Multitasking My Holiday Skincare Routine

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Holidays in winters are usually associated with Christmas, family get together or eloping to Carribean regions. For my holiday this year, I am planning a getaway to unwind and feel more in touch with life, spend days wandering around to places and relax in the evenings surrounded by nature far far away from cities.
This holiday was highly anticipated for a few months now and I am going to make every effort to keep it as detoxifying, nurturing and comfortable as possible.

This is my list of skincare products I will be carrying along and it’s going to be all about quick, simple yet effective not too abrasive or sensitising regime. I am going to strictly avoid any chemical exfoliants and retinol.

Let the multitasking game begin!!


SKINFOOD Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam

Multitasking My Holiday Skincare Routine

This is my day cleanser since the last few weeks. You may ask what’s so different about it? Well, there is for sure! When you find a foaming cleanser that smells refreshing, multitasks and always leaves your skin soft afterwards, then you want to begin your day with it.
Skin Food’s Black Sugar range is infused with pure sugar sourced from Brazil and has refreshing extracts of lemon and orange. Perfect scrub foam is sugar crystals based that cleanses really well without stripping and gentle exfoliation from tiny sugar crystals makes my morning cleansing step a dream. I recommend massaging it on dry skin and then adding water so it lathers up, this way you will get a proper scrubbing action because it can dissolve quickly when used on wet face. Sugar is not only great for manual exfoliation, it’s glycolic acid content can provide smoother skin texture. I leave this on for two minutes as it has gentle cleansing agents so it will not strip the skin unless you have very dry skin.

Skin By Ann Webb Golden Root Illuminating Spot Serum


Whether or not you intend to get a sun kissed glow on a holiday, being outdoors will definitely lead to our skin being thrown into a pool of all the environmental stressors, harmful UVA rays, changes in eating and sleeping schedules which almost every time show their effects within a matter of days. I came across Skin by Ann Webb, an aesthetician developed paraben, phthalate and cruelty free brand. This illuminating serum has many proven skin brightening and dark spot reducing ingredients along with some antioxidants. It is more like a liquid than a serum and absorbs within seconds. It has an acidic Ph and ingredients like amla(gooseberry), licorice, grape, turmeric and peptides among other ingredients. I love to layer it under my moisturiser and it ticks all the requirements for a good brightening, anti-ageing and antioxidant rich treatment which is very important during the day time especially when spending more time outdoors.

Estee Lauder Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15


This brand doesn’t need any introduction and neither does this product, but if you have normal skin and love luxury skincare then you must give this light cream a try. I didn’t feel using it during summers was a good decision as within two hours my skin used to feel sticky which was not comfortable. But, now as winters are approaching, my skin has started to adjust with the consistency of this product. Although it looks very light, the ingredients does provide enough moisturisation and multiple antioxidant protection. Like most other Estee Lauder skincare products that I have used, this cream is formulated with tons of antioxidant ingredients. With a good UVA and UVB factor this cream works well as a sunscreen when being indoors. I either use freshly washed hands or a tiny spatula so there is no contamination and immediately close the lid to reduce the degradation of the air sensitising ingredients. This cream works well under makeup as a good moisturising base so if you do not suffer from enlarged pores then you can totally skip a primer.

Innisfree Perfect UV Protection Cream SPF 50+ PA++++


I normally use physical sunscreens but for winters I like creamier formula so this high factor chemical sunscreen with sunflower and turmeric extracts works really well without making my skin excessively greasy. Previously I was using clinique sunscreen but I like many Innisfree products so tried this cream sunscreen and it is perfect. There is sufficient UVA and UVB protection and it is mineral oil and artificial fragrance free as well. Antioxidant and skin repairing and soothing ingredients like green tea, gotu kala(centella asiatica) and portulaca oleracea are also an added benefit in this multitasking sunscreen. I cover my entire face, ears, neck and décolletage about 30 minutes before going outdoors. A high sun protection is very crucial for many reasons mainly photo ageing and skin cancer and I request everyone of you to not be a lazy potato and always include this step no matter if you have hardly five seconds.

Greenberry Organic’s Herbalism Soothing Gel Mask

Multitasking My Holiday Skincare Routine

Is there a skincare routine that will be complete without a mask? Certainly not! My skin shows it’s first signs of inflammation whether it is hormonal, environmental or just general stress through redness and dry dull appearance. I have been using this mask based on Ayurvedic remedies and ingredients for few weeks and also shared a lot more about it here. I am going to be using it in four ways, multitasking as it’s best. To be honest I don’t really want to carry a box full of masks and end up using only two or three just because I took them and I feel obliged to use to keep myself away from guilt.
This is a glycerin and aloe vera based mask with many other herbs proven to provide comfort and soothing effect on all skin types. Firstly, I will be using it as a regular gel mask and wash it off after 20 minutes. Secondly, I will combine it’s anti inflammatory benefits with a homemade deep cleansing powder based concoction to give my skin a detox action. Also, I will slather a really thick layer mixed in 4-5 drops of argan oil if my skin is in need of deep nourishment and leave for a couple of hours. And, lastly, I will slather 2 tablespoons of it on my scalp with castor oil which also needs bit of TLC during colder months.
(Both the above mentioned oils are readily available everywhere so I won’t be taking those with me).

This is my multitasking holiday skin care routine and thank you for reading! You may be wondering why I haven’t shared my makeup remover in this post. That shall be needed only if I am wearing any makeup so I plan to keep it in that category. How do you pack your travel skincare and what strategies do you apply to avoid burdening yourself from luggage space and weight issues? Please comment below and follow if you like my posts.

Good Luck.xoxo

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