Tried and Test Products of the Month-September

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post!

It’s been few months since I posted a comprehensive review of products that are being tested and used more often currently.
I had been wanting to do one for few weeks now so I am finally here going to share all the details good or bad so you can make a wise decision before jumping into the silt of beauty industry.

Without further rambling let’s dig in to Tried and Tested Products of the Month-September!

Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity Face Wash-12USD/8GBP/1000-1300INR(customs may be applied)

Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity Face Wash

Everyone knows about this brand that originates from the land of the world famous Royals. With it’s catchy tag lines and girly packaging, Soap and Glory has always been a favourite for their affordable and lush bath and body products. I have tried only a few from their skincare line and I like some while I would keep away from the others.
This face wash however is a bargain or should I say a drugstore steal?
I am the kind of girl who loves the foaming of my face washes. But, It is very important for the skin’s acid mantle that we choose cleansers with milder surfactants.
The surfactants(ingredients that help create lather) in this face wash are very gentle as opposed to as the ones used in some of the most popular cleansers out there. So I always get a clean refreshed skin without feeling dry or stretchy. The consistency of this gel is quite similar to the Yves Rocher Hydra Vegetal Cleanser. It’s not runny and doesn’t create excessive lather which is good but cleanses really well. The beads in this cleanser are solely for aesthetic purpose and won’t hurt the skin at all. My skin feels hydrated afterwards and remains oil free for many hours. The presence of Yuzu isn’t used in the amounts that could benefit the skin and I will be honest here, this product is mostly a simple hydrating cleanser. It does have glycerin as one of primary ingredients but few others are towards the end of the list. Also, if you wear full face of makeup then you will need a good oil cleanse beforehand. Guessing from the name, I expected it to smell citrusy but it is more minty but fresh. At the price of for a gigantic 350ml bottle, I think every budget buyer who doesn’t mind double cleansing should consider this face cleansing gel.
It can be used by everyone except for someone with very sensitive skin, dry flakey skin that itches and excessively oily skin.

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream-24USD/16GBP/1695INR

The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Day Cream
Tried and Tested Products of the Month

There was a sale going on when I decided to purchase this cream. I have never tried any product from Nutriganics but the ingredients attracted me the most(and the 50% off sale,you know!). Turns out it was an impulse buy but, not a failed one! This cream is loaded with moisturising ingredients, great pump packaging, lovely thyme and lavender scent that is not at all overwhelming. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, vitamin E , shea butter, babassu are some of the highly moisturising ingredients with some antioxidant properties as well. There are also few plant extracts so all in all this is a good moisturiser for someone with dry skin between 20-40. Women in their thirties must include peptides, retinol, high amounts of vitamin C with good suitable moisturiser so, Nutriganics day cream can be used as a step after more concentrated products. I am not using this cream on my face everyday because I do suffer from pore clogging issues. So, I have been testing it mostly on my neck and décolletage area that stays moisturised without the greasy feel for at least 12 hours. Someone with younger skin that is dry will find this cream moisturising enough to skip a night cream or oils. Although it is not very greasy, the ingredients are very rich and so many of them that can feel heavy on the skin when it’s warmer because there are lots of sebaceous and sweat glands on the face as opposed to neck area where most people have normal to dry skin like myself. This is the reason I myself will not use this cream on my face that often.
I would suggest skipping this moisturiser during summers except by those who have very dry skin.

SKINFOOD Black Raspberry Eye Cream For Face-15USD/11GBP/980INR (prices may vary)

SkinFood Black Raspberry Eyecream For Face

Korean skincare have the funkiest packaging and hi tech ingredients all in a very affordable product. Sometimes, their names are bit confusing like this eye cream here. It is indeed an eye cream but the brand suggests using it on the face and neck as well. I don’t think there is anything wrong in that, in fact I suggest using face creams around the eye area as well if there aren’t ingredients that would sensitise the eye area.
This raspberry eye cream has 5% black raspberry extract which is one of highest antioxidant ingredients. It comes out as thick white cream but instantly blends without any stickiness. The fragrance is somewhat herbal like with hint of cypress but it is very different to all the products I have used so far and yet I am fascinated by it.
The other notable ingredients are argenine, adenosine, mango butter, niacinamide, vitamin E and peptides but in very low amounts and these ingredients together can help with uneven skin texture, nourishment, brightening effect and delayingthe signs of ageing.There are also some ancient Chinese herbs and plant extracts which makes this eye cream mostly suitable for someone between 20-40 if there aren’t deeper wrinkles, sagging or dark circles.
I have started layering my eye creams and I love the texture, consistency and the skin around my eye feels and looks healthier so far. Due to allergies I suffer from dryness that looks like slight wrinkles around the inner corner of my eyes which seems to have improved a lot since using this cream. I don’t have too many other issues as of now so a cream like this is good enough to provide antioxidants, moisturisation, hydration and preventative benefits.

Tvakh Activated Charcoal Oil Control Face Scrub- 7USD/5GBP/425INR

Clinique Supercharge Concentrate, Tvakh Charcoal Facial Scrub

Tvakh Activated Charcoal Face Scrub is actually a cleanser meant for combination to oily skin types. Tvakh is an Indian natural skincare brand that combines nature and clinically proven ingredients to bring result driven products at an affrodable rate. As a beauty blogger, it is obvious to receive PR stuff and also discounts with goodies. I got this as a sample among others which I will be discussing in my future posts. Fir starters, I literally believed this is a scrub until my face started foaming up. It was this one night when I was extremely exhausted to think straight and I was massaging my face with this gel with my eyes closed and expecting a chemical exfoliation with charcoal detoxifying like action to happen. I hadn’t even read the ingredients so it took me by surprise. Why would a brand supposedly think a name like this would sound more exciting than just detoxifying facial wash?

