My Top Summer Fragrances

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Summers and fresh fragrances go hand in hand. Although there is no general rule for type of scent to choose according to the season, I have noticed that using very sweet and warm notes do not blend well with summer months. The scent in the air is different and deep notes seems to cause nausea and headaches.
So, I am back with yet another blog post, and as the title suggests, it is about perfumes. The last one I did was during Fall and since we are halfway through summers, I thought why not share what I am loving in this weather.
I like to have a balance of fresh, spice and floral during this time of the year. And, that’s why I have chosen the following three beauties.
When people think about fragrances the first few names that would pop up in their heads are Chanel, Christian Dior, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana and YSL. Evveerrryyone knows about these brands and I know I love a few from them as well. What I am trying to say is, there are so many out there to explore and include in your collection, then why restrict ourselves to only the most socially popular ones?

Miracle Eau De Parfum By Lancome 50ML 74USD/50GBP/5000INR

IMG_7055.JPGMiracle is described as a perfume for positive, lively and energetic women.
The creators suggest this perfume as a modern day oriental fragrance with floral, spicy and powdery.

As per Lancome, the first note is fruity litchi with second notes of flowers like magnolia and jasmine and spices like ginger and pepper. When the perfume is dried down it smells more musky and amber like.

To me, the initial scent is ozonic and combination of jasmine and ginger. After few minutes, ginger is intensified and the powdery note of musk hits in. Once dried down, I can sense the pepper coming through with kick of citrus something like that of an orange.
After an hour or two and once the perfume has combined with my body’s chemistry, I am left with besutiful smelling combination of pepper, amber and jasmine.
I think, this perfume has a brilliant combination of different scents put together in a not so over powering formula that can easily transition from spring to summers and also worn as a good day time winter perfume.
If you do not like a single note coming through as a whole in your perfumes and like to reach out for more sophisticated version of feminine fragrances that can be worn even in your work place, then this one is for you. A versatile perfume I lean towards when I am feeling like I don’t need something too floral and extra feminine.

Longevity is 5-6 hours on the skin and 10-12 hours on clothes. Sillage is great up until 3 hours of wear.

Delicate Notes Eau De Toilette By Especially Escada 75ML 48USD/35GBP/3450INR

Created by Jean Michel Durlez and launched in 2012 this very feminine, light, fresh and floral perfume is a resemblance of carefree, cheerful and full of life women.
The brand described it’s notes as wonderful combination of wild rose, citrus, musk and wood.
According to them, this perfume starts of with rose, pear and grapefruit followed by amber and ylang ylang and based with musk and wood.
I can always smell the citrus burst combined with rose whenever I spray this perfume. After few minutes and also after 1-2 hours, the notes don’t keep changing on me.
I did not find my nose detecting pear initially or after few hours. This is fresh version of rose perfumes. Women who love roses but are afraid of more mature smelling sweet rose scents, then this could be your perfect find. There isn’t a lot of spicy note going on except once it dries down on me, I can smell woody rose with bit of powdery musk. Very often I realise that Miracle lasts longer on me than Delicate Notes. I use it more often when going for a mall shopping or travelling around and I need a subtle scent coming through so it does not disturb people around me.

Longevity of Delicate Notes is 3-4 hours on skin and 6-8 hours on clothes. Sillage is prominent in the initial 1-1/2 hours.

Moving on to the final perfume of this blog post,

Armani Code By Giorgio Armani 50ML 70USD/51GBP/5250INR

This mysterious looking, midnight blue and black bottle containing a very sensual smelling fragrance is a creation of three perfumeries, Carlos Benaim, Dominique Ropion and Olivier Poige in 2006.
I don’t know if you like to be familiar with the noses behind perfumes, but I did feel like mentioning just for educational purposes.

Armani claims this perfume as a floral fantasy with different types of oranges and finished of with spice, vanilla and honey. Together they create a fresh, sexy, mysterious yet a feminine scent.
The initial notes are of jasmine and oranges backed by orange blossom flower, ginger and grounded into a musky sandalwood and vanilla base.

One spritz and a fresh rush of jasmine is filled within the room, a scent I have loved since I was a child.

Jasmine when combined with oranges and orange blossom flower gives a very sensual feel. Honey is there but in very minute quantity so unless you know it’s in there, you can not detect it.
After an hour or so, jasmine is softened and now sandalwood starts to intensify. All in all, Armani Code smells like jasmine and sandalwood with citrusy ginger. It will definitely smell woody because of sandalwood but none of the notes seem to underwhelm the others which makes this a very suitable choice for black ties, events, evening outings.
Out of all the three, this one is most lasting and often leaves a subtle scent even after I wash my clothes. I always reach out for this one when I am going for a dinner, evening weddings or somewhere more dressy and stylish.

According to me, longevity is 6-7 hours on the skin and 10-12 hours minimum on clothes. Sillage is prominent in the first 2-3 hours.

It is not important if your nose does not detect a perfume’s different ingredients in the exact same manner as described by the maker.
If you smell a perfume and love it regardless of the first, second or base notes, then go for it anyway.
The performance such as lasting power and attention grabbing quality of all three fragrances is mentioned according to summer months. The numbers would undoubtedly go higher during winters.

On a side note, I am considering to purchase a fresh and citrus smelling perfume that do not smell artificial or nauseating and last for atleast 3-4 hours. Please let me know your picks. All your suggestions are very much appreciated.

Thank you all for reading!
Take Care and GOOD LUCK..xoxo✨

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    1. I felt the same way when I was using Gucci Premiere but at some point I was kinda missing out on trying sooooo many other wonderful perfumes.. I still use Premiere but switching up depending on my mood gives me fresh feeling.. I will try and get a sample of Chance.. Thank you babe💖❤️

      1. I haven’t tried this one from Dior yet but I really like Gucci Guilty..Unfortunately it doesn’t last that long on me.. How about you? 💖

      2. I spray about half the bottle every time I use any perfume hahah so yeah it does last! Apparently a trick is to put on some lotion and spray perfume over it e.g. On ur neck and wrists and that makes the smell of the perfume stay. But I havnt tried that before tbh so I don’t really know x

      3. I have tried that and it does work actually… yet Gucci Guilty comes out strong and fresh when sprayed but seems to loose its sillage pretty quickly comparatively

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