Winter Body Care With Palmer’s

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As much as it sounds like a repetitive mentioning about my dry body skin, it is equally annoying to me when the body care products don’t give me excellent results. I stumble upon one, go ahead and buy it, follow the instructions like a punctual student and eventually I don’t get a star.

I wouldn’t imply the words “doesn’t work” when it comes to my experiences with a cabinet full of body lotions, potions, souffles and rich butters, but they do not really improve the condition of my skin with regular use. My hands and feet look smoother, feel softer on application, but there goes everything down the drain when I shower. Back to scaled skin, it is.

Palmer’s to me has been a friend that I love when my skin is literally peeling but a foe when my hair sticks to my skin, my fingers leave grease trails and I sweat like know!

Their Raw Shea and Coconut range is slowly getting launched throughout the world so when I saw my regular e commerce shopping destination stocking it, I had to try my luck once more. They don’t simply believe in hundreth times a charm, do they? I went ahead and grabbed the body lotions from both the ranges as they are pretty reasonable but also because these formulas are more nature derived and free from many controversial and/or carcinogenic ingredients like parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, dyes, sulfates and gluten.


Let’s see how Palmer’s Raw Shea Body Lotion turned out;

Raw Shea range is rich filled with goodness of shea butter from Africa, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, grapeseed oil, oatmeal extract and marula oil. It does contain mineral oil and has the tint of shea butter. The brand promises that Raw Shea body lotion will help calm any irritation, help improve the condition and texture of the skin while providing radiant glow. I am quite fond of the fragrance that smells sweet and nutty but not in a nauseating way. The texture is very rich and it turns white on application, but wait! Once you have massaged the product in, your skin will feel so soo soft and not greasy at all. The consistency of this lotion is not liquid rather it comes out as a cream but the way it instantly absorbs is just spectacular.

Raw Shea body lotion retails for 5USD/2.65GBP/425INR for 250ml bottle. The packaging is similar to previous Palmer’s body lotions except for the brown paper like rustic labelling and typerwriter like fonts. This thick lotion may give out an impression of being very greasy and shiny, but all of that apprehension vanishes when you literally see the lotion sinking into your skin and leaving behind nothing but plump look and softer skin.

Palmer’s Body Lotion- Raw Shea | Coconut

The most tormented part of my body are my hands. I wash them very frequently and always keep sanitising them(a habit I picked up while studying skincare and treatments). Any moisturiser is required to be applied every 2-3 hours or my hands look and feel the same by nighttime. I have recently switched to a handwash from Raw Sugar and that is helping me atleast half way.

But, with a week of using Raw Shea body lotion twice a day actually improved the texture of my skin. My hands don’t look as scaly, the spider web like look on the top part of my palms have reduced. My hands do start to feel little dry by the end of the day but nothing like how they were before. Due to the presence of oatmeal extract, this lotion also helps with mild itching and burning sensation associated with extremely dry skin. My skin doesn’t flake anymore and feels very comfortable throughout.

Moving on to Palmer’s Coconut Body Lotion;

This lotion is formulated with raw coconut oil, monoi, sweet almond and macadamia oils along with cocoa butter, vitamin E, indian ginseng and aloe vera. Palmer’s did not add mineral oil to this formula and the ingredents are actually quite amazing for such a budget friendly product. It is white in colour and has less denser consistency than Raw Shea. Initially, this lotion smells like a beautiful combination of coconut amd monoi but the more I sniff it, the scent started to feel bit synthetic. It is also more intense than Raw Shea, so honestly saying, I like the fragrance of the latter comparatively. I think Coconut body lotion is a great product to use during summers because of it’s tropical scent.

The packaging of this lotion is exactly like Raw Shea but the label is white with dark brown fonts. The price is exactly the same that is 5USD/2.65GBP/425INR.

When applied, this lotion is very easy to spread and looks just a tad bit shiny but within seconds it gets absorbed leaving a soft sheen. It doesn’t leave any greasy feel or oily look which is keeping me so happy. However, even though the ingredients are very nourishing in nature, this lotion does not make my skin as soft like Raw Shea. Usually products containing cocoa butter, sweet almond oil and coconut oil are intensely moisturising but this lotion surprised me buy not giving me results better than it’s Shea verion, as expected. My skin feels very soft to touch but the results don’t last that long. I have come across many reviews stating that the Coconut version is their favourite but the results can be very individualistic so my preference is towards Raw Shea.

I think it has go to do with what my skin actually needs. Deep nourishment than barrier moisturisation and assistance with keeping down the irritation. That is why I felt more difference in my skin from Raw Shea than Coconut Oil body lotion.

Based on my experience, Raw Shea improves the texture and condition of the skin while Coconut provides rich moisturisation like creating an occlusive film. You can either purchase both or depending on your skin’s requirement.

Palmer’s Body Lotion- Raw Shea | Coconut


You can purchase from here: India , UK or USA

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  1. I have heard such good things about the Palmers products from lots of people now, once I get through my stash of body butters I think I’ll try this. Great post xx

  2. My skin gets dry during the winter so I’m definitely going to have to check out the Raw Shea lotion since you preferred it over the Coconut Lotion and I don’t like coconut scents either!

  3. This is such a great product Mz Shahenaz and amazing review as usual. It must a Lebanese thing, my ex lebanese owner used to be big fan, rubbing her feet at night and wearing socks during her sleep to ensure that there is no dryness

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