My Evening Beauty Routine

Hello Wonderful People and welcome back to another blog post!

Last time, I left you guys on the note that my next blog post will be of my evening beauty routine and as promised, I deliver all of my current favourite products, why I use them and how do they work for me.

IMG_8289.JPGOn a regular work day, I shower in the evenings as well. A good glycerin soap or non sticky shower gel is my number one choice. Despite having dry body skin, I avoid using film forming rinse off formulas as my skin tends to get clogged and inflamed, which gives an appearance of tiny red pimples. I was using Rose Shower Gel from The Body Shop for spring but this time I wanted a citrusy scent other than lemon or lime for my summer body cleanser. Peter Thomas Roth’s Mega Rich Body Cleanser caught my eye and I am truly enjoying it’s orange scent, easy rinsing formula and how it gently conditions my skin, no parched skin or sticky feel here. It has Vitamin B, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera in a gentle cleansing formula and comes in a large bottle of 250ml. I don’t see myself without it in the future.

IMG_8287.JPG I would normally wash my hair as well on alternate evenings, but for this post I will skip it as there is an entire post dedicated to my haircare routine and essential styling products.

Now coming to the interesting part;
I use different cleansers for morning and evening, so I wash my face and follow up with the routine after stepping out of the shower. My ideology of a good evening skincare routine is using the number of products depending on the requirement of skin and focusing on repairing and nourishing ingredients. Don’t ever follow a 10-12 step routine if you have no concerns and only need some good maintenance products.

To begin with, I use Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil  as my first cleanse. By taking 3-4 minutes and carefully massaging the oil, I not only allow the makeup to dissolve well but increase the circulation by stimulating the skin. One thumb rule to always follow is use slow and firm upwards and outwards motions. After washing it off with warm water and a soft wash cloth, my skin already looks and feels clean. For any extra makeup such as waterproof mascara or eyeliner, Garnier Cleansing Water in Oil makeup remover takes off even the most resistant formulas. Since a double cleanse is of utmost importance, lately I am getting attached to Sisley Phyto Blanc Lightening Foaming Cleanser. I have combination to oily skin prone to clogging so I can’t use an oil based product for the second cleanse. I am fond of gel formulas but purchased this Sisley one for the first time on my last holiday and it’s scent is very relaxing which makes it a right option for nighttime use. It does contain lavender and citrus oils so if you are extremely sensitive then you must skip this cleanser. It took a week or so for my skin to adjust with the oils but I also noticed my skin feeling very softer and brighter after every use. The cleanser itself feels luxurious on the skin. I love washing my face with warm water in the night as it is very soothing and helps to dislodge all the grease and makeup and mostly it feels so soothing. If you are comfortable with the prices and love relaxing scents then Sisley has great options. When I am feeling oilier and need a deep cleanse,  Vichy Purifying Cleansing Gel  is my go to for slick free, fresh skin all without spending half a fortune.


After double cleanse skin feels alive again, honestly. And, I request everyone of you to include this into your routine and not be a baby making excuses. You don’t have to spend 5 minutes massaging everyday but try to do it twice a week.
Moving on to exfoliators or masks, which I feel is very important especially if you live in cities because the amount of pollution, exposure to environmentally oxidising chemicals, dirt and grease affect our skin both visibly and internally. Twice a week I do double masking with first one working on detoxification and the second one restoring hydration and brightness. I have found an extremely affordable but very result driven activated bamboo charcoal mask from Aroma Magic. This is a bamboo charcoal based wet mask containing beeswax, jojoba oil, willow bark(natural form of salicylic acid) and citrus extract that helps to detoxify, exfoliate, brighten as well maintain the moisture because the one and only but biggest drawback of charcoal and bentonite clay is they make the skin’s surface dry.
After 20-25 minutes I wash the mask with warm water and pat dry my skin. The second mask I am using for quite some time and still can’t get over is The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask which I mentioned in my last post. I have talked about it over and over again on Instagram and also on the blog as it works so well on my skin. This mask is gel based with gritty particles of Argan Shell and looks like raspberry jam. I leave it on for anywhere between 20-30 minutes(personal preference) and wash away with tap cold water. While the second mask is on, I often use chilled tea bags or coffee, cucumber and rose water soaked and freezed cotton pads on my eyes. Doing so instantly relaxes my eyes and mind from the constant pressure of work and staring at the screen hours and hours. Since I suffer from allergies, my eyes need soothing therapy often or I look like a racoon because of itching and irritation. I keep my rosewater in the refrigerator and spritzed all over my face, neck and décolletage before applying any product. Essences are very much in the spotlight since the spread of Korean skincare throughout the world but they can be sticky at times, no offence but it is the truth. Instead, I use toners and Missha Vitality Toner is light weight, sinks in almost instantly and is power packed with great ingredients.


