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Australia may be “down under” but it is one of the most beautiful countries in the world that makes it rise above many with its culture, diversity, scenic locations and PINK CLAY!

We have talked about Ancient Healing Clay, Moroccan Rhassoul Clay and even Activated Charcoal, but the flavour of the season is, Australian Pink Clay. Move over French Pink Clay because down under is here to stay and is definitely the new black. Sourced from Australia, obviously is this pretty pink coloured clay that is claimed to detox the skin, tighten pores, improve tone and texture and is safe to use even on SENSITIVE SKIN.

We are well aware of clay’s detoxifying properties but often they lead to our skin feeling parched, pink clay is known to be the gentlest so it can easily be used on mature, acne prone and even the most sensitive skin types. There is a lot more to Sand N Sky Brilliant Skin than just pink clay and I will talk about in a bit, but first let me share some information on the brand.



Sand & Sky is an Australian based skincare brand is most popularly known for it’s highly raved single product called Brilliant Skin. It has been in the news even before the launch and apparently sold over 50000 units in less than two months of its debut. Founders Emily and Sarah Hamilton, twin sisters and co-founders wanted to showcase and influence the world by introducing Australian ingredients and their magical properties on our skin and that was the reason behind creating Brilliant Skin. According to them, the untouched flora and fauna of Australian shores add to the uniqueness and purity of the ingredients rich in vitamins. There was once a waiting list of 2000 to get their hands on this miracle blue pot, yikes!

C R U E L T Y  F R E E  B R A N D



Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin

Comes in a gorgeous pink box with blue insides and a matte blue glass tub of 58 ml.

The brand directly ships the products and offers free worldwide delivery

Buy from here


What does the product claim;


Brilliant Skin by Sand & Sky is a 4 in 1 treatment that gives you your best skin in only 10 minutes.


B R I G H T E N S 

R E F I N E S 

I N V I G O R A T E S 

Whether you have dry, oily,  acne prone or sensitive skin you will benefit from this treatment in a mask.



Pink Australian Clay– Like every other clay it detoxifies, meaning, it pulls the toxins, allergens, excess sebum towards the surface so they cling to the mask and eventually get washed off

Organic Licorice– A very well known plant extract in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine since hundreds of years and is now clinically proven to lighten dark spots, improve skin tone and provide anti inflammatory, antioxidant benefits.

Old Mans Weed– Indigenous to Australia, this plant is used for astringent, anti inflammatory and skin healing properties. It may also provide skin clarifying properties that may help with those suffering from acne.

Aloe Vera– Is rich in minerals and an excellent soothing ingredient. A great moisturiser for irritated and oily skin

Pomegranate– One of the best antioxidants, the reason I highly recommend consuming it everyday for it’s numerous other health benefits. Has regenerating properties that helps to improve the elasticity of the skin.

Kakadu Plum– Extremely rich source of Vitamin C is also used in many skin brightening treatments worldwide

Sea Kelp– Seaweed is a form of a marine algae and has numerous health benefits. Extremely rich source of minerals and iodine, it has skin conditioning and hydrating properties.

Mangosteen– Indigenous to Indonesia, Mangosteen is a rich source of Vitamin C and has high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can have an indirect effect on inflammatory skin disorders like acne and help improve the collagen production while aiding to a more youthful appearance.



For Dry/Mature/Combination Skin Types- Twice a week

Oily Skin Types- Thrice a week

Acne Prone Skin Types- Thrice a week/ Spot treatment

Active Acne/ Sensitive- Patch Test initially


Do not use on broken skin or freshly popped pimple



Before I begin to share my thoughts and take on this brilliantly formulated mask, let me give you a piece of advice. Facial Masks are usually judged based on line use, but the results often vary after multiple uses. So, whether you are a reviewer or just an enthusiast, do give your new masks a couple of uses before you make an informed opinion.

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin

Okay, so the usage is pretty simple, cleanse the skin and apply the mask with the provided applicator. It is actually a wonderful brush and bristles are super soft. Leave it on for 10 minutes, me being a notorious left it on for 20 minutes, because there was no discomfort. The inital feel is instantly relaxing as the mask is very cool, not because it has tons of peppermint oil or anything, it just gives a cooling effect on the skin. The fragrance is a mix of clay and herbs, nothing overpowering, which I love. The colour as seen in the picture is a beautiful blush pink. The consistency is thick but is a nice wet creamy clay mask.

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin

1097FFFC-1667-4FFA-8FFB-E131AD234786You have to be pretty fast with the application as the mask starts to dry instantly, within 3-4 minutes, so you will have to spritz with water(I use cold rose water) to stop it from wrinkling on the skin.

As mentioned above, the comprehensive list of multi tasking ingredients along with Vitamin A does impress me. It is very less likely to suffer from irritation while uaing this mask, unless you are allergic to an ingredient or are using strong exfoliants.

I used it for six times till now so I will share the results per use;

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin
Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin

First Use- Skin feels clean

Second Use- Deeply cleansed and vibrant

Third Use- Even toned skin, surface oil is balanced

Fourth Use- Improved skin texture and more pronounced radiance

Fifth Use- Skin is less oilier even the next day and surface blackheads are dried(easy to extract). Makeup goes on smoothly

Sixth Use- Smoother skin texture, tan around the mouth area is less prominent(I do like to get my Vitamin D). Results are continued even for the next two days like less surface oil, smoother skin texture and radiance


Would I recommend it?

I personally used it on days when my skin was irritated, very oily, dull and dehydrated, the results were always postive and satisfying with every use as you read above. So, Yes!

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin
Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin




What are your thoughts on Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin? Have you used it yet?

Thnk you so much for reading.



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  1. I love how you tried it out a number of times and recorded your results each time before reviewing it for us! I’ve seen this advertised all over the place, and I’m really tempted to get it now after reading this. Great review! ☺️

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