Korean Beauty Review-LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask

Hello My Beautiful People!

Few months have passed by, since I last posted a single product review. Infact, my last blog post was back in 2016. I have recently found a product that I want to give special attention to and share all the details with you guys.
Korean products are becoming more and more popular by each day and I am not devoid of their innovative formulas. Amore Pacific is a high end Korean brand and it holds many sub brands under it’s belt.
One of them is Laneige! Skin loving formulas, superior sleek packaging and yet not as highly priced like most of the western brand products are. This brand offers skincare, makeup and so far I have loved all their products.
Today, I am going to talk about Lip Sleeping Mask.
A Multi Award Winning nightly treatment for parched, cracked, dull looking lips that need lot more nourishment than a regular lip balm can provide. It comes in a 20g frosted berry tinted tub. The jar is made of good quality plastic that makes it look like frosted glass almost.
Laneige provides a cute little spatula with dope shaped applicator made of pink silicone. It is carefully placed in an envelope like case. SO CUTE!

The prices varies from anywhere between 18-24USD/12-16GBP/1200-1600INR

Colour, Fragrance and Texture;
A solid lip mask in the tub that scoops out like buttered  and feels so relaxing on the lips. The colour is beautiful pink shade that transforms into clear when applied. If you are a fan of berry flavoured candy gums but good ones, then you will be hooked.

IMG_6199IMG_6212 Formulated with;

This cute little jar is packed with many skin repairing and protecting ingredients. Like a regular lip balm there are no oils instead this velvety textured lip treatment is formulated with waxes and film forming agents. Don’t be alarmed with the word film forming. The addition of thickeners and polymers allows a product to form a protective layer on the surface of the skin. Since the product reviewed today is a treatment, the mask spreads evenly and coats the lips in an invisible layer.

A berry complex made from raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, cranberry and gojiberry extracts guarantees your lips are going to get lot of love. Not to forget, Vitamin C, murumuru butter( extracted from seeds of a Brazilian tree), glycerin, moisturising sugars and antioxidant rich lycium plant extract are also included in this wonderful formula. Since we have covered and broke down the ingredient list, you can easily assume already that your lips are going to feel so much better afterwards.
However, nothing can be declared until a rigorous test is undertaken to find out the difference in the condition of the lips before and after. I live by this rule because previously a beautiful packaged skincare product loaded with wonderful ingredients turned out to be a cause for unexpected breakouts even though it did not have anything that was comedogenic. The ingredients added to give a silky texture to the skin were leading to my skin not able to breathe and that along with grease and sweat caused me to cry like a baby(at night under my sheets though)

Now for the testing part!
My lips are dry, legit!! I am frequent user of lip balms, I drink loads of water and I never lick my lips. No matter how moisturising my lipstick is, I will still apply a lip balm and wipe off before application. Still, I manage to get flaky peeling lips. Not so pretty, I know!
I am using this lip mask for two weeks now. I use it every other night depending on how dry my lips feel.

How I use it;
I sanitize the spatula, take some product on it and then apply with my sanitized/washed fingers.


The mask comes out as a creamy pink balm that is very soft and once spread, it turns into transparent glossy coat, without the stickiness.



Before keeping the spatula back in it’s case, I sanitize it again and clean with a tissue. Call me crazy or knowledgeable, I want to make sure the lip mask and the spatula stay fresh and bacteria free till the last application. Twice a week I wash the spatula with warm water and soap.

My experience?
I have been tracking the progress since day one and now I can actually go without a lip balm for an entire day! When applied as a thick layer, the product is 95% absorbed by morning and it never spreads.
This is NEVER possible as my lips will crack and become painful if I did not smother a rich lip balm three times a day. My lips not only have stopped cracking, they do not look ghostly and ashy like before as if I am a zombie. My lips feel softer to toucher, look plumper and the lines are also less noticeable. Matte lipstick application does not feel like a tug and war action anymore. I am so happy that I am going to get the grapefuit version as well.



I am living out of it for the last two weeks. There is no question I wouldn’t be purchasing it again. I have nothing to criticise about this lip mask.

Should you purchase it?
If you are ever going to be buy one lip product for the entire life, then I would strongly recommend buying this one and you will be happy. I never talk about a product with this much excitement so you know that I am really really in love with it. And it will last a really good time so you will not be burdened with the price tag(if you find it costly for a lip product).

If you have a lip product you can’t live without, then flood my comment box with your favourite picks and let everyone Be Lip Happy and flaunt those pouts!!

Thank you so very much for reading. I love you all.. GOOD LUCK..xoxo

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  1. Thank you for such posts!! ❤️ I just love your blog & the way you write your content.. Thank you for not only sharing your experience but also your valuable knowledge.

    P.S – Inspired by you gonna purchase this product soon 😉

  2. Great review! I only tried the Laneige sleeping mask. This is an interesting one – lip mask lol

    Also thank you for dropping by my blog and the follow. I followed you back as your blog is great! 💟💕

  3. I love the design of this product and I always have so many lip balms with me, it’s unbelievable ! I am really curious to buy this product especially from a Korean skincare brand. I heard they are on top of their game in regards to skincare. Thank you for your post !

    1. I totally agree with you.. over the years I have used and junked too many lip balms and I came to this conclusion that my lips can never behave unless there is a slick layer on top. After starting to use this thick yet lovely textured lip mask, I have finally started to believe that there is something out there that has the power to bring my dead lips back to life and now I have much more respect towards Korean Brands!!! Thank you for commenting and I hope you like this product as much as I do..😚💖

  4. Fantastic review! I absolutely lovee this product, my lips has never felt so soft and hydrated! My lips were always dry and sore, but since using this, i have noticed that i rarely get dry, chapped lips anymore! Definitely recommended!♡xo

  5. While my lips don’t really crack, I always get a burning sensation when it’s cold (or sometimes out of nowhere, despite the weather). I just always carry around a medicated Blistex. But, this lip mask sounds amazing.


  6. Thanks for the thoughtful review! This product looks great. I already love many of Laneige’s products but I have yet to try this one!

    1. Thank you so much.. I agree, Laneige makes some really good products. What are your favourites from this brand? Do try this lip mask. It is not multi award winning product for namesake!!

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