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Have you guys noticed that frequent changes in the weather can lead to unexpected breakouts and dry flakey patches around the mouth and eye area? You may or may not be having an actually breakout prone skin or suffering from weird dry patches, but constant rise and drops in temperatures, rain showers, dry winds can have a significant effect on our skin.

My skin can be very unpredictable, it is oily at times, feels dehydrated, constantly flushed around my cheeks, my eye area seems dull and all these effects can be from external factors even if you lead a healthy lifestyle with balanced diet.
Face masks can be very helpful for instant radiance, detoxification or soothing irritated skin.
Recently I ran an Insta Poll on whether or not I should share the masks I am using currently. The response was 100% and that got me thinking, there are way too many people who understand the importance of face masks and a professional point of view would be very helpful.

There is always a stash of face masks stocked up for personal or review purposes but today am going to talk about those that are being used consistently since the past few weeks.


Let’s start with one of the most popular drugstore masks currently;

L’ORÈAL Pure Clay Purity Mask

L’ORÉAL Pure Clay Purity Mask

L’ORÉAL came up with three clay based masks few months ago and they have been talked about quite a lot in social media since the launch. I did not want to go with charcoal based one as I have a few with that as primary ingredient and the pink was out of stock so purchased the green one. This one retails for 12.99USD/7.99GBP/850INR and comes in a 50ml glass jar.
This mask is mainly composed of clays with different mineral compositions, hence the variation in their effects on the skin. Kaolin is one of widely used clays for making cosmetics, skincare and body care products. Like any other clay it boasts oil absorbing properties, it is good for use on every skin type. Montmorillonite is many times referred to as bentonite and they have significant similarities but since the brand has mentioned the former, let’s stick to it. This type of clay is very high in sebum absorption properties and can provide slight bleaching effects. Ghassoul clay is from Morocco also known as Rhassoul clay and is more used in natural and organic products. Along with the clays this mask also has glycerin, lecithin and eucalyptus oil which has stimulating and astringent properties. They have also added rice starch which is again a good ingredient for oily skin.
Moving onto what the mask claims and how it works. The brand suggests using it 2-3 times a week but honestly speaking, it can be bit too much. Although bentonite is very good for excessively oily skin, using it along with other clays can actually make the skin dry if used consistently. I have only used it once a week and every time I wash it off, my skin feels uncomfortably stretchy. If you are using other oil control or chemically exfoliating products and have combination skin type, I would suggest skipping this mask and using something else instead. The results of this mask reminds me of the days when I was 17-18 and suffered from hormonal oily skin and I used to enjoy using bentonite and fuller’s earth based masks. Another thing that put me off is the presence of Methylparaben.
Being said that, there is never an itchy feel which happens when my skin is stripped. I don’t notice any dry flakes or redness or tingly feel for that matter. Just that, my skin can manage without this mask.
If you suffer from over productive sebaceous glands and need a mask to pull off all that gunk and give you squeaky squeaky skin then this mask will help you.

Pure bubbles soapery blackout face gel pack
Pure Bubbles Soapery Blackout Face Gel Pack

Pure Bubbles Soapery(previously known as Pure Suds) Blackout Face Gel Mask

This face mask is from an Indian brand that believes in using plant based biodegradable ingredients in all of their products. I am using quite a few of their products and have also gifted to the loved ones. Blackout mask is simply a charcoal based gel mask. It is very budget friendly at 300INR/4.6USD/3.4GBP for 90gms. It is infused with hydrosols of tea tree and lavender. This product is free of parabens, phtlates, sls, dye and artificial fragrances and it’s always a great feeling when you find a “clean product” that works for you. And, this one certainly does! I am not biased towards any type of skincare but I like to keep a check on the ingredients in the products I am using long term.
Since charcoal has very high absorbent and detoxifying properties, when included in drying masks it can tend to absorb natural oils required by the skin. I was quite fascinated by the formula and immediately bought it. When I used it the first time, my face was literally going through hot flashes and the brand mentions there will be slight tingling sensation. But, if you have an #actualsensitiveskin (I am using the hashtag because these days everyone says they have sensitive skin even though their skin practically tolerates every other product) like mine then your face will be on fire for few minutes until everything cools down. This mask doesn’t however leave my skin flushed or dried out and I practically use it at least two times a week. But, if you have a very sensitised skin barrier, fortunately I don’t(always flushed, itching and burning sensation) then a patch test will be your best option. Even though it is a gel, after 15 minutes or so it dries out and when washing it off you see will the mask comes out as black tiny flecks.
As I have never suffered from bad after effects, I try to sit under a fan or closer to air conditioner until the stimulation subsides and every time I use it, my skin looks clearer and those tiny inflamed spots dry out.
I love this mask and have gifted to people so there is no doubt I wouldn’t repurchase it. It’s like your last minute instant fix mask.

