Route To Relaxation With Dr.Teal’s Epsom Salt Products

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As I am writing this blog post, I am looking through the window and gazing the rain showers while some of my favourite songs are helping me unwind.
There is something about droplets of rain and sunsets that calms me. I don’t need to go an expensive spa and get thousand massages to relax my body and mind.
Growing up I experienced many different things where my mind was put into situations that made me go into an emotional roller coaster ride. There was a phase when I was very irritative and it started affecting the loved ones as I literally had zero patience level. So, I have learnt to deal with causes and how I can manage the problems while not being all over the place.
One thing that always helps me to instantly take me to another end of stress level is hot water showers and bathing products with invigorating scents. I am not a very girly girl when it comes to fragrances and it has been showcased with my perfume choices. There is also another thing very prominently shared is allergies and how certain essential oils have become very close to my heart. But, today I won’t be talking about essential oils or diys, although there will soon be a post on that as well!

Let me share some information on epsom salts and the associated history. Epsom salt was discovered in a spring flowing through a town Epsom in England. It is believed that in 16th century, a farmer and cowherd was passing through this town and made the cows drink water from the spring to which they refused and were resistant. The water tasted bitter and salty. But, the farmer noticed some changes on the skin of the animals who had bathe in this water through reduced inflammation, bruises and mild scrapes. This information started to spread and people flocked from all over England to reap the benefits for their skin ailments. There were many who visited others towns with epsom salt springs to treat gout related swelling.


Today, there are different types of salts used such sea salt, table salt, kosher salt, himalayan pink salt. These are mostly used for cooking as they taste very similar to regular free flowing salt. They all have varied amounts of sodium chloride, the mineral that gives the salt it’s “salty” taste. Table salt is merely sodium chloride but sea salt and himalayan pink salt do contain other minerals in small proportions like potassium, magnesium, calcium and other trace minerals.
On the contrary, epsom salts contain magnesium sulphate, in cosmetic and wellness industries the names magnesium sulphate and epsom salt are used alternately. These salts are not suggested for cooking and they don’t even taste like regular salt because of their different composition.


Epsom salt which has been approved as USP(United States Pharmaceutical) is American certified that assures it’s quality as safe for use both externally and internally. Now, you must be wondering, why epsom salts need to be approved by FDA, that is, Food and Drug Administration that does stringent quality control tests on food and drinks products. Epsom salt was found to be helpful in relieving constipation very soon after it’s discovery. In medical terms, a natural laxative. A USP grade epsom salt is safe to use as a temporary laxative in moderate amounts. This is the only way one should be ingesting magnesium sulphate. I haven’t tried and never felt the need to experience the effects myself by drinking this salt in water. If you wish to intake epsom salt, buy only USP grade 100% magnesium sulphate. But, soaking in a hot water tub with epsom salt and essential oils gives me feeling of instant gratification and being tranquil concurrently.

Benefits of epsom salt.
There is a lot of information on how magnesium sulphate can indeed work wonders for your body and treat certain conditions. As these benefits are not backed by true scientific research and published evidence, I take the advice with a grain of epsom and so should you.

Detoxification– The sulphate in magnesium sulphate has negatively charged molecules and that makes it a detoxifying agent as it binds to positively charged metals and flushes them out of the body.

Anti inflammatory– When our immune system senses a foreign body it reacts and releases certain antibodies such as immunoglobulin that creates inflammation as a sign. Epsom salts have the ability to control the release of these antibodies which as a result reduces the inflammation.

Relieving pain and aches– If you have ever heard of epsom salt, you must have also heard it’s tendency to reduce muscular and joint pains. This is the most widely known benefit and that’s why even athletes use it. As being an anti inflammatory is one of the major benefits and pain is also some form of an inflammation, you can be guaranteed to feel much much better. Whether it is an elderly joint pain, a bruise or those severe cramps during “that time of the month”, epsom salt helps ease the pain to a significant extent.

Laxative– Already being mentioned in this post earlier, drinking suggested dose of USP grade epsom salt in water along with some brisk walking helps relieve constipation. However, it is only to be used as a temporary solution.

Reduction in edema(swelling of the body/water retention)– First of all, edema is caused by many different reasons. How magnesium sulphate works to bring down the swelling is through osmosis. A perfectly prepared epsom salt solution is brought in contact with the skin. The salt draws the interstitial fluid( water underneath the skin) from the body and that in turn reduces the swelling.

