New Skincare Finds That Are Worth Buying!

Newly released products or bestsellers are always luring and no one can completely deny that impulse shopping has never happened in their lives.
I myself have purchased products that were/are highly popular and seem to give amazing results. Fortunately, it has been very rare that a product would do nothing or have a negative effect on my skin.
Impulse shopping is a hit or miss thing and your experiences may fall into either or both the categories.

 Today, I am going to be sharing a couple but awesome products that have worked really well for me and I recommend everyone to try them out.
Murad Environmental Shield Essential C Cleanser

IMG_9402.JPGComing from a dermatologist formulated brand makes a product like this vitamin packed cleanser     worth a shot. Why? It is one of the lesser available gel cleansers that actually protect the barrier of your skin while gently yet thoroughly cleansing. Murad has ranges dedicated for specific skin types. Vitamin C is to help with dark spots, dullness, tan, loss of hydration and youthful glow. Packed in a large 200ml tube this is a transparent gel with orange beads that burst when emulsified. If you like the scent of oranges then you are definitely going to love how it smells. From Vitamin A, C, E to barrier protecting and soothing panthenol, allantoin, zinc and Sodium PCA, this cleanser for normal to combination or slightly oily skin types will never leave your skin stretchy or lacklustre. It easily takes off everyday makeup except waterproof one. I am normally afraid and actually avoid citrus oils in my skincare products because they do have many downsides. If you have an actual sensitive skin, products based with considerable amount of essential oils will make your skin flush, feel hot or cause tiny rashes like appearance.
But this cleanser is an exception. The addition of all the barrier protecting and soothing ingredients counteracts the effect of orange, grapefruit, basil and mandarin oils and only allows to enjoy the fresh citrus scent.
An instant brightening cleanser that smoothens the skin surface, washes away dirt and makeup with mild cleansing agents, soothes any redness or irritation, looks and smells amazing and lasts for months. I don’t think there is any reason to not buy it.

Clinique Fresh Pressed 7-Day System With Pure Vitamin-C


IMG_9410.JPGThis system comes with two products and offers a weekly use trial before purchasing monthly supply packs. First one is a cleanser packed in sachets in powder form. While the second product is a booster to add to your moisturisers both AM and PM. There are 7 sachets of powder cleanser and one bottle of booster to use within a week.
This duo is developed by Clinique with an intention to provide a strong boost of Vitamin C. If you are not aware of the age reversing benefits of Vitamin C then start with these products. Clinique’s products are fragrance free and they have been formulating wonderful skincare solutions for many many years now. The powder cleanser is very gentle and soft lather cleans all the dirt and grease while leaving the skin smooth. The booster has 10% Vitamin C and other skin brightening ingredients along with peptides for an overall skin treat. A weekly use will give you the idea and I must say the tan around my mouth and neck started to reduce within a week’s time itself. All the instructions on how these products are clearly mentioned in the information leaflet.
I am not packing for my next vacation without these and you too shouldn’t!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet

IMG_9407IMG_9408Sorbet comes off as a strange word in skincare but the appearance, texture and consistency of this gel cream is exactly like fruit sorbets. Vitamin E range did not fancy my eye previously because of it’s slightly rich formulas on my combination and prone to clogging skin type. Aqua Boost Sorbet  is actually formulated keeping in mind the requirements of skin that needs hydration. Always remember that oily skin can easily get dehydrated and that’s what makes it look dull and flakey yet shiny. Aqua boost sorbet is a very light weight slightly opaque gel that feels cool initially and gives a satin matte appearance once dried. The hydration is brought by glycerin and light moisture through shea butter, soybean and infamous ingredient in all Vitamin E products of The Body Shop, wheatgerm oil.
The presence of alcohol does not dry out or irritate the skin and it is actually added to make the gel get absorbed quickly without any greasiness. You can easily apply a second layer, if needed.
Adding a drop or two of Clinique booster to this gel cream will provide both brightening, protecting and all day hydration benefits.

Apricot Face Oil by Junaili-The Himalayan Apothecary

IMG_9401.JPGHow often do we get to visit small towns or hill stations and experience the indigenous cuisine and handmade products? I am sure very less often.
So, I am presenting to you a cold pressed natural facial oil right from the himalayas. From the cultivation to the manufacturing process and packaging, Junaili takes prides in their capsule collection. It is a small family owned company with exceptional dedication towards the skincare products they have to offer. Junaili means moonlight in Pahadi regions and when a product is coming from apricots grown 7000sq ft above sea level, then you have to admit it is going to be fresh, rich and free from pollutants. The history behind the brand is also something to be praised for. From a peach farm that needed better resources to gain quantifiable profits turning into a source for processing highest quality cold pressed oils that are now inside the bottles labled as Junaili, I am sure this needed dedication and many wise souls or one! As apricot oil is naturally rich in Omega 6 fatty acids, Vitamin E and Phytosterols, you are guaranteed to experience highly moisturising and regenerating benefits that not only work on the surface but also in the deeper layers so someone suffering from dry and or mature skin will be able to notice significant difference with consistent use. This facial oil has such an intoxicating fragrance which is simply brought by rose geranium oil. Housed in an amber coloured bottle with a dropper, it is ensured the oil will not turn rancid easily and considering the amount is needed, I can assure it will last for two months easily. Apart from my few nights a week use on my face, I also apply it on my neck and all over my body by mixing in my body lotion. My skin feels so so soft once it is absorbed and the scent lingers which makes it hard not to smell myself over and over again. Use two drops on dry ends of your hair and it will instantly smoothen without being greasy. Know more

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