Ryaal USA- Aromatherapy At It’s Best| Uplift The Senses With DIYs

In today’s world where everyday a new makeup line is launched, k-beauty is at it’s peak, skincare enthusiasts layer their skin with hundreds of products at a time, aromatherapy still stands securely at a position that can never be taken.
I am not an expert in aromatherapy by any means, but I am aware it is much more than just essential oils. This kind of alternative medicine/therapy is mostly used for psychological wellness. Practiced in so many countries worldwide, I am confident you know about it as well.
I have been using the steam distillates and essential oils for helping to improve my mental wellbeing. My facial skin is not very receptacle to most essential oils and I use them very carefully. On the contrary, inhaling different combinations through diffusers, in bath oils and diys I can assure that if you suffer from ups and downs or just stressors that affect the way you think and feel psychologically, using essential oils can make a huge difference. There are several occasions when a hot water soak along with aromatic blends have calmed me down, made me feel less stressful and most importantly think straight.

The Review:


I have never specifically talked about a brand that makes essential oils but there is always an exception because of few other qualities that make them stand apart from the other brands.
I am referring to Ryaal(r-yaal) a cold pressed and essential oils based company founded in USA and now is creating quite a buzz among the similar brands and social media for their quality and affordable prices. Ryaal offers GMP certified cold pressed carrier oils and therapeutic grade essential oils at an extremely affordable value for the superior quality and attractive packaging. All the oils are housed in dark blue cobalt glass bottles and come with extra droppers. I chose to go with tea tree, lemongrass and eucalyptus essential oils. Ryaal sources it’s oil from different regions around the world and it was great to know that my oils are sourced from Southern India and Australia.
I always talk about my love for essential oils and the uplifting, relaxing, soothing and energising properties they yield and once you get hooked, I assure you there is no turning back.
I have been using all the three for different purposes and have notice many but one major difference than my previous experience with other brands. For the price these oils are quite potent. A little goes a long way, I mean it!

I am more than excited to try other products from their range!
Read more to know some of the ways I am currently using Ryaal USA products.

This is not the first time I will be sharing DIY recipes and all of my recipes are either based on sense of smell or skincare benefit. I don’t think diys should be limited to adding colours(food grade or not) or making only visually appealing products. It is much more and in fact an easy way to add a bit of therapy in your free time. The process of making these recipes is equally soothing and therapeutic as using the finished products. I recommend every single person to try and involve these in your life. Everyone is busy in life but it is only few minutes and you can rather use it for yourself rather than looking up the latest product launch on Instagram.


Decongesting Shower Vapour Melts

Decongesting Shower Vapour Melts

You might wonder what I am talking about, but the term simply means cubes or different shapes made from baking soda and/or second ingredient-cornstarch/citric acid infused with concentrated essential oils that when melted under the hot shower, release relaxing scents and uplift the mind. Everyone will love these and I guarantee that!
The combination of oils used in this diy is mostly for those who suffer from congestion(not on the skin but sinus congestions) and allergies. In my opinion, these shower melts are best to use in the morning by everyone(even the ones who doesn’t have any sinus or allergy problems) as the scents are very uplifting and mood enhancing.


1 cup of baking soda
1/2 cup of cornstarch
1 tbsp of dried lavender flowers
10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
7 drops of of peppermint essential oil
8 drops of lemon essential oil
6 drops of lemongrass essential oil
7 drops of tea tree essential oil

How to:

In a large dry bowl, combine baking soda and cornstarch making sure to break all the lumps. Add all the essential oils gradually and stir in between so the fragrance is distributed evenly.
Once everything is well combined, add water, start with a tbsp until you notice small lumps. I stopped at 3 1/2 tbsps so the mixture doesn’t turn into liquid like.
I added dried lavender flowers to the mixture as well as at the base of each mould. You can skip or use it, as you prefer. But, the lavender flowers do bring an added soothing fragrance along with aesthetics. I request using silicone moulds so that you don’t break the tablets while de-moulding. It usually takes between 8 hours to overnight until the tablets are fully dried out. To speeden up the process, I baked them at 150 degree celsius for 10-12 minutes.

Note-If you are baking the shower melts, do allow them to cool on a rack and harden up.

How to use:

While using these shower melts, place one or multiple near the drain and not exactly under the shower or they will melt rather quickly. Depending on the depth of each mould, a tablet should last you one or two showers.

