GlamGlow Brightening Treatment-Review

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There are products in the cosmetic industry which are highly raved by bloggers, influencers, social media kings and queens, while there are others that are formulated using high technology and clinically proven ingredients which are almost always sold out.

I am certainly not biased towards any and in fact, I love to experiment and find out more about unknown ingredients or let’s say, the ones that are not high up there in the must contain ingredients lists.


GlamGlow is a US based brand, Los Angeles to be precise that was founded by a lovely couple who had no intentions to bring their magic potions into the retail market. Apparently, their story is very relatable to the ones who work on their formulations from home pottering around hundreds of ingredients and packing into tiny little label-free jars for giving out to friends and families. When a couple of their actor friends tried out the first mask, they were amazed and the word spread. Many in the Hollywood industry couldn’t stop praising the wonderful effects of the mask and the demand for selling the magic mud kept rising. High-end retailers started stocking up and everyone seem to get their hands on the wonder mud. Now, GLAMGLOW is a world-renowned brand and as soon as it was launched in India by Nykaa, a popular Indian e-commerce website, I wanted to buy everything.

Let’s accept it, GLAMGLOW is not an easy on the wallet type of brand. So, picking out my first product was hard as somewhere inside my head I was sceptical of an utter disappointment. Checking and rechecking what I already have in my beauty stash and scanning the ingredients I chose to finally go ahead with FlashMud Brightening Treatment. Thankfully, they come in two sizes and 15gms mini steel like pot costs 1600INR.


What it contains:

TEAOXI technology is a patent given to GlamGlow that contains White Birch Leaf, which has some really good antioxidants and it is known to heal and repair skin in ancient medicines. It is a good natural astringent that can help with oily skin.

The clay used in this mask is Kaolin, that works for all skin types.

There is a mixture of both physical and chemical exfoliants:

Lactic Acid

Salicylic Acid


Diamond Powder

Skin brightening ingredients are:


Acetyl Glucosamine

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

The other extracts include:

Rosemary Leaf, White Birch Leaf, White Lily, Blackcurrant, Rose, Jasmine, Camellia Sinensis, Golden Root and Peony along with Glycerin.

Please note that every ingredient has more than benefit on the skin and when used with complementary extracts, it can have a significant effect on certain skin conditions.

Glamglow FlashMud Brightening Treatment



To make this uncomplicated for everyone who is not very familiar with ingredient dictionary, I would say the formula of FlashMud is very good and can give skin softening, soothing and brightening effect. Some of the ingredients are very good in improving the uneven tone be it from tan or hyper-pigmentation.

Glamglow Brightening Treatment Review

My experience:

As you all know by the title that I actually love this product, but why, I will tell you that now. There are also some downsides to this mask which will be discussed in this post.

Aside from the pretty packaging and alluring name, the contents also make this mask very tempting. The combination of chemical exfoliants and brightening ingredients is an effective one. Although the percentage of chemical exfoliants is not very high(which is actually good if you are not used to actives) you can expect a visible difference from the very first use. The presence of pumice adds to the physical exfoliation so your skin is left more even toned, dullness is reduced, the texture is more refined. The consistency is nice and creamy with pumice particles. The application is a breeze and getting a thin even layer is very easy.

GlamGlow FlashMud Brightening Treatment


I did not experience any form of sensitivities except a warm sensation for not more than two minutes post application. The warming of the skin is not at all uncomfortable. Do not relate it to the usual tingling sensation we experience while using certain masks. I find that unpleasing as it literally feels like I have ants all over my face. And GlamGlow does not do that to my skin, yay!


Now that I have raved and raved about the wonder product, let me disclose some points that are not very significant but need to be taken into consideration. The mask has a synthetic citrus candy-like scent that is not sickly but definitely not expected from such a high-end product. The actual mask is very less in quantity and if used twice a week all over the face and neck then you will finish it before two months. Pumice is a very irritating ingredient to use in facial masks. Yeah, it does smoothen out the soles of our rough dead feet but our skin is very delicate and harsh scrubbing can lead to tiny tears which will not be visible but our skin will feel sensitised by heat or sun and may get inflamed easily. It is not for very dry skin types.



This mask did everything I expected it was supposed to do to my skin. At the same time, I did not expect miracles to happen and post inflammatory marks to fade away and you too shouldn’t. It is a mask after all.

FlashMud did not irritate my skin, dried it out or left a residue. I could see the difference in the overall tone of my skin and loved how it did not suck all the oils and left me with bright yet stretchy parched skin.

Reminds me a lot of Kiehl’s Turmeric and Cranberry Masque except the former gave more brightening effect and latter gives hydration.

Would I recommend it?

Yes, absolutely!



Have you tried GlamGlow? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.



Thank you so much for reading.





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