Fresh Face Glam Makeup Look

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I have had quite a few festivities and family events to attend as of lately and wanted to master a look that is neither too fancy schmancy nor extremely subtle which I go for most of the time. If I am attending an outdoor event during summers, I am pretty sure the grease and sweat will make the makeup look too patchy and that can not be fixed for sure. Going with too many bolder colours can not only make the melted makeup look more prominent, even the mascaras start to smear everywhere. To avoid such circumstances if any, I decided a more natural look with hints of glam here and there.


This is the look I came up with. I can easily add some glitter on my eyes or add pop of colour on my lips if needed and I am party ready! I am biased towards fresh face kind of makeup looks and this is my version of fresh glam makeup look!
If you want to recreate the exact same look then please keep reading further.


For the eyes:
Always, always start your face makeup after doing the eyes. I learned this the hard way and ended up with glittery face throughout the party I apply Estee Lauder Synchronised Eye Cream and let it absorb well before applying just a dot of Smashbox Foundation Primer on each eye lid. I also dab a concealor from Maybelline which I use on my face as well.
Using my base colour from Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte 32 Eyeshadow Palette I go over entire eye lid and little above my crease. I repeat this twice until I get desired pigmentation and blend it well making sure the edges are clean, you can use a tape if you wish.
Using the charcoal colour from the same palette I made a V on the outer corner of my eyes going slightly inwards but not more than 20% of the lid.
Using the bronze copper colour from Swiss Beauty Cosmetics 02 Blush Palette I apply it on my lid starting from inner corners towards outer and covering 3/4 of my lid. Now you will be left with copper glitter shade and charcoal colour side by side. Using a small brush gently fuse the line where both of the shades meet so the edges don’t look very harsh.
Using the lightest pink and highlight shade from the same palette highlight your inner corner and brow bone. You are going to need this palette later so don’t put it away. I mix the same copper shade with a dark brown colour from MakeupRevolution palette and apply it on lower lash line starting from outer corner going inwards covering 3/4 of the lash line. For the inner corner I use the lightest shade from Swiss Beauty Cosmetics and highlight the area and also fusing it on lower lash line with the copper brown shade.
For my eyeliner, Lakme Absolute in Black is perfect pick. It allows for thin to thick lines and precise winged look, plus it is washable so I don’t have to rub my eyes while taking makeup off.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Fresh Face Glam Makeup Look


Swiss Beauty Cosmetics Blusher Palette 02
Fresh Face Glam Makeup Look

Mascaras are the best part of makeup for me and I have tried many drugstore and high end versions. For a while now, I am hooked onto Maybelline Lash Sensational Washable Mascara for length and separation, for intense black lashes and volume Estee Lauder Sumptuous Volume Mascara is the best.

Full Face Fresh Glam Makeup Look

For the base:
I prep my skin with Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Gel and prime it with Smashbox Foundation Primer. This primer is the best I have tried, never balls up or melts while sweating. I have worn this primer under my makeup for 10 hours precisely and trust me or trust the brand’s claim, your makeup will not budge at all. I have partied, sweated(TMI?), ran from one event to another on the same day and the only thing I could see different at the end of the day was my face that looked very oily but makeup was perfectly intact.

As always my concealor is still Sand Sable from Maybelline Fit Me and I mix it with Junaili Apricot Face Oil . I use my concealor around my eyes and on some spots or blemishes as well. For a bb cream like effect, mix two drops of light weight face oil along with the concealor and apply it all over the face for sheer finish.


For the face:
I like to go for subtle contouring because it adds definition and enhances the features well. Too much and you end up loosing the delicate look that you are trying to achieve.
I am still using Maybelline V Face Blush Contour Palette in Peach and if you have fair to light medium skin, this contour shade is perfect without looking ghastly. Using a clean eyeshadow brush, draw two straight lines vertically on your nose and make a diamond on the tip of your nose also called as dorsum.
Make a fish face and using a contour or tapered brush draw a line on the hollows of your cheeks or draw a 3 following the angles of your face if you like bit of contouring action on the sides of your forehead and jaw line(I skip this 99% of the time since I have an oval face).

Fresh Face Glam Makeup Look

Now, using the same blush palette from Swiss Beauty Cosmetics in 02 swirl a blusher blush over the three above shades, be gentle because the shades are really pigmented. This is also going to work as a highlighter as the shades have lot of sheen and give out purple-pink highlights.


For the lips:
Even if I am using a cream lipstick, applying lip balm is mandatory in my beauty book. Make sure to use a lip balm every time you wash your face if you are a constant lipstick wearer. My go to is Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil or Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask for quick smoothening effect. I needed a reddish pink colour without going too bold so I used two liquid lipsticks.


For the base I used The Body Shop Windsor Rose. It is a beautiful beige nude colour which works really well for my skin tone. For the added pop I dotted Fire Red shade from Swiss Beauty Cosmetics and blended it in.
To finish the lip I highlighted the cupids bow using the same white highlighter from Swiss Beauty Cosmetics.


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  1. Great post and amazing use of products, reflecting your high knowledge and professionalism. I love the combined effect an you managed to style them for the incredible look. Just a note about Estee Lauder Sumptuous when used it with my ex owner it used to make her eyes water so much and it was flaking leaving bottom lashes with no mascara and eyes looking bad. love your look and amazing style Mz Shehenaz!!

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