Raw Sugar Living Natural Handwash-Review

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“Do you have wickedly dry hands?
Is moisturising ten times a day still not giving you that supple and soft skin you once had as a Child?
Then why not start by tossing your regular extremely stripping cleanser?”

As the name suggests, I will be reviewing a handwash today. Does sound strange, but if you have very dry and old lady like hands then you gotto hunt for that holy grail cleanser that doesn’t make your hands look like those of a zombie(not that there is one for real, but you know what I mean.) I have tried all sorts of hand soaps- bar soaps, foaming washes, gel cleansers, creams, both natural and conventional ones, soap nut ones too. Some smell heavenly while others don’t give a clean feel especially when you are in the kitchen where proximity to different scents and textures does make your hands greasy and smell not very attractive. When I had an unexpected skin allergy, I refrained myself from doing all sorts of house chores and the hand cleanser I used worked really well to keep my hands moisturised, but it was too gentle if I wanted to have it around at the cooking station. My quest to find one all round hand wash has always stucked me in a puzzling tunnel, but let’s see if this new one helps me get to my destination.

Raw Sugar Natural Handwash Coconut + Mango


A little bit about the brand;

Raw Sugar is a family owned Soutern California based company that offers body care, hand soaps and sanitizers and facial care products. They manufacture their products with cold press technology to preserve the nutrients of their ingredients used and believe in leading a pure healthy lifestyle while using products free from toxins and sensitising ingredients.

All their products are exclusively sold here.

Price– 4.99USD/3.8GBP/325INR but will cost more for Indian residents after customs and shipping charges.

Quantity– 16.7 fl oz

Packaging– Simple white bottle made of strong plastic and a pump with a bamboo base. The bright fonts and the wooden detailing brings an oomph to the entire look of the product.

Free From– Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates and Dyes.


Raw Sugar Living Handwash

The onething that disheartens me the most is seeing my hands go all wrinkly soon after washing them. The handwash smells almost nostalgic which is soo relaxing to the mind but does completely the opposite to my poor hands. It is not possible to have a lotion on when cooking and by the time I am done, my hands have gone through several sessions of pure torture. And yet I expect them to look smooth and feel baby soft(so unfair).

Most of the natural handwashes I have used contain many different varieties of surfactants that are stripping. The amount of essential oils used is irritating to the skin when used several times a day. There is nothing good about them except to the fact that they are ‘NON TOXIC’. But not the one from Raw Sugar!

It is formulated with gentle cleansing agents that get rid of all the foul smell and grease without stripping the skin’s moisture. Many moisturising ingredients are present like certified organic coconut oil, mango, olive fruit oil, jojoba oil, meadowfoam seed oil all of which are very nourishing to dry skin. It has ginger essential oil for that subtle zing to the sweet coconuty and mango scent of this hand wash.

It also contains hibiscus which is rich in vitamin C and comfrey that is used in many natural and organic formulations for it’s soothing properties.

One pump is enough to enjoy a luxurious cleansing experience but be acknowledged that  there will not be loads of lush foam to play with. On an average day, I wash my hands 8-10 times excluding vicious cycle of hand sanitising. Before I started using it which was about three weeks back when winters had already started and my skin got even drier, my hands were cracked and flakey to the extent they would hurt. My regular nourishing body butters absorbed within minutes without much relief.

But, after using this cleanser, my hands require less moisturisation and flakes have reduced as well. It actually does gently moisturise my hands without leaving any residue. And, the amazing natural scent lingers which is so soothing. The amount of body butters I used before this hand wash has gone down to half. This much improvement is a lot for me because my hands are dry even in summers and I must have a handcream even when I am going for a quick shopping. However, this is not going to provide any relief from inflamed itchy hands. You can not expect a cleanser to work magic in under a minute.

Another great thing about this product is it’s price. For the clean ingredient list, pretty clean packaging and ample moisturisers added in one single product it is expected to cost much more than a regular super market nice scented hand wash.

Key points about why I like Raw Sugar hand wash:

Great Price

Beautiful packaging

Clean ingredients

Lots of moisturisers

Natural scent

The low points of Raw Sugar hand wash:


Who can benefit from Raw Sugar hand wash?

Everyone who are looking for clean buddy for their hands to gently hydrate and moisturise while thoroughly cleansing.

Who can not benefit from Raw Sugar hand wash?

People suffering from any form of dermatitis, skin infections, allergic reactions or have bleeding cracks on the hands.


I will still keep looking for my holy grail to find something bit more nourishing.

Whether this product is for you or not, learn to love every inch of your body and take precautions to care for it. Hands are infact one of our assets.

When we greet people, sit down to eat, talk or just about doing any muscular movement, We Use Our Hands! Give them some love by avoiding heavily scented cheap hand washes, scrubbing twice a week and moisturising twice a day. In return they will do so much more than getting you compliments.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Thank you so much!

Good Luck



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