COLOURPOP Matte Obsession | FIRST DATE- Review And Swatches

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ColourPop-One of the mid priced brands that took the makeup world by storm as soon as it was initiated. I remember watching some youtube videos when the bloggers were unboxing their PR mail and there were tons of bright eyeshadow monos and lip liners from ColourPop. I did not realise those cute white pots and lip pencils could become highly popular not only as a brand but providing budget buyers many dupes, especially in their lip colour ranges. Every range has onething in common. Marvelous pigmentation, whether it is a lipstick or highlighter.

It took me three years to finally cave in and explore the brand to understand what is all the hype about. Today, I will be talking about their First Date Collection.

For a flawless application and smooth finish, I highly recommend using a lip treatment and this luxurious mask is my favourite.



If you are a lover of intense matte lipsticks with highest pigmentation quality in one swipe then please read further.

About the lipsticks from the brand:

The boldest formula of our liquid lipsticks – This thin, lightweight formula smoothly glides on the lips leaving SUPER intense pigment in one swipe with a bold, ultra-matte look. It is very long-wearing and 100% kiss-proof AKA no transferring!

What is in the First Date Collection:

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks-First Date Collection


Five ultra matte lipsticks in mini size

Bumble- Warm Rose

Viper- True Dusty Rose

Fresh Cut- True Blue Pink

More Better-Deep Wine

Sunday-Soft Terracotta

How to use:
Exfoliation is not necessary if you moisturise your lips twice a day.
Start with clean moisturised lips and start from the inner corner of the lips and go outwards. Don’t go over the same area more than once or it will definitely feel heavy once lipstick dries out. While the lipsticks are setting do not move your lips a lot or else they will start to crack and look flakey. The consistency is thick enough to make it harder when trying to fix with a top layer. I recommend applying only one layer for an even flake free and light weight finish. Let the lipstick dry well. Once set, they won’t budge for an entire day. However, there is an exception with “More Better”. When having warm meals, I noticed the lipstick transferring on the spoon significantly. My lips did not look patchy but it certainly was embarrassing.

The Review:
ColourPop has done remarkably in formulating their products. I agree with their description of ultra matte lipsticks and you will too once you try those. These are insanely matte, extremely deep pigmented and completely transfer proof. Priced at 18USD/14GBP/1200INR these are quite a steal. If you live in countries where the custom charges are high then do expect to pay more than only currency exchange prices.
The mini or travel size ones come in a 0.64g/0.64ml clear plastic bottle. The applicator is dome shaped and quite sturdy for easy application. There are a total of five ultra matte lipsticks and all the shades are either warm or cool pinks. The shades range from light blue pinks to extremely deep wine colour. The ingredient list is pretty basic but works excellently for a good matte lipstick. There aren’t any skin benefitting ingredients nor an inbuilt sunscreen so I recommend applying a lip balm with hydrating and anti oxidant rich ingredients with an SPF of 35 or above providing both UVA and UVB protection.

There are certain things I have noticed and want you to know. Every shade looks lighter in tube than on the lips or in swatches. This makes it difficult to make the purchase before going through the lip swatches on the website or the ones shared by other bloggers. And this is the case with ultra satin lipsticks too. I have used Frick N Frack and it looks way darker on me than in the bottle. The darker shades look more intense after few hours.
I have been using them for few weeks now and got to understand the formulation and how it works a little better. The formula is of a watery liquid lipstick that clings to the surface wherever applied and forms a concrete like layer that is difficult to remove.
Even the most efficient of makeup removers have to work harder. The shade “More Better” leaves a stain even after cleansing first with oil and then bi phased micellar water. So, I suggest using an oil to massage on the dry lips until the formula starts to melt. I am warning you there will be some staining from “More Better”. Soak a cotton pad with bi phased makeup remover and swipe from “outer to inner corners” of the lips. If you do it the opposite way then expect yourself to look like a clown.
If you have dry lips then these lippies will make the lip lines and chapped skin more visible. It will be even more difficult while getting the stain off from flakey bits of the skin. So, an exfoliation on dry lips followed with a warm wash cloth is a must.

An another down side is if you apply a thick layer then the darker shades will look patchy and heavy. I don’t feel a lip liner or primer is necessary if you start with a good lip balm.

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The Swatches: Natural lighting was playing games with me so pardon the difference in my face.

ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick- Fresh Cut

Fresh Cut is a blue pink that can look ashy on darker skintones. It is a great shade to wear in Spring and gives a nice girly touch to the whole look.


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipsticks-Sunday

Sunday is a soft warm peachy pink colour that actually looks brighter when applied. It is a great shade for everyone especially people with yellow undertones who have fair to medium skintone.


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick-Bumble

My favourite shade among the five because it lifts up my skin and makes it look lively. This shade looks pinkish red on application and I love red shades with pink undertones as they don’t look as flashy. I think this is a great shade for mature women as well and professionals in fashion and beauty industry.


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick-Viper

This one again is blue toned rose shade that is slighlty towards purple end. I am very new to such shades so it is definitely something I won’t be wearing as much as Sunday and Bumble. I think this is an awesome colour for cool toned fair to medium skin tones.


ColourPop Ultra Matte Lipstick-More Better

The lip colour I may seem to have criticised throughout my post. If you love lipsticks that stain even after double cleansing then you are in for a treat. I love the colour a lot. It is wine but not towards maroon or purple. This is a great pick for night outs and will suit everyone except very pale skintones.

Concluding my post here, I feel these lipsticks a worth buying because all the negative sides of these can be easily altered. The shades serve people with both warm and cool undertones. Viper can look strange on deeper warm skintones and Fresh Cut may not suit on people with darker skintones.

The best shade is handsdown the warm reddish- brownish pink shade-Bumble. Any skintone or undertone except very pale can easily carry this shade without looking over the top. 

Have you tried these lipsticks? What are your thoughts on this?

Thank you all for reading and supporting me.Good Luck..xoxo


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