I gifted my Mum the full size and decided to keep samples but I am thinking to get one for myself as well. I follow up with 2-3 different treatment products used in circulation which is mainly focused on current skincare needs.
Today, I am going for Estee Lauder Dark Spot Correcting Enlighten Serum which is bit on pricey side but has helped to reduce the intensity of my post acne spots and even out certain areas where I tan very quickly plus it is loaded with antioxidants. As expected from my previous posts and Instagram feeds, I scoop out a hefty amount of my Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask that has changed the condition of my lips in a matter of days. It is one of those products that not only show results when they are applied but improve the condition of the skin so you need lesser products in the future. When I am not using the lip mask Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is my number one choice as it feels light weight yet conditioning and doesn’t bleed or make my lip sticky. For my eyes The Body Shop Pomegranate Firming and Refreshing Eye Roll On and Estee Lauder night eye cream on top of it works as a great pair for puffiness, irritation and anti ageing.

IMG_8124.JPGI have spoken about eye roll ons quite frequently and I am never without them while the luxurious and smooth gel based treatment from  is also a crucial product to include as it moisturises and strengthen the tissues that helps to delay signs of ageing. My skin hasn’t accepted a few generally faster delivering products so for spot treating 100% tea tree oil is always in my vanity. I just dab a drop on active spots after cleansing and before any other products. I have incorporated some chemical exfoliants which I use more regularly as of lately. Nip+Fab Overnight Glycolic Purifying Gel is very affordable yet so hard working and whether you have dry or oily skin, you should give this little 40ml tube 2-3 weeks or even less and your skin will improve in many ways. I can notice reduction in comedones, rough texture and also overall tone of my skin. Sometimes, this is all that I do for my evening skin care routine while other days I include two more steps which I will be sharing in this post.

I have recently added  The Saem Iceland Water Volume Cream which is such a light weight melting gel cream and has soothing scent. Made from Icelandic water, form of hyaluronic acid, blueberry and cranberry extracts this cream is mostly suited for combination to oily skin so even a generous layer will not give an oily feel. My skin feels very soft and nourished that is even identifiable visibly. Oils can be good but also can be worst for many and I always test out them before using on my face. L’Oreal Extraordinary Boosting Oil is light weight almost like dry oil and smells incredible. It does contain essential oils of lavender, orange, rosemary that doesn’t suit my skin most of the time but this oil isn’t causing any irritation so far and I only use a drop only at few nights. I always wake up with a glow whenever I use this oil because it contains highly moisturising carrier oils with blend of turmeric, orange, geranium, lavender that are known for their stimulating and brightening properties. If you are using this oil in the day time, then go for a very high broad spectrum SPF (50+). And, last but not the least is my Laneige Face Sleeping Pack .

IMG_8286.JPGJust like the lip version, this gel face mask does wonders in making the skin supple and radiant.
Once I am done with all of that, combing and braiding my hair in to a loose fishtail or simple braid so I don’t let the tangles and friction cause more damage while I am asleep. Twice a week I nourish my hair strands with a concoction of my favourite Kérastase Elixir and Garnier Ultra Doux hair oil with Olive and Amla which is probably sold only in the middle east market. It looks like a bi phased oil that one has to shake well before use. I believe if something works for you even if it doesn’t seem 100% reasonable, they should continue with it. Together the elixir and this oil left overnight gives my hair such a bounce and grease free softness(if that makes sense) and my hair doesn’t get as frizzy even after two days post wash. You may think that weight of an oil along with a rich hair serum may make your hair feel heavy and greasy but these wash out completely leaving only the softness and so much less frizz even without the leave in.

IMG_8288.JPGAfter I have braided my hair and put on my pyjamas(which vary depending on my mood) I like to sit down and watch a bit of television. My current favourites are Scandal, The Walking Dead and I am also starting to like Code Black. An hour or two really helps me unwind and forget about work/life and everything around it. During this time, I also have my dinner and then follow up with the routine as mentioned in my last blog post.

I hope you found my evening routine helpful although it may seem a bit too much for some of you, it works for me and I love having an extensive routine because it is a very relaxing process for me. Leave me your comments about this post or your favourite night time products.

Thank you so much for reading.

Good Luck




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  2. Wonderful products and I always invest in good skincare products whenever I try to get some amazing bargains as they act as a barrier for our skin to fight against environmentally polluted elements and keeps our skin to glow and makes it healthily balanced

    1. Thank you babe!! Yeah.. quality skincare is not luxury.. it is a necessity and the more one leads an urban lifestyle their skin is more likely to age faster.. ❤️

    1. Hahaha…I totally get your point! My Mum use to feel the same way until I gradually convinced her to follow a dedicated requisite routine… Thank you dear💖💖

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