Detoxifying and Calming Bath Salt

Detoxifying and Calming Bath Salt
Detoxifying and Calming Bath Salt

My idea of a bath salt is not related to enjoying the luxuries of spa like experiences at home, it has to do with how a properly blended mixture of bath salts or soaks can ease sore muscles, help to unwind and provide detoxifying properties.
I mentioned the word calming in the title and I deliver with my dried whole chamomile flowers. I am an advocate of chamomile teas as I have noticed tremendous changes in my sleeping habits and overall muscle relaxation and mood swings.
Tea tree is a very effective anti bacterial and anti fungal ingredient and with anti inflammatory properties of the salts and chamomile, you are bound to get both internal and external results. I use lemongrass essential oils in my diys both for it’s citrusy yet astringent fragrance and the antiseptic, insecticidal(great for insect repelling and bug bites), deodorising(bye bye body odour) as well as analgesic(natural pain reliever) benefits.

I will be using two types of salts in a very simple and few ingredient based recipe. For more of my exotic bath soaks visit here and here


1 cup of epsom salt(USP grade)
1/2 cup of himalayan pink salt
1/4 cup of dried chamomile flowers
10 drops of tea tree essential oil
6 drops of lemongrass essential oil

How to:

Combine both epsom and himalayan salts in a large dry bowl. Salts are hygroscopic so make sure you prepare and store them in dry containers. Add the chamomile flowers and essential oils. Combine with a spoon and transfer to a clean air tight container.
Making these bath soaks take hardly a minute but the benefits are endless. I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t want to make these at home.

How to use:

In a bath tub filled with hot water, add two to three spoonfuls and soak for 12-15 minutes. If you are using for soaking just your feet in a bucket, then I suggest adding only one spoon of the salts.

My last recipe of the day is the simplest yet exceptionally good for you in the long run.

Natural Pot Pourri Sachets

If you live under a rock then you may not know what pot pourri is, so let me educate you. Go to a store that sells decorative and fragrance items. Look for packets of hard painted leaves, pine cones, flower petals and similar items. These are labelled as pot pourris. They are mostly artificially scented and the fragrance disappear in a matter of days, even faster if you live in polluted and humid cities. Usually, people buy these for decorative purposes and to make the room smell good, but I don’t and have never felt anything exciting about having them in my home.

Now that I have taught everyone what pot pourri means let’s move on to my natural version.

How many of you like to have a nice clean smelling house? I am sure everyone’s answer is YES!
But, how many of you rely on aerosol sprays to get rid of foul smell? I am sure a lot of you still are saying YES!

For those who said NO, Congratulations and I would love to know how you keep your house smelling good apart from actually keeping it clean.

Natural Pot Pourri Sachets
Natural Pot Pourri Sachets

My sachets not only smell good but are good for the environment as well our respiratory system. Aerosol air fresheners can badly affect our health and people suffering from asthma or other lung related conditions should stay away from them.
You can store them on your bed side table, in your kitchens, refrigerators and also in your drawers.
Go ahead and read the easiest recipe because even a one year old could make these.


dried lavender flowers
dried rose buds
eucalyptus essential oil

For the sachets:

small drawstring mesh bags or used tea bags with ribbon or string
When using a tea bag, take off the string and open the sides of the bag to get a flat cloth like base.

How to:
I use tea bags most of the time so for each one, I add a tbsp of dried lavender flowers, 4-5 dried rose buds and 5 drops of eucalyptus essential oil on the flowers. I like to keep it strong so the scent can be identified even when you are not very close to the sachets.
Bring all the ingredients to the centre and pull up all the sides to form a dumpling or potli like appearance. Twist the edges and tie firmly without tearing the bags.

Store them wherever you like and enjoy the refreshing aroma.

Tip- Make extras and toss some in your travel luggage so your clothes smell good for longer.

I feel very disappointed when some my diys loose their scent rather quickly. For above mentioned recipes, I used Ryaal’s essential oils in my diys today and they are quite potent which makes them my first choice. Not only I need lesser than other essential oils, my bath salts or shower melts and even pot pourri sachets smell freshly made and strong scented even after few days.

I hope you enjoyed the post and will try out the diys at home. Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Thank you all for reading.
Good luck..xoxo

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    1. Thank you doll..I was very happy to sharethese diys..Not everything natural is always safe but it is an awesome way to include nature through aromatherapy..I love it❤️❤️

  1. I loved the recipes you shared. to get the most benefit from soaks you have to add backing soda. Epsom salt alone will not assist in detoxification. I cannot wait to try the recipes shared! I too love essential oils

    1. Thank you! I do use baking soda in my bath salts but they have high exfoliating properties and sometimes I like to skip that when I am looking for relaxation and gentle detoxification..

  2. Yassssss ! This post stole my heart today . I had the feels the entire time . I only recently got into aromatherapy. I wasn’t sold at first until I tried it. I absolutely appreciate the extra mile in research you have done . I learned so much shout out to those bomb images love love love .

    1. This is so good!! I am so happy you liked it..I felt the same way about aromatherapy but it has different branches and one can use it as per their requirements. I hope you do try these diys..They are a part of my life now..lol❤️❤️

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