Thai Peas And Spinach Soup With Sautéed Mushrooms

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It has been so long since I even mentioned about food or a recipe I am loving currently. Whether you are a foodie or not, we all do enjoy our fair share of guilty pleasures once in a while. Food has always been very close to my heart for sure. It does sound like cliche but the fact is I have enjoyed my childhood day dreaming about what my Mum could be rustling up in the kitchen for lunch so I could dive in as soon as I am back from school. She is soo good at making dishes extracted from various cusines and I still LOVE to sit down and enjoy her specialties whenever possible.

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t a huge fan of cooking until high school. I would occasionally help my Mum in the kitchen but that’s about it. I should say I used to rather enjoying spending time to try and come up with a DIY recipe. But once I started cooking, it was even more exciting to taste food at different places and try to replicate the dishes.

While I was writing another blog post, It occured to me that it has been so long since I even mentioned about food or a recipe I am loving currently. So, here I am, going to talk about what I am more in to as of lately. The word is SOUPS! There is something very comforting about having hot soup on a chilly day. It instantly warms up the body temperature and helps with stuff like as you guys would suspect-ALLERGIES. How can I talk about winters and not mention the ‘A’ word, isn’t it?


Today, I am sharing one of my favourite soup recipes that is a combination of exotic flavours, healthy and fresh ingredients, high in protein and iron, plus is it VEGAN! Thai Peas And Spinach Soup With Sautéed Mushrooms. Unlike dried peas or split peas, I use fresh green peas that add a depth of sweet flavour to the dish. Spinach is high in minerals, Vitamin C and K and one of the highest sources of natural and plant based Iron. Did you know green peas have a very high percentage of protein? Mushrooms that are very high in Vitamin D, bring texture, flavour and give that meaty touch for those who don’t have a veg palate.

This recipe does sound complex but all the flavours when combined well give an interesting taste. Another great thing about this soup is there are no thickeners added. The creaminess of green peas gives body to the dish. I have kept the spices to minimal but you can always add more, if you wish.



Thai Peas And Spinach Soup With Sautéed Mushrooms

Servings: 3-4

Total Time: 30 minutes

Difficulty: Easy
A vitamin packed vegan soup with a punch of tangy and spicy thai flavours.


  1. 200 gms of fresh green peas
  2. 2 cups of fresh uncooked spinach
  3. 2 garlic cloves
  4. 1 green sprig of spring onion
  5. 6 large button mushrooms
  6. 1 tsp of hot green thai curry paste (I make extra whenever I cook green thai curry)
  7. 1 organic vegetable stock cube or 1 tsp of concentrated vegetable granules(choose as per your preference. There are many healthy alternatives available. Skipping this part may affect the taste of the final dish)
  8. crushed pink himalayan salt to taste
  9. crushed green peppercorns to taste
  10. 1/8-1/4 tsp of red chilli flakes depending on the preference
  11. lemon wedges


  1. In a pot, bring 2 and 1/2 cups of water to boil with 1 cube of vegetable stock.
  2. Add 200 gms of fresh green peas with 2 garlic cloves, spring onion and cook on low until 80% done. It will take about 8-10 minutes maximum. Squeeze the juice of 1/4 of a lemon.
  3. Now add the spinach and cook on low for 2 minutes, just unril it turns bright green.
  4. Retrieve green peas, spring onion, garlic cloves and spinach from the stock and let the mixture cool down. We don’t need spring onion anymore so discard it.
  5. In a frying pan, add 1/2 tsp of oil and add chopped mushrooms with crushed green peppercorns and chilli flakes. Cook until all the water evporates and mushrooms are tender but not dry. Set aside.
  6. Once cooled down, blend the green pea mixture with bit of the stock until everything turns into bright green smooth paste.
  7. Add the blended mixture to the stock and add thai green curry paste. Switch ON the flame and keep on low. Make sure the curry paste is well blended in the soup and the raw smell disappears.
  8. After 3-4 minutes switch OFF the flame and serve the soup hot with mushrooms and crushed salt and pepper seasoning. Lemon wedges are a must.
  9. Thai Peas And Spinach Soup With Sautéed Mushrooms

Don’t season the mushrooms while cooking as thai curry paste and vegetable stock are heavily seasoned.
Serve the mushrooms on the side so the quantity to be added in the soup can be customised.

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    1. Yeah, isn’t it? I don’t like going for a whole grocery list to make just one dish and even if I would, it will not be a regular thing. I love to whizz up recipes from easily accessible ingredients and I am glad you noticed that. Do try it out.. I always drink it whenever I am feeling fatigued or recovering from fever. Spinach works wonders by providing a low calorie and plant based iron😘

      1. I eat spinach everyday! People always tell me to swap to kale but I don’t like it. And I agree, it is so frustrating when one recipe asks for 20 random ingredients – that usually happens with most vegan meals.

  1. Yummy, Thai cuisine has always been a weakness for my taste buds. I’m definitely going to make this within a couple of days. Psst: I don’t stock pink himalayan salt, so if i substitute it with table salt I hope it doesn’t change the taste. Will it?

    1. It does huni… Table salt is different now that I have used quite a variety and this recipe is all about enhancing the minimal flavours. But you can try coarse salt though… It tastes better than free flowing one. And green peppercorns are less intense than black, just in case…😘😘
      I am a huge fan of thai food as well infact chinese and japanese too.. Their dishes are very soothing and low on heat(except for thai

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