How To Achieve The Best Beauty Sleep

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Since the initiation of this blog, I have posted recipes, talked about products, shared some DIYs and gave you insights on bits and pieces of the other side of my life where I suffer from allergies, so, on a much closer and personal perspective I welcome you to peek into my usual evenings. For me, a perfect evening should be about unwinding, pampering, sitting down with family or friends and having casual conversations while having dinner(which is not possible all the time). My evening routines are focused on much more than just skincare, in fact, I like to have a process that smoothly transitions me in to having a peaceful night so the next mornings are not began with unexplainable irritation and fatigue.
Like every other girl I do have a proper skincare routine specifically for night time and you will get all the details about what products I use and how I use them in the next blog post.

BEAUTY SLEEP is not only restricted to great skincare, but goes far beyond spiritually and psychologically. I have included some very effective ways that always guarantee I don’t wake up in the middle of the night complaining and I will be sharing all the intimate details in this post further.

First of all, let’s talk about the causes for disturbed sleep or unreasonable anger the next morning. Below listed are few things that most neglect and can be very troublesome but easily controllable.
-Too Low/Too High Room Temperature
-Dryness in throat and nasal passages
-Clothing that restrict Air Circulation
-Uncomfortable Bedding
-Keeping the brightness of device screens on higher level (phone, tablet, laptop)
-Having an argument or stressful moment right before going to sleep.
-Eating sluggish meals too late in the evenings.

I have build up a programme that I try to follow almost everyday which has brought many positive changes for me.

While I am still at dinner, I set my bedroom temperature to anywhere between 18-20 degree celsius which I prefer, and of course it is individualistic. Doing so, I am allowing the room temperature to cool down before so I don’t have to struggle in bed while the air condition is doing it’s job.
Before hitting off to bed, I increase the room temperature to 22-24 degree Celsius and that works as one of most crucial things for a good night’s sleep.

I usually take 20-25 brisk walk after dinner because I feel very uncomfortable going to bed feeling stodgy. Always make a habit of eating dinner 2 hours before going to bed.


I am not much of a candle person although I do love smelling them in the stores and love how beautiful they look. Instead, I diffuse essential oils because they are more natural option for home fragrances and work great for allergies. I found this mini version that works both as a medium of light and/or fragrance diffuser. The brand has provided with two mist options, one works by releasing constant mist for few seconds at intervals and other diffusing continuously. It works as a great and cheaper alternative to mood lighting. My favourite choice of essential oils to diffuse are eucalyptus, orange, lemongrass, peppermint and neroli. I also have a DIY mist next to my bed which is made of water, witch hazel, orange, lavender, and rose. Spraying on my pillow and sheets helps uplift my mood.

Taking care of your body is also important so give it a lot love with great smelling and natural body butters like Puresense Revitalising Body Cream that has a very soothing tropical scent. Also, wear loose fitted cotton clothes. You heard it right, Cotton NOT Silk. The reason is many people tend to sweat while sleeping so fabrics like organic cotton are very friendly to skin, doesn’t cause any irritation or rashes and absorb any sweat. I wear cotton tops or tees to bed every single night. Make this a habit especially in warmer months.

Although a bit of cliche and more repeated one, herbal teas have worked wonders for many of my sleepless nights. Not all herbal teas have the same effect but Chamomile, Peppermint and Rose are the best in soothing your mind and by relaxing the muscles helps the body to feel calm and rested which eventually allows for a sleep just like a baby. Take a hot cup of water, add your choice of tea bag and sip your stress away. My current favourites are  Chamomile from Jaf Teas     Pukka Cleanse and Love

I suggest to avoid loud music right before going to bed. The main objective should be about preparing your mind and body for a better sleep and not the contrary. Switch ON your favourite relaxation music channel or choose from unlimited youtube options. Keep the volume low and switch OFF your television. Relaxing music may sound boring but if are a regular visitor of spas, especially Thai spas, you can not miss the soothing effect of music that immediately starts to have a hypnotic effect on mind.


As much as we love mornings and sparkling sunshine, the nights are an indicator of slowing down and embracing the darkness because the clinical researches proves dim lighting relaxes the sense and constraint free mind makes a person more calm and focused, so discuss your problems with partners or loved ones in the right moment and with sensibility to always avoid being angry before bed. Mood lightings are very much in trend now and I got the mist and mood lighting diffuser on Amazon. (I could not provide a link to this product as it is currently out of stock). Dimming the lighting on devices and going for a warmer background relaxes eye muscles so you never find yourself struggling to fall asleep after checking out your latest Instagram likes.LOL..If you are Iphone or Ipad user, turn to display in the settings and look for night shift that allows to customise the duration and instensity of the warm background of the screen.. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in the amount strain on your eyes especially in dim lighting. 

Talking about bedding, how many of you actually consider the type of mattress and pillows you use? Do you go with current in trend versions or choose what is comfortable and good for your body posture? I believe no sleep is an actual beauty sleep if you wake up with back pains or stiff muscles. The most desired varieties of good mattress are semi firm so you can enjoy the softness with enhanced body support. There are a variety of options but I suggest going for something like Leesa that gives bounce which no one can ever resist, offers great support by forming the shape of our body also called as contouring and has just the right amount of firmness that forms a perfect cocoon for a baby like sleep.


