Agadir Moisture Masque- My Hair Savior

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This year I welcomed winters on a great note with a lovely 3 week holiday. It wasn’t about visiting the most holiday appropriate location(I do love France and Greece by the way..hehehe) or taking multiple pictures in ‘now trending’ outfits, but was solely to experience what life should be at times.

S I M P L E.

S E R E N E.

S A T I S F Y I N G.

I packed a handful of tops, palazzos and a pair of black jeans with some comfy shoes, sandals and flip flops. Ofcourse, I couldn’t leave my trusty multitasking skincare products and hoarding deep conditioning haircare was even more crucial for very obvious reasons. You will know why in just a minute.

I have lived in tropical weather for most part of my life yet and humidity has worked wonders in keeping my hair nourished. Y E S, humidity is good for your skin, hair and overall health! My trip was focused around travelling to mountainous regions and areas higher than 1000ft above sea level have low humid levels. Being aware of how my genetically dry hair may go into a coma without all the moisture and look like a broom(literally) I stocked up on regular haircare essentials.

Unintentionally, I also decanted Agadir hair mask in a small jar with hopes to try out on a rather lazy evening when I may not have anything to do, but read a magazine and get bored(I was trying to keep away from technology except for you know, GPS). What I didn’t expect was that it would turn out to be the best decision in saving my hair strands during those extremely dry and cold days.

Agadir Moisture Masque
Agadir Moisture Masque

A little bit about the brand:

Agadir is a US brand born in New York by two celebrity hairdressers in 1960s to meet their hairstyling expertise that could give their diverse clientale bespoke results. It is focused around certified ‘Argan Oil’, the golden elixir raved and proven to be one of the richest and nourishing oils very high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. It is very good for use on dry skin and hair. Depending on the products their formulas contain other beneficial ingredients that together work to not only give temporary results but improve the condition and health of hair.


Along with ‘Argan Oil’ some notable ingredients this mask is formulated with are keratin which is a protein very important for the strength of hair, Panthenol or ProVitamin B5 which is a humectant- attracts moisture to condition the tresses while adding body and Silk Amino Acids with Vitamin E. All these ingredients together give shine, moisture, strength, elasticity, fullness and smoothness to the hair.

Girl, if you suffer from excess tangles and breakage, then you will not be disappointed.

There are a variety of herbs used that not only add to the lovely scent of this mask but also function as natural and effective alternatives for formulating haircare products such as gentle rinse off formulas and conditioners instead of sulphates which this hair mask does not contain.

Sulfate Free.

Indicated for use on all hair types including color treated.

Repairs. Smoothens. Strengthens. Protects. Provides Shine.

Buy from here

Indian Residents can buy from the above link as well as from Juice or Jean Claude Biguine Salons(subject to availability)- 2050INR for 236ML


Agadir Moisture Masque

My hair is long(got it trimmed few weeks back) that reaches upto my behind(coccyx) is naturally frizzy and very dry on the ends. I often need a hair masque instead of a conditioner to tame it and reduce while also softening the tangles. It can easily weigh down and make my roots look flat. When this hair type is forced to survive around it’s biggest foe(lower temperatures and very low humidity) you can not imagine how hard it is to prevent hair breakage.

Although when we travel for leisure, trying to get the best of every location and the in transit combined with changes in eating pattern can naturally start affecting our skin and hair. My regular conditioner just wasn’t able to give me the usual 100% results and it started to frustrate me(freak me out to be honest). I don’t style my hair 300 out of 365 days but when you can’t comb easily(without tugging and causing breakage) to tie a simple fishtail braid then it is not something to neglect.

Agadir is a dense mask that literally needs to be scooped out with a spatula and it truly scared me initially. I have tried Kerastase masks and they are amazing but they also weigh my hair down. I don’t like poker straight greasy look instead want haircare products to provide softness, shine, strength and bounce to my wavy hair. This is what I achieved through Agadir, fortunately!

