UBTAN Coconourish Scrub- Minimal And Rejuvenating Skincare

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I am an avid believer in homemade beauty recipes. I have mentioned on my Know Me page, I share recipes on Instagram and lately I have again got addicted to them. Coincidentally, I am able and thankful to collaborate with many brands such as Ryaal  Raw Rituals to name a few, that are inclined towards the holistic approach of Ayurveda. Not only have I been loving the different combinations and getting variety of benefits from each of them, but I have also found out about some new herbs and plant extracts. India is flourishing with culture and practices of age old Ayurveda despite the influence of modern world.

I have recently collaborated with  U B T A N  I N D I A to try out their products and they send me this wonderful C O C O  N O U R I S H   S C R U B. I will not only be reviewing this product today but if you like it, you can purchase it too at a discounted price. Read till the end to know which product from  U B T A N  I N D I A would you wish to add to your beauty closet.


A little bit about the brand;

Rejuvenating U B T A N handpicks all the ingredients that goes in their formulations. These are of finest quality sustainably sourced to delivery products that are





The brand thrives to endure high-quality control practices and always have a place for improvements and newer innovative formulas.


Their capsule collection includes;

S P I C E S  A N D  G R A I N S   B O D Y  S C R U B

C O C O N O U R I S H  S C R U B

O A T – A – F A I R  S C R U B

D – T A N  S C R U B

R O S E  A N D  S A N D A L W O O D  F A C E  P A C K

L U X U R I O U S  L A V E N D E R  P A C K

A C N E  R E S I S T  P A C K

D A Z Z L E   D T A N  P A C K


C O C O N O U R I S H  S C R U B

Rejuvenating UBTAN Coconourish Scrub


The brand describes this as a gentle scrub for dry skin that lifts away dullness, provides luminosity, helps calm down irritation and help lighten acne marks.



375INR/ for 100gms



Transparent plastic jar with gold metal lid



Grainy yet soft

Rejuvenating UBTAN Coconourish Scrub


How to use;

Mix with milk(dry skin), yoghurt(tan and acne) or rose water(oily and combination) as per your skin requirement with a tablespoon of scrub and apply on face and neck. After 10 minutes, start scrubbing away using warm water so it loosens quickly and does not tug the skin while rinsing it out.

Rejuvenating UBTAN Coconourish Scrub

My experience;

I have a tendency to use scrubs as masks, rather than scrubbing and rinsing within 2-3 minutes, I wait for 10-12 minutes to reap more benefits. This scrub contains milk extract and lentil grains. Milk is known for it’s brightening and skin softening properties while lentil powder, especially Chickpea flour is praised in India for its multiple benefits for use all over the body. Red and Green lentils used in this scrub are not in complete powdered form but small enough to sit comfortably on the skin. I mix Pure Rosewater and a drop of Orange Oil to 1/2 tablespoons of Coconourish Scrub and attempt to apply a nice even layer, lol.

Rejuvenating UBTAN Coconourish Scrub



Before I reveal the results to you let me share some benefits of each ingredient in this product.

Coconut – Coconut milk is rich in vitamins and minerals that help with healing of skin and fatty acids like lauric acid that have intense skin softening properties. This composition makes it an excellent moisturiser for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Milk Extract – Indian women can never be tired of using milk on their skin. The high lactic acid content in it is what gives our skin the clarified and brightened appearance even in one use.

Red and Green Lentils – I have never used these form of lentils on my skin before but now I can confidently say they do the exact same thing as Chickpea flour. For my readers who are not aware of this kitchen staple, ask your friends or neighbours, or simply google it, Chickpea flour is still used as a natural cleanser, used in brightening masks, and also to clarify oily skin.

Green Cardamom – A spice predominantly used in North Indian, Pakistani and Middle Eastern cuisines is also used for other purposes like cooling the body temperature. I have not used it on the skin before but I am enjoying the wonderful scent.


I m going to be very honest about my experience with this scrub and can’t help but admit that it is doing so much more than just giving me a temporary glow. My skin is intensely smooth after using it, it’s like it is lifting away all the dead skin lying on my skin and leaving it soft and glossy. Chickpea flour can have a drying effect on already drier skin and I expected to have similar experience from Red and Green Lentils. but the Milk and Coconut present in this scrub are balancing out the results. I got the same brightening and squeaky clean effect that Chickpea Flour gives minus the uncomfortable tight feeling. My skin is left deeply cleansed, pores look smoother(plump effect), skin’s moisture level is increased and I Am Glowing. You will agree with me once you use it too, just leave the scrub on for 10-15 minutes and remove with lukewarm water. The scrub will tighten and stick to the skin, don’t panic just wet your face and use your fingertips to massage and rinse with water. Do not use washcloth, it is will be an unnecessary friction.


I have been going through a phase where my skin is dry one day and oily the other day, so it wasn’t looking healthy as I expect it to, but I am surprised how such simple ingredients can do so much for your skin and at such an affordable price. And the best part is, the results stay for two days straight, something very rarely experienced when using masks or scrubs that too without the use of any intensive skin sensitising exfoliants or brightening ingredients.


Would I recommend it?

YES, everyone can use it as it is or customise as per requisites.

Rejuvenating UBTAN Coconourish Scrub


Discount Code:

Use code BLOG15 to receive 15% off on your orders over 799INR with Complimentary Shipping.

You can purchase from here

They also offer Cash on delivery services.*


Thank you so much for reading.





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