My skincare routine includes mix of products to achieve an all round protection and nourishment. But, when I think about beauty sleep three products can never go out of my list.  The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask is my first stop towards brighter skin in a matter of minutes. It looks like a real berry jam, smells incredible and feels like luxury on skin. I am always surprised with the instant glow after I wash off the red jelly with gritty Argan shells. When I use Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask  and  Water Sleeping Mask for face which by far are some of the all time best sleeping masks, I know I am on the right station for baby soft skin.

This is all what I do and believe in experiencing the best beauty sleep. Consider more like putting a baby to bed after a long process of love and care, we as adults should never be deprived of the meditating transition from a stressful day to a sleep like never before.



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  1. My husband has chronic back pain and it is difficult for him to sleep because of it. I will try some of your suggestions. Maybe essential oils and a soft night light will do the trick.

    1. Thank you s much and I am sure right blend of essential ouls will help him calm down but I feel he needs a good mattress…What kind of mattresses do you sleep on?

  2. great tips, i know of a few here already but learnt a few new ones, my best will remain sleeping on the perfect mattress as i feel where and what we lay on while we sleep defines alot in us.

    1. Thank you and I am glad I could help..Few months ago I would have sleepless nights and wake up with headaches and sore back which couldn’t explain the cause and searching all over the internet and consulting doctors only makes everything more confusing..After changing one thing at a time the problems started subsiding. I wouldn’t lie but I loved bouncy spring mattresses but the support wasn’t on point..Lately the market has some incredible options that deliver soft touch, support and body contouring all in one mattress which is why I added Leesa..on a personal opinion

  3. Great tips here on helping to get a good nights sleep. I love oil diffusers and use them quite a lot. However, I find that not eating a large meal several hours before bedtime works a treat. There is nothing worse than going to bed with a full tummy. Exercise is also key and a walk/jog in the evening works wonders. Great tips thanks! x

  4. A good nights sleep is so important. I make sure my bedrooms the right temperature an hour so before I go to bed too and I have relaxing smelling wax melts burning in there as well.

  5. i know that meditating certainly helps to unwind me before bedtime. preferably I have gone to the gym that day and that always helps me want sleep more as well.

    1. I use to try meditating but it is very difficult for me to not think about something so I found alternative ways and dimming the lights clearly makes me more calm instantly.. the gentld scent of diffuser fills up the room with relaxing ambiance and I switch to night mode on my ipad so the screen turns warm which doesn’t strain the eyes much….Chamomile tea always makes me sleep like a calm baby…

  6. I really need my 8h of sleep or i’ll fell sick all day, i wish i could sleep less and be more produtive, but for me if i don’t get my “beauty sleep” the next day will be a total loss. There are great advices in here, loved to read your post

    1. Thank you dear!! Up until few months ago, I had problems with disturbed sleep and it was getting frustrated which affected my day to day activities and also my skin didn’t seem to be spared. I noted down things that were causing all of this and gradually worked up a process…I also do few things in the “evening beauty routine” that along with these steps have helped me sooo much…

  7. Sleep is so important and if we don’t get enough it’s bad for our health. It’s interesting how we all have our own different routines.

    1. Yeah…These days it is hard to just go to bed amd fall asleep without thinking about gazillion things and I have really taken to this routine along with few realxing steps in my evening beauty routine that has alleviated my irritability.

    1. Thank you! There are lots of ideas and ways shared on the internet in having a sound sleep but most of them are not backed by theory or personal experiences. I use to wake up in the night because of too cold or warm temperatures, stuffy nose, and also because I had a bad dream which happens whenever I have had stressful days or nights…I wanted to get rid of all this because psychologically and physically it is tiring that affects our skin, hair, health everything…By taking up these simple steps I have beem able to sleep so so well nowadays…

  8. I find that after taking all electronic devices away from the bedroom and having warm bath in scented oils, with a cup of tea, sets me up for a restful nights sleep.I like your ides of a mood lighting diffuser.

    1. Warm baths are amazing..I feel more rested after showering with hot water and the steam infuse with uplifting oils but that I will be including in my evening beauty routine ..Thank you!

  9. I have used a lot of fragrances like Bukhoor but haven’t tried diffusers before. Will definitely try it now reading about it from a stress free sleep. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I recommend diffusers for two main reasons first being the relaxing scent of natural essential oils and the humidification from mist can help improve the dryness in nose and throat from artificial heating and cooling appliances.

  10. Wonderful post! For me, I just need a good pillow and sleep early. I need 8+ hours of sleep or I will act silly. XD I want to try those diffuser since it sounds amazing!

    1. Once you get a good one, you will love it!! Just use the correct combination of oils or you can use one at a timeas well..For the last three days I am loaded with so much I can only sleep for 2 hours each night..I imagine how would you be without your 8+ sleep..Lol..Must be cute🤗💖Thank you so much!!

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