You need to work this mask properly in damp, not saturated hair or it will stick to a bunch of strands like a creamy blob. It doesn’t have that smooth creamy consistency instead feels like slightly cold butter or soft wax(if you know what I mean). I will be disclosing how I make the most of this hair mask with tips and some myth busters towards the end of this blog post. The scent is ahmazing! It has that luxurious spa like fragrance that lingers for 2-3 days during winters.

As I said, my hair was dry and damaged before starting to use this conditioner. It absorbed literally any amounts of oils and hair serums while the highly moisturising shampoo I use only when needed did not make any improvement in the texture and brittle nature of my hair. I needed nourishment from root to tip which is very rare in my case. I mentioned on my instagram  about the stressful phase I was going through before my holiday this time which did add to the bad health of my hair. I started using a custom-made hair oil for the scalp and applying this mask from the nape of the neck to the very tips. The amount I started using is displayed in the picture below. If you have short hair, then you must use lesser quantity to avoid weighing of your hair.

Agadir Moisture Masque
Agadir Moisture Masque

The results;

After first use:

My hair looked shiny and rough texture was reduced. Tangles were not reduced but softened so combing through the hair was not causing lot of tugging and breakage due to friction which is very common in porous hair. No residual feeling.

After second use:

Frizz associated with dry hair was significantly reduced and my hair felt soft to touch. Very few knots that were easily untangled and my hair had a lovely bounce without the crisp plastic feel.

After third use:

Hair started to regain the strength and elasticity and had shiny silk like feel to it. Did not felt the need to untangle the hair as with a few finger strokes my hair was ready to be styled. No buildup experienced.

Points to remember:

– I started washing my hair every four to five days. This may sound unhygienic or gross to some but over shampooing can also lead to weakening of hair follicles. Reducing the frequent washing is the first step to bring hair back to it’s natural shine and health regardless of the cause for hair breakage or hair loss.

– I switched to Agadir hair mask from my conditioner and used it consecutively for six washes.

– I use a wide toothed wooden comb to brush through dry hair instead of wet which is recommended by most hairdressers, but it causes more breakage. Trichologists suggests to never comb through or try to detangle wet hair.

How to use hair masks for better results:

– Once you have washed your hair, squeeze the excess water with an old but clean cotton tshirt/top. Do not twist or rub your hair, instead wrap the cloth around the lengths and gently press with your palms.

– Take the desired amount of hair mask and rub between your fingers so it starts to emulsify. Start applying from your tips moving upwards. Y E S, you read it correctly.

– Set your hair dryer on lowest speed and allow the heat to start breaking down the mask for a minute. Now, move your F I N G E R S not a comb through your hair to spread the mask evenly.

– Even if you notice any tangles do not be tempted to use a comb. This can easily be sorted once you have applied a leave in and the hair is dry.

– Once you have applied the mask thoroughly, cover with a shower cap and leave for about 5-10 or more if you wish.

– Rinse out with tap water that is neither too cold nor hot (Myth buster- Cold water does not close the cuticles as the lengths are not alive to open and close, but hot water can cause dryness so finish with normal tap water after conditioning).

– Do not rub your palms against the hair, just run the water through the lengths for 1-2 minutes making sure there is no residual feeling left behind.

– Pat dry the hair similarly as mentioned above and use your favourite hair serum on damp hair. Let it dry naturally.


In some cases of dry hair that is not as damaged due to environmental factors, health conditions, stress or excess styling continuous usage of products infused with keratin can give a stiff look. So if you only have dry hair then I suggest trying this hair mask at a salon before making the purchase.

So, this is my take and experience on Agadir Moisture Masque.

How do you take care of your hair? Do you have any secrets for healthy and glossy hair?

Thank you so much for reading.

Good Luck.





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  1. Great and thorough review! I hope you enjoyed your trip. I have a hair masque in my bathroom that I have been meaning to try. I think I will have to this weekend.

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