The body shop amazonian acai energizing radiance mask
The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask

The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask

Ohk, this mask doesn’t need any introduction and coming from a world renowned brand, I can barely explain something you wouldn’t already know. In my attempts to give you little more information that are not aware of or a personal review to know if you need this in your life, let’s begin!
It’s quite rare that I truly get attached to clay masks other than my favourites, so I experiment more with gel masks as a safe bet. Acai radiance mask that retails for 1995INR/32USD/17GBP for 75ml, is from the range of vegan face masks launched by The Body Shop. It is meant to brighten dull and fatigued skin. The concerning ingredients are luffa cylindrica which is a vegetable and it’s extracts are high in Vitamin C and B including others. Argan shell powder is used as an exfoliating agent and two nutrient rich oils like babbasu and brazil nut converted into a lovely almost jam like colour by addition of Acai powder, one pf highest antioxidant ingredients.
If you are following me since a while now, you know this mask has been featured lots of times. I keep repurchasing it because it is one of those worry free instant brightening masks. I use it a lot during those days of the month and when I am having allergies.
My skin turns into this dull greyish hopeless self and this mask does help a lot. You can notice the brightening effect and feel your skin refreshed from the first use. Don’t expect lightening of spots or dark circles by any chance and there will definitely not be any moisturisation factor while using this mask. It contains oils but in very low amounts so if you have dry skin then this mask is not for you. You can multimask it with a moisturising one and get bright softer plumper looking skin. The argan shell powder can be little harsh on highly active acne or irritated skin while removing the mask but nothing too dramatic. For the claims, this mask does live up to the expectations but I also wish it had some more effective ingredients.

Greenberry organics herbalism soothing gel mask
Greenberry Organics Herbalism Soothing Gel Mask

Greenberry Organics Herbalism Soothing Gel Mask 

GreenBerry Organics is a skincare brand indigenous to India as of now. As the name suggests, this is also a gel mask. Greenberry Organics uses Ayurveda as a source to formulate completely natural and vegan skincare. The word soothing is used because of the ingredients that can help calm inflammation from daily pollutants, stress and unhealthy lifestyle.
The use of preservatives is also carefully done so you are not wrapped in a cloud of lies that you are using natural products but with possibly harmful preservatives. Although there is rose water and chandan(sandalwood) you will hardly be able to smell any of that. This mask smells very herbal like but not bitter or offensive and the scent changes a little after few minutes once you have it on. There are some really skin loving ingredients like turmeric, chamomile, calendula, aloe vera and neem which help calm redness, lighten dark spots, swelling, sun rash and also provide antibacterial benefits so someone with a sensitive acne prone skin can use this mask regularly without the worries of breaking out or their skin getting drier. I tend to get redness around my inner cheek area that feels bit sore to touch and tiny inflamed spots due to excessive stress. Whenever I have used this mask, the redness is substantially reduced and the spots dry out faster. This mask does hydrate well and never dries out completely, even if you wash it after 1/2 hour, it will be slightly damp and forms a film on the skin which is not hard to take off.
This mask is very affordable at 625INR/9.8USD/7GBP(on sale right now so available at much lower price) for a HUGE 100gms tub and doesn’t have ingredients that could interfere negatively with any skin type so it is a must if you can get your hands on it.


So there you have it guys! I hope you did enjoy reading this post and if you did please follow and share so others can benefit too.

Thank you all for reading..Good Luck..xoxo


  1. I’ve started looking forward to your articles!! ♥♥
    I will definitely try the Pure Sud’s mask as I’m really struggling with dull skin nowadays.

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing these products with us.. I haven’t tried even a single one from these but since you have recommended them, I’ll definitely purchase them..

    I am completely new to Pure Bubbles Soapery Blackout Face Gel Mask, so I’ll be trying that soon..

    The mini reviews were detailed in themselves… Another page bookmarked 😇❤

    1. Hahaha..Yeah, I start with a small description then end up writing the whole thing…I feel incomplete if the information isn’t fully disclosed.. Thank you so much huni! Do let me know how you feel once you try it out😚😚

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