Increasing the amount magnesium sulphate in the body– It is believed that magnesium sulfate is very easily absorbed into the skin through bath soaks in epsom salts. In reality, deficiency of manganese can weaken the cell function, affect the density of bone structure, can be one of the causes for some heart related diseases. Increasing blood manganese levels through soaking is an easy and quick way. Of course, there are pills available to solve the deficiency problem.

There are multiple other benefits talked about but the above ones are most significant. There isn’t a clinical and proven research against epsom salts nor
defending their usage. I say, use them for the properties that are actually observed like relaxation, volumising hair roots(for oily scalps), aiding in removal of splinters, exfoliation and reducing mild swollen feet.

Moving on towards the review;


My first purchase is Dr.Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution with Lavender Essential Oil
This is basically USP epsom salts with soothing lavender oil. Dr.Teal’s have kept the ingredient list minimal while focusing on the rejuvenating properties of primary ingredients. It comes in a 1.36 kg bag with resealable opening. As this particular salt is meant for soaking and not ingesting, lavender essential oil has been added because it is very well known to soothe the mind and invoke calmness, that is why lavender oil based products are highly popular for use at night time or to induce sleep. I have used 100% USP epsom salts previously and Dr.Teal’s is my first time purchase but, I love the variety of soaking solutions offered by them. The one thing that truly contents me is the price. From target you only have to pay 4.89$/3.5GBP/314INR. There are taxes and different sellers with different prices, so choose that’s best as per your requisites. I have come across few fancy packaged and colourful epsom salts that are very highly priced, it doesn’t even make sense adding a cup full all at once.
Dr.Teal’s has provided instructions on the back of the package on how to use this solution in different ways along with the desired quantity. Instead of suggested 2 cups in an average bath tub, I add 1-1 1/4 cup to mine(personal preference). I soak in epsom salts usually once a week or once in 10 days. As this one already has lavender oil, I add two more essential oils, first being orange and second eucalyptus, obviously!
I don’t only feel relaxed and rejuvenated, my constricted muscles, in other words, muscle tension also seems to be alleviated. I love how my skin looks clearer whenever I use epsom salts. The tan is reduced a little, skin feels softer, itching from dryness is also subsided and I feel lighter, more energetic and relaxed at the same time.
Since you are able to get some evident benefits with a soothing aroma in a cute blue packaging, I can’t find a reason not including epsom salts in your life, unless you have a health condition that restricts it’s usage.

My second pick from Dr.Teal’s is Eucalyptus and Spearmint Moisturising Body Wash


This huge cobalt plastic blue bottle comes in 710 ml size and has a sturdy black pump. It is also priced at 4.89$/3.5GBP/314INR. The fragrance is very uplifting and it fills the bathroom with a fresh minty, herbal aroma. I love the fact that the epsom salt used is USP grade and since, it is not possible to soak myself in relaxing hot water tub more than once a week, I have a body wash that contains it. It is a nice slightly thick transparent gel with a lovely gold hue that creates soft moderate lather. The presence of shea butter, aloe vera, vitamin e, wheat protein and glycerin hydrates and lightly moisturises the skin. These ingredients are only added in moderate to low amounts so you don’t get a greasy, residual type of feeling but the skin is not left parched after the shower.
I have been switching body washes a lot lately and this works exactly like Peter Thomas Roth Mega body cleanser on my skin, except that the latter is little pricey. Recently my body has gotten drier to the extent it looks ashy and that causes slight itching. When I use Dr.Teal’s body wash along with a thin veil of St.Ives body lotion, my skin feels and looks completely normal(not dry). Trust me, my facial and body skin are on either side of moisture levels so I have to stock up on rich products to use all over the body.
Salts are exfoliating but dry out the skin, but epsom salts don’t because they have different composition and along with anti bacterial and anti fungal tea tree essential oil, I get an all round experience with this shower gel.
I share a lot of beauty products(not makeup) with my Mum so it was obvious I mentioned Dr.Teals to her and she had the same experience as mine. Her skin is not as dry so she didn’t have to follow up with any moisturiser. I believe in this saying “two opinions than one”, so there you have it!
Attractive packaging, therapeutic benefits, very affordable prices, I am definitely going to try the other variants from Dr.Teal’s.

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  1. This morning I sat in the sauna and then took a bath with the milk and honey epsom salt and the eucalyptus foam bath that you featured here. I <3 Dr. Teals' products and really appreciated your post especially since I just used them today. I didn't know about the history of epsom salt either. Thank you!

    <3 Alana

    1. This is such a wonderful thing to know! Dr.Teal’s products are fantastic and I felt even better sharing more insights about the infamous epsom salts. Thank you and have a lovely day! xx Shehnaz💕💕

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