Summer Body Cleansers- My Top Picks

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With summers just around the corner in most places, everything reminds me of fresh plump oranges and zesty lemons. Their bright colour, citrusy scents and how wonderful they can make any dish, sweet or savoury.

I always shuffle my body care products with the changing season and as you may have guessed, in summers my body cleansers must have fresh, uplifting and zingy fragrance. I am a huge fan of men’s perfumes and body care products for the very same reason. Most of them are formulated with bursting scents of limes, mandarins, eucalyptus, except for the very cologne type ones. I do enjoy florals but, citrus and mint are my personal favourites.

There is something very energising when starting the day with an uplifting scented shower gel and cleanser, especially on a hot summer day. To me, it is mood lifting and I consider it very important as stressful life can pull us down and lead to brain fogging, I try to include certain things in my everyday life to keep my head clear and think straight while not feeling low all the time.

Read more to know what are my picks for the coming summers.


S U M M E R  B O D Y  C L E A N S E R S


D O V E  G O  F R E S H  R E V A T I L I Z E  B O D Y  W A S H

If the brand did not come up with these amazing gel cleansers, you wouldn’t ever find me talking about their previous creamy body washes. For starters, I do not enjoy cream based versions and secondly, the formula of Dove’s Moisture body washes led to inflamed bumps on my chest and back. However, I can not deny the fact that they do leave the skin soft, but it would be better used in dry climates and non acne prone skin types.

This Mandarin and Tiaré Flower scented orange tinted gel cleanser is one of the best I have used. It is now sold in Sulfate Free versions as well and never leaves my skin thirsty post wash. The addition of Glycerin is definitely a plus. The fragrance is very refreshing as you may have already presumed but it is not very sharp lime scent neither like a flower bouquet, It is the perfect combination of fresh flowers and oranges.

Dove Go Fresh Revitalize Body Wash

It is not the most foaming body wash you may find on the drugstore shelves but it cleans really well and never leaves any residual feeling behind. My skin is left perfectly cleansed, fresh, soft and lovely scented that does last for a while even in summers. Different drugstores sells at a different price but average cost for 250ml bottle in India and UK costs around 100INR and 1.2GBP and 650ml bottle in USA is for 6USD.

D R.  T E A L ‘ S  E U C A L Y P T U S  B O D Y  W A S H

I have written an entire review on this one a few months back along with other product from Dr.Teal’s. The brand is revolved around USP grade Epsom salts. I also shared a lot of detailed information on what is Epsom salt and why is it so highly rated in the same blog post.

Dr.Teal’s Eucalyptus Body Wash smells exactly like spearmint and obviously, eucalyptus. As soon your skin comes in contact with it, you will feel a soothing cool sensation that is soo good to really wake you up in the shower. The body wash is gel based and is clear with a very slight hint of yellow. It is Paraben and Dye Free. It contains Aloe Vera Juice, Tea Tree Oil for antibacterial and antifungal action, Wheat Protein, Vitamin E,  Shea Butter, Radish Root and essential oils of Eucalyptus and Spearmint.

Dr.Teal’s Eucalytpus And Spearmint Body Wash

This is the perfect unisex product as it is lightly hydrating, does not leave any greasy residue and the scent is neither very masculine nor feminine. The addition of real epsom salt also relieves muscle tension, so you are left not only feeling clean and refreshed but using it in thr evening after long day’s work will also help with the aches and fatigue.

S E E R  S E C R E T S  S E D A T I V E  O R A N G E  A N D  J A S M I N E  Y O G H U R T  E N Z Y M E  B O D Y  C L E A N S E R

If you are into natural ingredients, clean formulations that are Free From all the nasties then this is the product for you. It contains essential oils of Orange and Jasmine but this body wash smells mostly floral so the men may not really enjoy using it.

Lactic acid from Yoghurt is used to provide gentle exfoliation with every wash and very good for sensitive skin as well. The surfactants used are Coconut-derived so no harsh soaping agents are added. It is free from, Sulfates, Parabens, Dyes, Petroleum, Phthalates and many other ingredients that are controversial due to many clinical studies and research.

Seer Secrets Sedative Jasmine And Orange Yoghurt Enzyme Body Cleanser

It has a pale yellow colour with a pearly finish. It is an opaque body cleanser and foams good enough for a nice clean rinse and not a lot of product is needed. Seer Secrets has kept all their products very affordable and this 250ml bottle costs only 7USD/5GBP/479INR after discount. It is definitely worth buying and the pump bottle is convenient to use as well. Read my review to know more about this body cleanser.

P E T E R  T H O M A S  R O T H  M E G A – R I C H  B O D Y  C L E A N S E R

If you love oranges and everything that is made from these juicy bright neon orange coloured fruits, then you are in for a treat. Peter Thomas Roth is mostly known for their effective skincare solutions but I accidentally came across this body wash and fell in love with from the very first sniff to the moment I came out of my shower and felt my skin so soft and revived.

Peter Thomas Roth Mega Rich Body Cleanser

It is on the expensive side when it comes to body cleansers but if you can splurge then this is worth your money. There are so many of us who despite having dry skin, we do not like shower creams and oils, instead would love to slather on a thick lotion while going to bed. This silky smooth reminiscent of an orange coloured cleanser lathers really well and leaves the skin fresh scented and calms down any dry flakes. I also talked more about it in my evening beauty routine.

It is formulated with Panthenol, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Juice so your skin is definitely left perfectly hydrated and plump. It is free from Parabens and Phthalates. It retails for 20USD/1300INR/14GBP


Now you know what one can find in my bathroom this summer. How are you changing your beauty routine for the comong warmer months?


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  1. I’m currently using Dr. Teal’s lavender salt soak and it’s amazing! I really want to try the body wash now. I think their products are great at having a host of benefits. Love the way you take your photos as well x

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