Current Lip Balms And Treatments- Which One Is Worth Purchasing?

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In this era where makeup is ruling the cosmetics industry just as much as skincare, although I prefer you concentrate on the latter the most, lipsticks take over 70% of the entire makeup department. You may or may not come across a woman with highlighters, bronzers or even brow gels, but you will definitely find a lipstick in her bag. From lip tints to liquid matte formulas, there is an endless choice and we are dragged into this big hole with all the tempting colours and how they light up our faces.

There is also an another side to using lipsticks on a daily basis, your lips will suffer! The tell tell signs are when you take your makeup off and notice the bits of lipstick stuck in the cracks of your lips, when your liquid lipstick dries and accentuates the wrinkles, the natural colour of your lips start to darken over time(unless you are suffering from an illness). That is why “Lip Care” is equally important as your face and neck.

No skincare routine should be complete without a lip treatment. Even if your skin has no signs of blemishes and looks crystal clear, it will be your cracked lips that will take the limelight, trust my words on this!

“The skin on the lips is very thin and lacks sebaceous and sweat glands that deprives them of internal moisture. That makes our lips vulnerable to drying even faster, and with the frequent contact with saliva that when evaporates, our lips become more prone to cracks and bleeding. That’s why our only resolution to softer plump lips is by intense moisturisation and weekly exfoliation.”

I am going to talk about different formulas such as organic, Ayurveda inspired and also high-end bestsellers and finally, which ones will I truly repurchase.


Let’s begin!

(The products will be talked about in no specific order).




Natio is an Australian cosmetic brand that offers skincare, body care and makeup. The company has a history of manufacturing products for both national and international brands and finally decided to start their own. Natio in Latin means “creation”. Their philosophy is simple and clear- offering affordable, functional and easily customisable products that are plant-based.

Natio Paw Paw Lip Balm

The title of the lip balm doesn’t mention Paw Paw only for making it sound catchy, but actually includes the fruit, which in other words is nothing but a type of a Papaya. This fruit is full of vitamins and minerals making it an ideal inclusion in our diet but its enzymatic action works to improve the tone and texture of our skin.

Along with Paw Paw, this lip balm contains a bunch of deeply nourishing oils and beeswax, which is considered as one of the best healing, repairing and moisturising ingredients in lip balms and salves. Coconut, Carrot and Jojoba oils with Vitamin E, Honey, Cocoa butter and Glycerin, your lips are getting an all-around protection, hydration and punch of antioxidants.

The consistency of this lip balm is thick more like a lip salve, but melts once in contact with the skin and forms a clear occlusive layer. In terms of repairing lip cracks, it does an excellent job within one night. It doesn’t really have any taste and is fragrance-free. A little goes a long way with this lip balm and is a great option for natural beauty lovers.

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By Terry Baume De Rose Lip Balm

One of the best selling products in the luxury beauty department, this lip salve comes from the house of By Terry, a high end skincare and makeup brand founded by the French makeup artist Terry De Gunzburg.

It is said to be a regenerative, repairing and healing multipurpose balm infused with Rose wax and Pastel oil and other emollients. It is also a great cuticle treatment and is raved by bloggers, A-listers, beauty editors and makeup artists for its compatibility to use as a barrier protector from chilly winter winds, taming eyebrows, highlighting cheeks and brow bones for a natural lift and using on chapped lips.

Castor seed oil, Shea butter, Vitamin E, Cholestrol, Lanolin, Hazel seed oil, Rose flower wax along with skin conditioning ingredients like Tridecyl trimellitate, Diisostearyl Malate, Caprylic triglyceride, you can see that the list of ingredients in Baume de rose is extensive and promising. The best weapon of this balm is firstly the brand name, second being the velvety buttery texture(despite the hard waxy look in the jar) and the heavenly scent that made it a cult favourite within months of it’s launch.

It’s performance is amazing, which is sort of given from the ingredients and it does have a rich consistency so you can either use a thin layer or as a night treatment. Even the tiny travel size jar, that is pictured below will last you for months.

Does it work as claimed? It is very nourishing, there is no doubt, I love the richness that is very much appreciated during colder months, but not extravagant

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Raw Rituals may not be a brand known by everyone but it definitely deserves a good firm stand in the natural toxin-free brands of India. Their formulas are clean, made with minimal ingredients, no manipulative marketing, manufactured in small batches and extremely affordable.

They offer three variants of lip balms- Orange, Peppermint and Vanilla, I am discussing my opinions on the Orange lip balm. The formula is simple but effective which is made with Unrefined beeswax, Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Cold pressed almond oil, Coconut oil and Orange essential oil and preserving the formula with Vitamin E.

Raw Rituals Orange Lip Balm

The stick form makes it the most convenient type of lip balm but you can not share it with anyone, if you wish to. Its consistency is very smooth and soft, like fatty butter at room temperature, if I have to describe it. The subtle orange scent is not sharp as lime oil but is very refreshing and as it comes from essential oil, you will not smell that candy-like synthetic fragrance.

It feels rich on the lips and can easily be used as a night treatment for reviving dull, wrinkled and cracked skin. It doesn’t feel sticky and one swipe gives you enough moisturisation to keep your lips comforted throughout the day.

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Forest Essentials, a brand relying on Ayurveda and the ancient formulas has guarded its name in the Indian skincare industry with its rewarding formulas that are regularly featured in top magazines and articles online. Their 24K Gold Serum is an award winning anti ageing and brightening formula made with some of the highly regarded herbs and ingredients such as Clarified butter, Saffron, Sandalwood oil, Ashwagandha and of course, 24k gold.

Forest Essentials Narangi Glaze Luscious Lip Bal

Narangi Lip Balm is made with Cold pressed Sweet almond oil, Kokum butter, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Orange juice and Vitamin E. The formula is simple yet effective and the ingredients used are sustainably sourced. The packaging is very luxurious and the cute compact like pan comes with a mirror. Kokum butter is known in India for centuries and highly respected for it’s deeply repairing and cooling properties, great for hot and dry weather climates that lead to cracking and bleeding of lips. It is not as greasy as other well-known fats such as Cocoa butter but is equally moisturising. The

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Now, for the crucial part- WHICH ONES ARE WORTH PURCHASING?


My number one pick has to be Raw Rituals, 

The packaging is travel-friendly

It has a wonderful nourishing formula

The texture is like butter

No crumbling or waxy consistency

Intensely moisturising

Very affordable

Pleasant subtle fragrance

A must buy!


My second pick is a tie between Natio Paw Paw and Forest Essentials Narangi Glaze so I will categorise the differences so you can purchase the one that best suits your needs.


Natio Paw Paw Lip Balm


Thick consistency

Packaging is travel-friendly and can be used by multiple members

Honey as an ingredient which is good for cracks and taking care of any possibilities of superficial infection


Forest Essentials Narangi Lip Glaze Luscious Lip Balm

Lovely real orange juice scent

Kokum butter which is great for using in hot weathers

Luxurious packaging

Lightweight yet very effective

Cold pressed oils


I will neither repurchase nor recommend By Terry Baume De Rose lip balm(unless you love luxury products) merely because of its steep price. There are many great formulas on the market that are much more inexpensive. I am not biased towards organic formulas but we eat a lot of our lip balms which we use(or at least myself) 2-3 times every day, so it is best to look out for “clean ingredients label”.


Which one will you purchase? What is your favourite lip balm currently?

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