and neck. The scent is of lavender, which is expected as it contains French lavender essential oil. It is very soothing and accompanies in getting into the relaxation mode while heading to bed every night.


I started using it thrice a week to check the chemistry of the formula with my skin. I use it with and without Propolis Drops to see how my skin responds, looks and feels the morning after. Then I upgraded it to five times a week(I like to let my skin breathe) as it is not only a choice but a requirement- my skin tends to get easily clogged if I don’t exfoliate every day, which again leads to sensitivities. Well, who said skincare is a piece of cake, huh?


According to the brand, this cream is recommended to use after Propolis Drops as it not only works to seal in the moisture and provide the skin with barrier strengthening and plumping natural oils, but it also does the job of enabling the ingredients of Propolis Drops to penetrate deeper, kinda like a penetration enhancer. Pumpkin seed oil, Sea buckthorn oil, Moringa oil and Sunflower oil have both similar and different benefits- they improve the skin’s barrier function, act as anti inflammatories, increase the moisture levels, work as great carrier oils and provide many nutrients that are very crucial for healthy skin, both inside out.


After very gradually incorporating chemical exfoliants, my skin is in a balanced state where it is finally accepting lipid formulas and that has helped me in using the Propolis Sleeping Cream on a regular basis. Talking about how much this night time moisturiser has helped my skin, I would say, a lot! I wake up every morning with a glowing skin, my makeup goes on well as there are no dry patches, my neck doesn’t sting or itch(chemical exfoliants and vitamin C can do that) and I don’t have that ashy sallow look. The superficial lines on the forehead and around the mouth, that appear from many factors, but especially low moisture levels are so less visible now.  There have been no breakouts both inflamed or uninflamed and I always look forward to using this cream before I hop in my bed.


These products have marked a good stand in my beauty closet and I have really taken to using them as a regular part of my skincare regime. It is a luxurious experience and I love how I wake up with a plump, glowing, smoother skin with visible clarity with each passing week.



Expect a bit of warming sensation if you are new to using products with essential oils and/or are using chemical exfoliants. Doesn’t usually happen with most skin types unless you have experienced sensitivities previously.

Patch test if you have allergies to honey, pollen or other bee products or essential oils.


Which product would I recommend from PURE BUBBLES PROPOLIS RANGE?

Propolis drops for Oily skin

Propolis Drops and Sleeping Cream for dry to combination skin


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