Black Mess For Clear Skin?

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Since our beautiful world is getting more and more polluted by each passing day, thanks to us, the beauty industry leaves no chance in coming up with products and ingredients to lure us.


Anti Pollution

Skin Defense

Urban Shield

Anti Stress

These are some of the terms or technical words used by hundreds of brands while launching their skincare products that cater to city dwellers. Just to clear the air, categorising beauty products based on where you live is rather subjective. Urban residents do face lot more environmental stress and their lifestyles can tremendously affect the health of their skin(think- shiny yet dull look, weird bumps, uneven skin tone) which makes it even more important for them to use products with lots more antioxidants, stimulators, barrier repairing ingredients to name a few, but it never means that people who live in small towns do not need all those ingredients to keep their skin healthy and nourished.

With so many products coming our way it is impossible to not have a go atleast at some of them. That’s how we almost everytime let ourselves cave in with hopes to keep our most important asset- The Face, looking and feel it’s best. One of those products are centered around this highly popular ingredient throughout the world, CHARCOAL!

Black Mess By Ryaal

If you haven’t heard of Charcoal then you are living under a rock, for sure! This inexpensive ingedient is found in everything from toothpastes to deep cleansing shampoos and also in one of the multitasking skincare product that I will be reviewing today.

Black Mess By Ryaal

Black Mess By Ryaal

I have talked a lot more about this brand here so I will jump straight right into the review.

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Black Mess named after it’s hero ingredient, Charcoal, is a trio of cleanser, mask and scrub that comes housed in a pretty black icecream lookalike tub of 125gms. It retails for 499INR/ 7.8USD/5.8GBP. It is a wet thick paste so makes it more convenient to use.

Ryaal’s other products have never disappointed me so I did have great expectations from Black Mess as well, especially because there are very few Charcoal based products that do not leave my skin thirsty with red bumps.


Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, Fullers Earth, Rhassoul Clay, Organic Dead Sea Mud, Aloe Vera Extract, Peppermint Oil, Australian Tea Tree Oil, Walnut Shell Powder, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum

Paraben Free


Cruelty Free


Black Mess By Ryaal

How To Use;

Since this is a multitasking product, you can use it on your face and body as a quick cleanser, exfoliating scrub or as a detoxifying mask.

My Experience;

Ryaal suggests using this product for breakouts, unslightly cellulite, removal of toxins, reducing the tan, deeply cleansing the pores and improving the texture of the skin. Activated Charcoal works like a magnet, it attracts the toxins that stick to it’s surface leaving behind much clearer skin once washed off. You may or may not see the results visibly from the very first use, but you can definitely feel the smooth texture of the skin.

Dead Sea Mud is widely known for it’s healing properties, the major reason why thousands of people from around the world visit Israel to treat various skin disorders. Kaolin Clay is one of the gentlest clays and has medium oil abosrbing properties. Fullers Earth is very popular throughout India and is one of the ingredients used in ‘Ubtan’, a skin clarifying, brightening and smoothening concoction of Ayurvedic herbs mashed together to create this aromatic mask used in wet form all over the hands, feet, face and décolleté. It is highly oil absorbing and provides mild bleaching effect as well. Rhassoul Clay also known as Moroccan Clay or Moroccan Lava Clay is known for it’s soothing properties great for sensitive skin. Essential oils of tea tree provide antibacterial and anti fungal benefits while pepermint not only gives a cooling sensation but also stimulates called as micro circulation. Sucrose is basically sugar which is a humectant, so will help to keep the skin conditioned. The gritty texture of  Black Mess comes from walnut shell powder, but it is used in very low quantities. I don’t think I need to explain what Aloe Vera does to our skin and health, right?

The jar is tightly packed with the goodness and that makes me very happy as many products come with only 80% of the jar full. As you can see below, the colour of Black Mess is completely deep black and it comes in the form of thick gritty paste.

Black Mess By Ryaal

I use it twice a week at most because the weather is not as humid so I don’t want to cause any skin dryness. The initial feel whenever I apply it is the watering of my eyes due to the presence of peppermint oil. This reaction is not necessarily prominent with every user except if they have extremely sensitive eyes. The product is very easy to apply and does not start drying out within few seconds like some other clay masks. However, my skin starts to feel tight within few minutes because there are many different types of absorbent clays along with charcoal. I generally wash it off with warm water after 10-12 minutes and it takes a little while to come off completely. There is a little bit of staining that needs to be removed with a soft cloth but nothing dramatic or worrisome. This is quite common with some charcoal based products. There will be no actual staining of the skin, I assure you! The tiny and not at all abrasive walnut shell particles allow for a good gentle physical exfoliation while you are washing off the mask.

My skin is always left looking clean and feeling softer. The peppermint oil does not cause any tingling sensation. I have never experienced any redness or itching. I think except for the presence of peppermint oil, this mask will suit all skin types, including sensitive. However, do a patch test to check for any redness.

People with dry and sensitive skin should use it only once a week while twice a week usage will be a great way to detox and keep the skin surface oil free and looking fresh for all the other skin types.

I would highly recommend using Black Mess as a mask initially and scrubbing your skin while washing it off to reap more benefits. For the price and the quantity along with combination of charcoal with clays and dead sea mud and anti bacterial action of the essential oils, this product is quite a good buy. I have seen many expensive masks that have these type of ingredients and using them on the whole body is definitely a cringe moment. But, with Ryaal Black Mess, I think you can give yourself a whole body detox once in two weeks without breaking the bank.

What do I like about this product?


Interesting mix of Clays along with Dea Sea Mud

No irritation or dryness



Good Results

Paraben and Sensitising Preservatives Free

Perfect to use throughout the year

What I don’t like about this product?

Nothing except it would be nice if the product came with a spatula.

Who can use it?

Everyone and I have mentioned more about it in the post.

Black Mess By Ryaal


But it from here


Thank you so much for reading. Do you think Ryaal Black Mess is for you? Do you own other similar products? Let me know!

Good Luck.


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