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Face Masking, a procedure followed by women all over the world since hundreds of years ago. It has been more of a ritual and greatly praised to achieve glowing skin in a matter of minutes. Previously, raw fresh ingredients sourced from the Mother Earth were brought together and mixed to create a magical recipe that used to do everything from increasing moisture levels, refining texture to getting an even toned skin. How much did our ancestors knew about the ingredients is a mystery but they sure have passed down us some tips and tricks we still use in our DIY remedies.

Now, face masking has become a necessity, our lifestyle is extremely degenerative to our health and despite eating the best of foods and doing yoga and all that stuff, the environmental pollution and stress are always there to affect our health and skin unless we migrate to small quaint towns and lead the most peaceful life, which is not practical.

Today, masks come in multiple forms;





Moulds to name a few.


Have you heard of P A I N T I N G  T H E R A P Y ?


Tony Moly, a well known Korean skincare and makeup brand offers an exciting range of facials masks that you can pick and mix to get your perfect recipe just like a right blend of colours to achieve that one desired shade.

They offer;






The brand has indicated the usage of masks on specific areas of the face based on a majority of commonly affected areas. They have also recommended mixing multiple masks if you have more than one concern, like for extremely dry and dehydrated skin, you should mix Hydrating and Moisturising masks or oily and sensitive or facing any redness then Black Sebum Control and Pink SOS care.

First, let me ask you something. Do you MULTI MASK? Is this a foreign category for you or a regular part of your skincare routine?


If you are the latter then Kudos to you and for the poor souls who fall in the former category, let me tell you one very simple fact. Various skincare practices seem luxurious but there is always a reason at the root of them. Unless you have a gorgeous skin with the perfect equilibrium of moisture and oil, and you never suffer from breakouts your skin will always have more than one issue. Your skin may be dry but you breakout as well, oily yet lacking hydration, dullness and sensitivity or in some cases more than three concerns. If your skin is dealing with multiple issues, then how can you try to treat them all with one mask? Masks are always indicative, they perform certain actions for that particular requirement. That’s where MULTI MASKING takes centre stage.

Tony Moly encourages choosing more than one mask at a time so you get desired results for multiple concerns.

I went with B L A C K  S E B U M  C O N T R O L and  P I N K  S O S  C A R E. It was then I came to know about the readymade concoctions on the webpage when I looked for the ingredients(initially purchased for the cute cap and paint alike tube) because the packaging has complete Korean printing.

Tony Moly Painting Therapy


The colour on the tube of all their Painting Therapy masks discloses the shade of the mask inside. Black one is Charcoal for detoxifying and Pink one is Calamine based, which is known since forever for its skin calming and anti-inflammatory properties(remember that pink lotion our doctors gave for that itching associated with chickenpox? Yes, I have had them). Let’s see how far these perform to be added to my repurchase list.


B L A C K  S E B U M  C O N T R O L

Tony Moly Painting Therapy | Black Sebum Control

I prefer Charcoal as a primary ingredient over Clays in oil absorbing or acne masks as it very rarely does cause dryness comparatively on my skin. It was interesting to find out that this mask has a blend of three clays- Kaolin, Bentonite and Moroccan Lava Clay with Charcoal powder. There are a couple of emollients, humectants and fruit extracts as well, significant ones being;


Caprylic Triglyceride

Palmitic Acid

Stearic Acid

Blackberry, Blueberry and Cranberry Extract

Texture and Consistency of this mask is smooth, thick and creamy, I dilute it with rose water for easier spreadability and thin even application.


It has a minty scent that is refreshing yet not over the top and I barely complain unless something gives me a terrible headache. After cleansing, I squeeze some on the back of my hand, dilute with rose water and apply on the affected areas, like the forehead, nose, inner cheeks(I often take half and half of Black Sebum Control and Pink SOS Care) and chin.

As the composition has many skin conditioners and emollients, the mask never really dries out. However, after 20 minutes I wash off with warm water(the right temperature to wash your face) and it comes off in a jiffy. There is no need for constant rubbing and tightening your skin or waiting for hundreds of seconds to get rid of the staining(common with charcoal based masks).

The Result?

Extremely soft and supple skin with visible radiance.


P I N K  S O S  C A R E

Tony Moly Painting Therapy | Pink SOS Care

I bid adieu to Calamine lotions because of their drying effect in basic formulations and never really felt the need for them after having Chickenpox in my childhood. But, it was nice to have come across a Korean product containing it and especially in a mask, so that got me excited about trying this mask when I have redness and itching on my face for reasons other than just active acne spots.

But first, let me tell you what Calamine exactly is. A combination of zinc and ferric oxides to create a Calamine lotion used for various skin disorders to relieve itching and irritation. Calamine is a very old-fashioned but effective solution for temporary relief and is used in the medical industry since ages(literally).

The ingredients list turns out to be very similar to Black Sebum with few exceptions such as;

Trehalose: A form of sugar works by providing skin with a comfortable and soft conditioning effect

Calamine: Anti-itch and irritation medicine

Tea Tree Oil: Antibacterial and Antifungal

Panthenol: Humectant, provides supple hydration

Centella Asiatica: Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant

The texture and thickness of this mask are exactly as the Black Sebum Control but the fragrance varies, this one being very subtle and soft scented(if you know what I mean).

The areas of application are different every time but mostly occurs on my cheeks, upper and lower lips and the chin area. I follow the same procedure with this mask as the other one and wash it off after 30 minutes because it will never really dry to the extent that it feels tight on the skin.


The Result?

Generic redness is reduced with the exception of redness associated with active acne, but the irritation seems to alleviate a little. Skin is left comforted that aids to the anti irritation factor.


What do I love about both the masks?




Suitability on all skin types(sensitive included)

Does not cause dryness or leave any greasy residue

Leaves the skin supple


What do I not love about both the masks?

Black Sebum Control will not excite those looking for a thorough deep cleansing action. The presence of many emollients makes it an everyday mask than a hard working once a week type.

Pink SOS Care is again just a little above average in its performance.



Multitasking masks for minor skin issues and both are great for everyone from dry to oily skin types, even sensitive

Both the masks can be purchased from Jolse (Ships worldwide). 

Tony Moly Painting Therapy


Thank you so much for reading. What are your thoughts on Painting Therapy masks from Tony Moly?








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