DIY-De-Stress With Himalayan Salts Bath Soak

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Let’s start today with a question..How many of you love to soak in using variety of products from bubble baths to bath fizzes? And how much do you really spend on them on a yearly basis? I am talking to you LUSH ladies..hahaha..

I don’t want anyone to feel offended or that I am against popular selling bath products, but what if you could get that same wonderful scent and feel from your soaks that are cheaper and actually GOOD for you?
I shared a recipe before and everyone seem to really like the concept. So, I am here again with a completely different recipe that is perfect for summers.
Bloating and Congestion are two very common problems for a majority of people when the heat strikes. I have noticed that some suffer from excessive sweating and that is not only annoying but embarrassing as well. Not to mention the constant water loss.
Salt is the best ingredient to detoxify that will altogether help with all the above problems. Epsom salts are the most popular ones but if you aren’t aware, Himalayan salt is gaining more recognition for it’s beautiful pink colour and mass variety of benefits, plus you can even consume it instead of your regular table salt.
If you use himalayan salt just by itself in hot water, that is a great option. However, there are no limitations in trying to achieve your best soaking experience. For summers, muscle relaxation, skin decongestion, lowering body temperature elevated due to intense heat, soothing and refreshing the skin and mind, reducing sweat and body odour are the major concerns generally. The concoction below addresses the same and the ingredients are really not that hard to find. So, note down this recipe, test it out and let me know how you like it!




1/4 Cup of French Pink Clay
1 Cup of Pink Himalayan Salt
1/3 Cup of Dried Rose Petals(whole petals)
1/8 Cup of Roasted Fennel Seeds
2 Tablespoons of Baking Soda
7 Drops of Peppermint Essential Oil
6 Drops of Orange Essential Oil

Store bought or reused tea bags and ribbons


Mix french pink clay, himalayan salt, dried rose petals and baking soda in a large bowl and mix everything together. I accidently lost some of my measuring tools so filled 1/3 cup thrice for 1 cup of salt.


Roast the fennel seeds on low until the flavours start to release and the scent is more intensified (approximately 3-4 minutes).

Add essential oils and finally the cooled down fennel seeds. Combine and pour in store bought or reused tea bags.


This clay based soak will deeply cleanse your skin without drying it out like bath bombs can do. French pink clay is a very mild absorbent and is perfect for everyone including sensitive skinned people. Pink himalayan salt is loaded with minerals that help to detoxify and since our skin is absorbent, this is a good way for our bodies to soak up the minerals. The addition of peppermint and fennel provide muscle relaxing properties and the aroma of orange essential oil has an uplifting and clarifying effect. Fennel seeds aid in detoxification while cooling down the body temperature. You will be left relaxed and calm which is very important for a good night’s sleep. Follow up with body cream of your choice.

Note: 1 tablespoon of this mixture should be enough for one tea bag

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12 Replies to “DIY-De-Stress With Himalayan Salts Bath Soak”

  1. Amazing recipe love. I haven’t come across the pink clay, will Fuller’s earth/ multani mitti work as a substitute??
    Thanks for sharing this recipe, excited to try it out 👍

    1. Thank you love😚😚Glad to see you around once again🤗 Although fullers earth is a great substitute, it can cause dryness to the skin, so you may have to follow up with rich moisturiser pn damp skin as most of us do not have more oil production on other parts of the body apart from face. Try white clay or kaolin if you can instead.. 💖💖

  2. i heard that at the bottom of the bath the bath salts scratch your bottom…..but anyway at least the diy instructions are good so il get my sis to test it out

    1. To avoid even the slightest of any discomfort, I have instructed to pour the soak in a tea bag and you can practically hang it under the tap or throw it in water

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