Anyways, I quite like the feel of my skin post wash. The charcoal beads break down and get activated when massaging on wet skin. This cleanser does give that bright clean look afterwards. There are many crucial ingredients to consider like glycerin, calendula, amla(indian gooseberry), licorice, aloe vera, orange peel which by the way doesn’t cause any sensitivities. For sulphate free cleanser lovers, this is a great option to try out. I noticed that even though it is suggested for use by oilier complexions, someone with normal to slightly dry aceniec skin can easily use it without any discomfort because it is not stripping at all. This is not a scrub by any means so you can use it nightly as your second cleanse for deeply cleansed skin.

Clinique Supercharged Concentrate- 39USD/34GBP/3100INR

I have been a fan of Clinique for years but never liked their clarifying lotions. I find the formula as very strong for my skin and the high percentage of alcohol stings my face a lot. If you haven’t tried Clinique but wish to then I will suggest going with their serums and face creams.
Talking about serums, there is a new one on the block which looks absolutely pretty and irresistible. Although I trust Clinique the name supercharged concentrate made me think that it may be little heavy on my skin. I wanted to try the product anyway so I went ahead and bought some samples.
Firstly, the tiny bubbles and the packaging of full sized bottle makes this product a must buy for women who go by packaging, always!
This serum or hydrating gel is fragrance free like all other Clinique products and also has some common but effective ingredients. In terms of providing ample moisturisation without the oils, this product gets a thumbs up. It has glycerin, sucrose, urea, cholestrol, algae, caffeine all formulated with penetrating ingredients which gives lasting supple glow and soft skin for an entire day. Caffeine is an ingredient I love because it is stimulating, full of antioxidants and works with other ingredients to improve the texture of the skin. I just enjoy the emulsifying of the beads when I massage the gel on my skin. This may not be the same for people with dry skin or very oily skin. I myself wouldn’t use it during summers unless I am in a place that is not as humid as it cam feel bit stick after mild sweating.
Supercharged concentrate is not claimed to reverse ageing or help with some significant skin condition or requirement but will definitely do what it says. I have used three of the sample sizes and never broke out or felt like it is making my skin greasy.
I highly recommend someone with normal to slightly dry or slightly oily skin to use this as their day time moisturiser.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lipstick-Ruby Ripple-9USD/10GBP/1500INR

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lipstick-Ruby Ripple
Tried and Tested Products of the Month-September

If you love natural makeup with skincare benefits then you will love this creamy lipstick.
I do not specifically buy only natural beauty products but I wanted to own one lipstick that could do it all, and this one really does it all!!
It is 100% natural, gives full coverage in two swipes even on pigmented lips, comes in a great variety of colours and comes in a cute packaging. Not to mention, it has won an Allure award as well. I also added it to my weekend makeup bag.
It is formulated with castor oil, sunflower seed oil, soya bean oil, beeswax, lanolin all of which are very nourishing and healing especially if you suffer from dry cracked lips. As you can see from the ingredients vegans may have a problem with it. This lipstick also has moringa and raspberry which are very good antioxidants.
I got the shade Ruby Ripple, a pinkish red colour that can also be used as a cream blush.
I think one can easily skip lip balm because this product is very moisturising. But, there are some downsides as well such as very less lasting power. Even without meals in a couple of hours this lipstick will completely vanish from your lips. Also, the bullet gets soft and delicate to the extent it may break in warmer and humid months. By humid I mean 80-90% humidity.
I feel you should buy this lipstick for it’s nourishing benefits with great shade options and not for it’s lasting capabilities. Regardless, this is my everyday product because I use it as a lipstick and a blush which instantly lits up my face and gives me natural rosy look. I will definitely reach out for something substantial for dining out or at work.

L’Oréal Professional Pro Fiber Restore Shampoo- 30USD/10GBP/1200INR

LOreal Professional Pro Fiber Restore Shampoo
Coming to the end of today’s post with a haircare product!
For so many months my hair has been loving Shikai and BedHead by TIGI products. But, there is this bug inside me that scratches every few months greedily asking for new goodies.
With the weather being warmer on some days and raining on the other, my hair needed bit more moisture than my Shikai shampoo could provide. I am only talking about my hair ends here.
My hair being the combination type, I mostly use two shampoos and there is nothing wrong in it nor I am being wasteful, trust me, I use every last drop of my shampoo before moving on to a new bottle.
L’Orèal’s Restore shampoo was resting peacefully on the shelves at my local hairdressers. There are three variants and after 5-6 minutes of brief discussion with my hair stylist, I went with this blue one. The other variants come in a purple and pink bottles. Purple range is for very damaged, coarse and excessively styled and chemically treated hair while the pink one is for fine to medium damaged hair.
All the three ranges are for hair that has been damaged from heating and colouring. But, I am naturally born with coarse dry damaged looking hair towards my ends.
This blue one works on the cuticle and cortex of the hair and I have been using it for more than a month now. It has a fragrance that I find bit synthetic and sweet which I am not a fan of.
The shampoo is white in colour and creates soft average lather but the results are so quick that my hair felt much softer and calm with only one use. I did not use any different product around it so I know the positive results are coming from the addition of this shampoo.
My hair doesn’t look and feel as coarse, has a lovely healthy shine to it and doesn’t tangle as much. However, I can’t use this shampoo everytime I wash my hair because after four consecutive uses I started to notice buildup which was weighing my hair down. My lengths felt greasy to touch as well. So I am now alternating this L’Oréal shampoo with the Shikai tea tree one and my hair is healthier, softer to touch and doesn’t look flat as well. If you are someone with long hair, you know how difficult it is to find haircare products that keep your lengths soft without the feeling of having 10 more kgs added to your head.

These were my tried and tested products of this month that is September and I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I loved writing it!

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