Soft Matte Lip Creams By Miss Claire- Review And Swatches

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After a long time gap when I first did a full on lip swatch cum review cum recommendations blog post on Colourpop, I am finally back with another one but this around there are not going to be three or five but seven lipstick shades that I will be sharing with you. They are affordable, easily available and come in pretty travel-friendly packaging. I was already in love with them when I swatched on my hand but applying on my lips was a breeze and made me go WOW! The colours are completely opaque and one swipe gives full coverage. There is a mix of both warm and cool shades but some will go well with all undertones, always a win-win!

Let’s begin, shall we?

M I S S  C L A I R E  



Miss Claire is an Indian makeup brand that offers a lot of dupe lipstick shades and for Indian residents, the price is unbeatable. They offer makeup bases to eyeshadow palettes and single baked blushes to name a few. The brand has manufactured all their products according to European cosmetic standards, meaning, better quality and hygiene and skipping the ingredients banned to use in European products(apparently).

Their makeup is Cruelty-Free and is claimed to be Hypoallergenic that means your skin will not turn into a hive station while using Miss Claire makeup products. So far, I have not experienced any uncomfortable reaction and my lips are just the way they were before using these lip creams, what a relief, Lol!


As with all the liquid lipsticks, the application is crucial. Draw an X on the upper lip and find the border of your lower lip by drawing a short line across the edge. Now. start from the outer corners making sure to form a uniform shape and join the inner corners. I will suggest applying a lip balm beforehand and wipe it off when applying the lipsticks. The formulation is creamy so excess moisture from the lip balm will cause it to transfer easily. Start with a thin layer as it can tend to form lumps if you reapply without letting the first layer set completely.

Give the lipsticks a minute or two to settle down before you go on about your day. I recommend placing a single ply tissue on your lips and dab some translucent powder with a powder brush to set the lipsticks giving your lips a proper matte effect. I personally would do that as these lipsticks transfer easily.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams| Review and Swatches


Another way of using these is to dab a some dots on upper and lower lip and smudge it to give a natural everyday look. Don’t worry, these lippies do not set quickly.


Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams| Review and Swatches


The lipsticks I will be talking about today are Soft Matte Lip Creams. These are actually what the title says, they come off as decently pigmented cream lipsticks and dry down to satin matte for a comfortable finish. The packaging is a transparent bottle with black cap. Each lipsticks come in 6.5 gms bottle. The applicator is dope shaped and very sturdy. I have to say that the shape of applicator brush is not uniform in all the pieces. Because of it’s narrow structure, application on thin lips is easier and in general provides a more sturdy application, especially around the mouth(outer corner of the lips). I find them(the formula) as perfect dupes for The Body Shop Matte Lip Liquid, if we can adjust a little on the quality given the affordable price.


There are few very important things that I noticed about these lipsticks that you must know:

– They are opaque but the consistency is not thick. 2-3 coats are needed for an intense colour pay off.

– Very likely to come out clumpy and streaky so application doesn’t look neat

– Takes times to set which could be both good and bad depending on your preferences.

– Settles down to a satin matte finish

– Transfers

– Does not stain

– Comes off easily with regular micellar, like. Bioderma Sensibio H2O

– Absolutely beautiful shades that will flatter every skin tone and undertone



They are priced differently on various shopping e-commerce websites but purchasing through Instagram is a more wallet-friendly option. I will leave some of the links before;


Instagram (discounted rates)


I have hand swatched all the shades randomly but lip swatches are from lightest to deepest. I will also disclose my favourite at the end so please keep reading and deciding your pick! The shades are sorted out in numbers instead of names.


I will be swatching(lip swatches) all the shades from lighter to darker.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Creams| Review and Swatches


Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream No.57


This is a more of a cool toned brown nude. It has hints of peach and I love nudes like these. This is darker but similar to one of my favourite nudes, The Body Shop Rose Windsor.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream No.13


A more toned down version of Colourpop Sunday, that is a perfect Spring shade and also one of those pinks that do not look ashy, too bright or too cool. It is the a must have for working professionals, in my opinion.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream No.58


A more of a brown toned tea rose that is my favourite among all the ones mentioned in this post. It can be worn both day and night without looking too “in your face” and will suit wonderfully on everyone.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream No.27


This is a proper Summer shade. It is an orange-red that will look great on warm undertones. It is not very bright so everyone between fair to medium-deep skin tones can wear it beautifully.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream No.46


A bright coral shade with a surprisingly strange but lovely red glitter particles. I definitely did not expect it from this range of Miss Claire lipsticks but this does add punch to this bright reddish pink shade. Definitely a hit for Spring!

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream No.35


A purple-pink berry shade that looks more like fuschia pink. Although it is cool toned, everyone can flaunt it well whether they are fair, medium or deep skin toned.

Miss Claire Soft Matte Lip Cream No.42



A maroon red with brown undertones, this shade has been the most preferred by traditional Indian brides. It is warm toned but a very flattering not to deep in tone colour which can be worn throughout the year.



I hope you enjoyed reading this post as it was lot of fun for me. Which one is your favourite among all?


Thank you so much for reading!


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