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Today scientific research is dominating the entire world and people are living like robots. The connection to the mother earth is almost lost. It’s only because of the elevated health issues that humans have started to consider going chemical and preservative free as much as they can.

When we talk about cosmetics, dermaceuticals is ruling and for obvious reasons. The ingredients used are clinically proven and we can see positive results in our skin within few weeks of usage. On the contrary, there is a tremendous increase in natural and organic industry but when it comes to treating skin conditions, we either rely on dermatology or OTC products containing popular active ingredients. Being a professional, I myself will always suggest to go with the latter. But what about the instant glowing effect, skin softening, acne reducing and the detanning properties of natural herbs? South Asia is known to have all sorts of secret ingredients and remedies that treat all sorts of skin, hair and health conditions.

While I am not going to recommend you blindly believe everything that your Mum’s Mum heard from her friend’s aunt’s daughter in law’s grandmother’s sister(you know what I mean, right, RIGHT?) there are some known ingredients that have been now proven and used by organic formulators to create products keeping in mind modern day requirements. I firmly think, if you can see something from your eyes, it shouldn’t always be trusted but considered for sure. And, while scientists always need proofs, we can not shun everything that has been used centuries. Believe it or not, grandmas recipes aren’t all that ‘ancient’. The wisdom has been passed down since hundreds of years and I going to make sure to pass some of that to my next generation as well.

Let me introduce you to one of those skin brightening and clarifying remedy put together in an icecream tub and brought to us by Ryaal, a brand I have talked about previously and how I have been enjoying using their launches.

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M A K E  M E  G L O W

The brand describes this mask as a skin brightener, dark spot reducer and a mild exfoliator to achieve an instant glow before a party.

Ingredient List:

Mysore Sandalwood Powder, Handcrushed Rose Petals, Wild Turmeric Root Powder, Handcrushed Orange Peel Powder, Organic Orange Oil, Sweet Almond Seed Meal, Silk-Cotton Tree Extract (Semal Chhal), Indian Madder (Manjeesta), Himalayan Cherry, Touch-Me-Not Flower (Lajwanti) , Saffron (Kesar), Kashmiri Daffodil (Nargis), Fuller’s Earth, Kaolin Clay, Xanthan Gum, Aloe Barbadensis, Glycerin, Rose Petal Powder, Vitamin E

Ingredients Breakdown:

Mysore Sandalwood Powder- It hails from Mysore, a city in Southern India known to be infamous for the history, royal palaces and well, the very popular sandalwood trees. It is very expensive and its oil is used in luxury skincare products. It is known as an anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and a cicatrizant. Indian women have been using it mixed with water to apply on acne spots.

Rose Petals- Rose is a coolant and its hydrosol makes an excellent toner and is suitable for all skin types. I suggest everyone should include it in their skincare routine.

Wild Turmeric Root Powder- Turmeric doesn’t need any introduction now as it is called as “THE GOLDEN ROOT” throughout the world. It is extremely high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin from turmeric is now used in many organic and high-end products for reducing dark spots. Daily intake of turmeric can really help with any inflammatory health conditions so, if you haven’t, then include this in your life right away.

Orange Peel Powder- Using dried orange rinds and powdered to use in masks for face and body is quite an old technique to get instant brightness. If your skin is sensitive to it, you may sense tingling sensation. So, I suggest using them in a mask with multiple other ingredients to lower down its concentration.

Organic Orange Oil- An essential oil diluted and used in many cosmetic products and it also gives the soothing orange scent.

Sweet Almond Meal- Powdered almonds with or without blanching and de-skinning them before. Used as a cleanser and gentle physical exfoliant. Softening properties.

Silk Cotton Tree Extract- Not an ingredient found at every house in India but in Ayurveda, this tree is considered to possess extremely high potency for treating ailments. Its stem is used to lighten blemishes.

Indian Madder- Scientifically known as Rubia Cordifolia, this herb is used to lighten dark spots and encourage healing.

Wild Himalayan Cherry- Literally from the Himalayas, it is used for skin clarifying and treat uneven skin tone from PIH and excessive sun exposure.

Touch Me Not- Astringent and attributing to wound healing

Saffron- An extremely treasured spice used predominantly in India, Middle East and Spain also known to brighten the skin tone. It is added to ubtans(skin rejuvenating masks applied to brides before the big day)

Nargis- Traditionally used for its wonderful scent is also considered as effective in general skin conditions.

Fuller’s Earth- Excellent for oily blemish prone skin, mild bleaching effect.

Kaolin Clay- Oil absorbent, high in minerals and skin detoxifier.

Aloe Vera- Soothing and calms any type of inflammation. Great for all skin types.

Glycerin- Skin conditioner, humectant

Xanthan Gum- Viscosity adjuster and safe preservative.

Vitamin E- Used as a skin moisturiser, antioxidant and also to preserve natural skincare formulations.


Now, let’s move forward to the reviewing part of this blog post.

When opening the jar, the first thing you will notice is the scent of Sandalwood combined with Fuller’s Earth with a hint of Orange. It is somewhat mustard in colour and has a grainy texture. The consistency is neither liquidy nor cream like.

Ryaal Make Me Glow


On application, it dries within few minutes so spritzing a hydrosol(rose, orange flower, lavender) will be necessary. I scoop out the desired amount with a spatula and apply an even layer on my face and neck going a little down to my décolletage as it often gets tanned in the sun despite ample sun protection(you know, sweating). I leave it anywhere between 20-25 minutes. Initially, it does tingle and gives a feeling of ant bite but not so severe. When I applied it first, I removed a patch of this mask to check if the tingling sensation was causing redness. My skin was certainly pink but not worrisome. After I wet the mask before rinsing it, I gently massaged for a minute and it came off on its own. My skin definitely looked brighter and softer at the same time. The redness subsided after few minutes and my skin was left comforted and looking radiant.

This mask is loaded with herbs taken from every aspect of Ayurveda known to lighten dark spots, de-tan, help calm down inflammation and contribute to an overall healthy looking skin.

Ryaal Make Me Glow


However, it is a mask and within few uses, you can only expect it to reduce the tan and soften the recent dark spots. I definitely suggest using it regularly with other dark spot lightening products. This is a great mask at an affordable rate that will give you a glow within one use.

It will suit all skin types, even sensitive but I still recommend patch testing as natural plants and herbs can cause sensitivities if your skin is allergic to them.


What do I love about this mask?

Wonderful ingredients

Instant results

Extremely affordable


Fresh small batches


What I did not love about this mask?

It’s more of a why you need to be careful with handling this mask more than a dislike.

It is certainly not travel-friendly as a little leak or spill and it will cause staining.


I hope you found this review helpful.

Thank you so much for reading.






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