Skin Detox With Ahé Naturals Anti-Pollution Mist

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Remember the days when your Grandmum used to pluck herbs from her very own garden and make different potions that would cure everything from flu to heat rash? If you aren’t one of those lucky kids who got to experience this much proximity to nature’s way of healing then I am sure you have heard stories of your friends or theirs sharing all about how they spent their summer vacations frolicking around in their ancestor’s old country home in a small quaint town where life was simple and people still resorted to ancient remedies to treat everyday health problems.

In an attempt to take everything in their hands, humans today have succeeded in using their expertise to evolve a whole new world that functions at the snap of their fingers. While I wholeheartedly respect and salute every man and woman who has been responsible in making our world a much better place to live in, it also occurs to me that have we gone too far in making this life easier for us that we are actually devolving? There are so many direct or indirect obstacles the world is facing today because of the after-effects of implementing the innovative research.

Since I am talking about skincare today, I will try and stick to the fact how the beauty industry has been using cheap, readily available ingredients putting down the formulas in cute colourful packaging and finishing the final product with scents that could make us go into an intoxicating mode. While some brands are using inexpensive packaging and generic formulas to make their products more accessible to the mass market, the others are branding their “innovations” as a scientific miracle. Trust me, many mid-priced brands have a better effect in treating blemishes than super duper luxurious ones. I have come across a whole bunch of brands and scrutinised through each ingredient only to find out that just a small portion of the cosmetic industry is really concerned about effective and safe formulations. The carcinogenic and/or estrogen disrupting(female hormone) ingredients may be easier and inexpensive for the brands to use in their products but a lot of what we put on our skin gets absorbed, so it should be a major concern.

Now the time has come where everyone is again trying to get back to their roots. Organic home cooked food, everyday warm-up exercises, especially Yoga and toxic-free products, whether for household use or beauty purposes. That realisation is gradually soaring up that there isn’t an easy road by going completely materialistic and not been able to differentiate between improvising and rebuilding.


A few weeks back, I came across Ahé Naturals, a startup brand that focuses on Ayurvedic rituals and herbs as the foundation of their formulas with a modern approach to create products that are parallel to the current beauty industry. After a thorough understanding of the brand and long conversations, I got even more excited about collaborating with them. Their concept and philosophy of delivering efficient and gentle formulas derived from expertise and years of research that will suit even the most sensitive skin types are like a song to my ears.

There are hundreds of “natural brands” out there, why choose Ahé Naturals, you may ask. I will answer, why not choose this brand?

There are many factors that can make it stand out from the others in the similar niche. According to the brand, many of the herbs used in their products are organically grown on the outskirts of Madurai, a quaint and beautiful location in Southern India. The owner herself is prominently involved in creating and testing the formulas. In fact, the inspiration behind this brand comes from years of fighting with rosacea, a painful and embarrassing skin condition characterised by constant redness, mostly but not limited to the nose and cheeks with painful bumps that look like acne breakouts and in severe cases, it also leads to thickened leathery skin with visible broken capillaries. In her quest to find a perfect skincare routine that would help with alleviating her ongoing rosacea and also provide a good balance of antioxidants for healthy skin, she started to create her own products and with that knowledge along with skincare experts and Ayurveda doctors she finally created her baby, AHÉ NATURALS.”

All their products are formulated without;



Artifical Fragrance

Mineral Oils

The brand offers skincare, haircare, silk pillowcases, silk eyemasks and lot more is to be introduced very soon. They currently ship within India and offer complementary shipping on all orders.

They take pride in being a certified Peta brand(cruelty free)

After a brief inquiry about my skincare routine, they sent Ahé Naturals Anti Pollution Mist.

Ahé Naturals Anti-Pollution Mist

I have never had luck with toners and mists. They do have slipping agents that can give our skin smooth and dewy look but I never really fancied the persistent residual feel on my skin. Many times, my skin unreasonably broke out and since I only resorted to hydrosols. When I read the ingredient list and found out that there no slipping agents, sulfates, alcohol, silicones, synthetic fragrances, I was more than happy. The endless search for face mists that can be used multiple times and will not create a greasy film and itch my skin is now ended.

Price and Packaging

A 100ml bottle of the Hydrating Anti Pollution Mist retails for 1193INR

The mist is housed in a beautiful white spray bottle with gold fonts and foil detailing. I love the use of paisley design in a border pattern.


Ahè Naturals Anti-Pollution Mist


This formulation consists of only four ingredients. Aloe vera juice and Azaridachta Indica(Neem) extract are the active ingredients used both of which are grown in the brand’s private organic farm. They also source mature organically grown Aloe Vera from the deserts. Aloe vera juice is extracted from the inner translucent flesh of the leaves and Neem extract is mostly derived from the bitter leaves of the tree.

Aloe Vera has immense cooling properties(especially refrigerated), as if you have applied an icy gel on your skin which psychologically and physically relaxes the mind and nerves. It is rich in amino acids, free radical damaging enzymes and certain hormones that provide wound healing and high anti inflammatory properties. That’s why Aloe Vera is always the first choice to treat minor sun burns, heat rashes or any type of skin irritation or inflammation.

Neem aka Azaridachta Indica is widely used in Ayurveda, Unani and also Chinese medicines. It has  It may not be up there on the list of highly popular skincare ingredients but has been used since centuries for treating both skin disorders and health problems. Many studies have now shown that Neem extracts have multiple benefits, most prominent ones being antioxidant, anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and anti fungal. When used topically, it helps to detoxify the skin and also reduce the inflammation. In some studies it is also shown to have some effect on P.acne bacteria(acne causing bacteria).


Ahé Naturals Anti-Pollution Mist


My experience 

The Anti Pollution face mist from Ahé Naturals smells exactly how a combination of pure Aloe Vera juice and Neem would be like. They have added only a hint of Rose essential oil which is faintly realised, so you do not have to worry if you have sensitive skin or nose. The moment I spritz it on my face and neck, my skin feels comforted and hydrated. It does give that cooling sensation one can expect from a concentrated Aloe Vera based product. Whether I use it post cleansing or any other time throughout the day, my skin does not feel greasy even a bit. It literally sinks in leaving my skin hydrated and comforted. My skin usually turns pink and hot when I am travelling on a hot summer day and since the weather is gradually getting hotter I am carrying this mist along, trust me, it really does calm down the redness and cools my skin. The short ingredient list is beneficial in many ways but two reasons specifically, one being the more complex formulation, the harder on sensitive skin type and second being the concentration of ingredients is more comparatively.

I recommend using this face mist with a gentle spot treatment and a multitasking antioxidant light weight cream like this.

Ahé Naturals Anti-Pollution Mist


What I love about Ahé Naturals Anti Pollution Mist?

No greasy residue

Doesn’t cause breakouts

No irritation

Highly refreshing and hydrating

Clean ingredient list


What I do not love about Ahé Naturals Anti Pollution Mist?

Nothing really


Would I recommend it?

This facial mist will work for all skin types without interfering with oil and water balance.


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  1. Awesome experience after going through ur honest words…Today morning I heard Dat my grand ma in her childhood days use to prepare kajal for themselves 😘…Yes really I wondered 🤣…N after Dat by this review I came to know ahe natural products are also like traditional secrets👍👍👍 so great of ur review dear…N for comming summer season ,anti pollution mist is must essential…Which Contains aloe n neem extracts …👌👌👌 Which suits for all skin types….

    I really happy for ahe natural’s silk eye mask n other silk Product,,,plz do it’s review 👍👍👍

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