Mond’Sub Teatree and Peptide Facial Mask|Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Mask- REVIEW

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Due to the temporary changes in my lifestyle, I am noticing certain negative effects on my skin that have been away since a long time.
My concealer is hard to blend and requires a good amount of oil to slather on so my makeup doesn’t settle in creases, baby facial hair and pores. My skin looks lifeless and rough visibly. Trying out highly concentrated exfoliants is not an option since being under the sun is not by choice.
Ofcourse I was going to find a solution and make some alterations to my regime but I am too tired, honestly and not guilty.

Meanwhile when Mond’Sub contacted me to try out their masks and was allowed to choose whichever ones I like, I felt it was the right time to try and introduce something into my routine if I liked it.
I went through all of their variations keeping in mind the current skin condition and requirement.

Here are the full details and my experience with Mond’Sub face and eye masks.



A little bit about the brand;
Mond’Sub is a French brand pioneering in sheet masks and offers an extensive range that is sure to meet anyone’s requirement. The masks are manufactured with 3D technology and are suggested to use twice a week. The brand claims the use of natural sources for the ingredients.
The best part is they also offer two types of eye masks that brings a smile to consumers like me who never know when they will need one due to allergies.

Mond’Sub Teatree and Peptide Facial Mask
This mask is part of their 6 in 1 pack which has 6 different masks for each day of your week.


Price– 4$/1-2GBP/115INR each

I love tea tree oil and since, there is no harm in giving my skin a bit of anti ageing action, I liked the addition of peptide formula. The packaging is more like a thick foil and is of really good quality. Each pack contains one sheet mask loaded with serum( I am not exaggerating). Mond’Sub really doesn’t hold back on the amount of serum added which is a bonus for everyone.

This mask has minimal but effective ingredients which work together to purify the pores, hydrate the skin and provide a firming effect. However, any product needs to be used for a certain time to obtain significant difference.
Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerol are some of the most popular ingredients to plump up the skin and I am personally a huge fan of hyaluronic acid.
Tea tree has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal benefits and also works to purify the pores and reduce inflammation.
Peptides are mostly part of anti ageing or age defying products because they work to reduce wrinkes and saggy skin.
Allantoin is a wonderful anti inflammatory ingredient and is mostly seen in products for sensitive or irritated skin and hydrating gels.

How to use;
As simple as it can get, sheet masks just need to be open up and spread on the face according to the contours of one’s face. I refrigerated the mask for an hour before use and let the serum absorb for 45 minutes. Yes, 45 minutes because there is a lot of serum and my skin is not very dry so it will not absorb as quickly.

My Experience,
To summarise, my skin before using this mask was oily with a dry surface and rough texture. Few inflamed lesions were showing up and applying makeup was difficult as it looked very patchy. Overall, an oily congested skin that didn’t even seem to absorb the products properly.
I letted the mask sit for 45-50 minutes and massaged in as there was still some product left. I am not going to lie but the residue did feel sticky so I wiped off the excess with a tissue and splashed some cold water. Once done, the uncomfortable feel was gone and my face felt naturally soft to touch. The difference in my skin before and after using the mask was quite unexpected as I have never felt or noticed that after using any other sheet masks.
The texture was smooth, dryness was about 70% gone and even the redness on my skin disappeared. Moreover, the inflamed lesions shrinked and the recovery was faster than without using the mask.
I was skeptical about accepting to try it out as most alcohol laden masks cause itching and burning sensation. I have also gone through a time when a sheet mask from a very popular brand caused my skin to erupt which was completely fine before.
I am not against usage of alcohol in beauty products because if used correctly they work as a great delivery system which means the ingredients are able to sink deep into the skin and also work as viscosity adjusters. And I do have some light weight moiturisers that contain alcohol but never caused any skin reactions.

I feel the cause for this sheet mask taking more time to absorb than the ones from other brands is due to the absence of alcohol which in my opinion is beneficial to the user’s skin. And, if you have dry to very dry skin type, your skin’s absorption rate will be higher.

Finally, I have seen a great difference in my skin texture and condition with only one use so I will be testing out other varieties. If you have congested skin that looks dull, feels dry and rough then give Mond’Sub Teatree and Peptide mask a try.

Mond’Sub Crystal Collagen Gold Eye Mask

This mask is from Gold collagen range that also offers face masks.


Price– 2-3$/1GBP/99INR

This comes in a pair of slippery opaque silicone like eye patches. The gold colour is a standout and makes this mask look luxurious.
Like the face mask, these under eye patches are big enough to cover under eyes along with crows feet area even on a broader face.


There is a blend of moisturising, hydrating, soothing and brightening ingredients from glycerin, aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and licorice extract. Antioxidant action is provided by green tea extract, vitamin A and grapeseed oil. For tightening effect and as per the product name, collagen is used. However, the source is not disclosed.

How to use;
Tear the packet from the marked location and take out two eye patches steeped in serum. For extreme relaxation, always used them cold.
The mask smells faintly of something that is hard to detect but similar to one of Innisfree’s products from green tea range. The company suggests keeping the eye patches on for 15 minutes but as me being ME, I kept them on for 30 minutes without any discomfort.


My experience;
My eyes are truly the reflection of my lifestyle and my health condition. They can easily swell up, look red and the skin becomes dry and sallow to the extent they look like I have dark circles and wrinkles.
As richer creams cause my eyes to itch, I have to be very gentle with the type of products I use.
As the serum was getting absorbed and the cold patches were providing a soothing effect, my eyes started to feel relaxed like they had shed a whole lot of weight. You can easily move around with these on as they don’t really slip away. When I took off the eye masks, the serum was completely absorbed without any trace of residue or stickiness and as opposed to the facial mask I did not have to rinse away any product. This was mainly due to the difference in the moisture content of my facial skin and the one precisely around my eyes.
Just to check the changes in the texture of my skin, I went ahead and immediately applied my concealor. It went on smooth and did not seem to settle even after drying.
I can not expect a 30 minute mask ritual to take away the swelling entirely, but it was reduced to 60% and the superficial wrinkles weren’t noticeable as the mask had hydrated that area very well.
I kept a check on the texture and suppleness of my skin and the results were prominent even the next day.


I find these masks quite effective, priced parallel to most other ones and they also run offers. Although bit of a trouble for my oval face, the broader length and width of all their masks is great as everyone can use them without the fear of half of their faces being left uncovered.

I don’t think the ingredients in both of the masks reviewed can cause or aggravate acne but do take a good look at your skin before and after to notice any reactions.

Thank you all for reading and GOOD LUCK..xoxo




*PR Samples. Opinions are my own.



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  1. Mond’Sub Teatree and Peptide Facial Mask sounds like the best one! I love that it claims to use natural ingredients and that it hydrates the skin! Can I get it here from the uk or it just based in America?

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