Current Hair Care Routine With Tips And Favourite Styling Products

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Dreaming of having hair like fairy tale Rapunzel’s or flaunting a hair style like the famous Rachel’s from FRIENDS is subconsciously embedded in all us girls. Luscious  flowy locks are so dreamy at times that can shaken a girl’s sexuality(don’t say it does not). Watch Denise Richard’s eye popping and drooling hair scenes in FRIENDS(yea, I am a huge FRIENDS fan).
I have always had long hair but did manage to chop them off to shoulder length only to regret later. Since it has been my goal to maintain some length and try to not use styling tools as much as possible.
Choosing hair products has not been easy and I remember talking about my natural hair texture and products I have used on the blog before.
However, some recent changes to my hair care routine has brought significant difference and the results are inevitably good enough to keep using the same products, until I find something even better.
If you are new to my blog, I will briefly share the details about my hair. I have long(waist length as of now), naturally dense and wavy hair with coarse texture.
It is extremely prone to being frizzy and weighing down eventually.

I always look for shampoos that have good cleansing properties and do not leave lot of residue behind. Light weight moisture is what my hair can tolerate as my scalp is on the greasy side. I use this effective yet gentle shampoo on days when my scalp and roots feels sticky. You can read here why I like it so much. This shampoo from TIGI is the perfect combination of moisturising and cleansing. The formulation is suited to coloured hair as well. It has honey and oatmeal, both of which are extremely softening and nourishing without the heaviness of oils and butters. The scent is sweet, more like a dessert, however is not nauseating(you know how I can’t stand SWEET scents). I like it as my roots don’t get flat while the lengths stay soft and smooth. The shampoo does lather well and not a lot of quantity is required. It is from their Catwalk Range and one of the best from TIGI as per my opinion. Always give your hair double cleanse even if you feel the first rinse got rid of all the gunk.

Until few years ago, I had no idea what a conditioner is and how crucial it can be for someone who has long hair. I use to shampoo and apply a leave in serum on damp hair, that’s all. One day, my friend stayed over at my place and asked me for a conditioner. I did not want her to feel that I don’t know what exactly that is, so, in a rush I went straight to the nearest grocery store and got one in the blink of my eye. (Phew)
Turned out she loved it and you can guess it did not take me any longer to start researching. I want conditioners that smoothen the cuticles and also work to soften the tangles without forming a sticky feel leading to more breakage. TIGI BedHead has many ranges and Urban Anti+Dotes is focused towards treating hair that is drenched in hair styling plus environmental pollutants, basically city life. Although I don’t style my hair a lot, urban lifestyle is major concern for me. There wasn’t a chance I would miss trying their Recovery 2 range.

IMG_5775.JPGTrust me, this Intensely hydrating conditioner has saved my hair from constant breakage. TIGI categorises their Urban Anti+Dote range into 3 levels indicated towards the amount of damage(environmental or from styling). I have used the shampoo from level 2 but it felt little heavy on the scalp so I changed to Oatmeal and Honey from their Catwalk range. Since I have started to use this conditioner, my lengths look sleek, smoothened out, soft to touch and has a healthy shine minus the puffiness. I use dime sized amount and move my way upwards from the tips. Doing so allows the driest part of the hair to be more saturated with the conditioner. Take another dime size quantity and spread evenly on the mid lengths. My hair post wash has very few to no tangles and are easily detangled without the tugging and consequent breakage. Moreover, I have never felt the need to use a clarifying shampoo for removing all the conditioner build up since my switch to Recovery 2. If your hair is anything like mine, then give this great quality, wonderful smelling deeply hydrating conditioner a go and let me know how you liked it.

Leave In
Whether you live in hot and humid conditions or places that are as dry like desert, not using a leave in is like letting your hair combat through the all the aggressors without a shield. Your shampoo cleans your hair, conditioner nourishes the lengths and leave ins are there to maintain that right out of the shower softness and protect it.
Leave ins come in various forms and sold under fancy names, but all what they do is coat your hair and guard it against heat, wind, extreme temperatures, humidity and sun. TIGI’s S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer is exactly what it says on the label and claims to do.

IMG_5772.JPGWhite coloured thick cream built in a squeeze like asymmetrical bottle and containing tiny glitter particles coats each strand and gives a brilliant shine. There is a very thin line between this cream working like a charm or weighing all the hair down. For my hair, a pea sized dollop is enough on the tips and another pea sized squeeze for the mid lengths. It may seem too little but trust me it works very well. Combing the hair allows the product to be evenly distributed. Once my hair is dry, the softness is remarkable and those shimmer specks give a naturally shiny look. I also use this smoothing cream for occasional blow drying.

Second or Third Day Leave In
As I already hinted above, layering TIGI S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer can weigh hair down, light weight fluid serums are my pick for getting a polished look on 2nd or 3rd day. Washing hair everyday is NEVER a healthy option and you should change to washing every third or fourth day on an immediate basis. A little control on your urge and very soon you will notice that your scalp is not as greasy and lengths look and feel healthy. I alternate between L’Oréal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil that I have reviewed here and Kerastase Elixir Ultime in my top 2016 picks.

IMG_5768.JPG I use anywhere between 1/2 to 1 pump depending on weather and how my hair feels. I will not talk a lot about my current choices as I have spoken about them already which you can check out through the links. I will definitely be going for something better once I use up L’Oreal Elvive serum.

Weekly Mask

IMG_5769.JPGI don’t always get that time nor I am able to remember but making an effort in using deep conditioning masks can take hair care to another level. Hair masks do everything from deeply cleansing the scalp to infusing keratins and strengthening the cuticles. For my hair, keratin products don’t work and I look for hydrating masks. Lately, I have been using TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Intense Nourishing Mask for deep nourishment and softness. Kèrastase’s Reflection Chroma Riche Masque is meant for use on coloured hair because it works to provide shine and smoothness that I like and despite having natural hair, I love to use it. It provides UV protection because of Vitamin E and UV filters, so care and protection, a win win for me. Many times I use masks as pre wash treatments because doing so allows my hair to gain all the benefits of the masks without any heaviness afterwards. Basically, I comb my hair, apply mask starting from nape to the tips and combing again to evenly distribute the product. I tie my hair into a bun and go over with a blow dryer on medium heat for five minutes. Washing out after 20-30 minutes is enough, you can keep for longer if possible. This way the final result is better comparatively when I do not use heat.

Hair Styling

For me this is my least favourite thing to do. I would rather want someone style my hair but then again sitting for an hour in the same chair straight and stiff is not something I have ever enjoyed. On the contrary, I could stare at all the beautiful magazine pictures and praise everything about them. In the last few months, since January 2017 to be precise, I have tried to adapt new habits and learn new things, one of them is to straighten my hair without frying it. Since I don’t always style when I wash, rare usage would not justify the high price tag paid for the tools. After bit of browsing, I came across Trevor Sorbie Keratin and Argan hair straightener. Finding it here on sale was a bonus and I immediately bought it.
Trevor Sorbie is one of the popular UK Salons also loved by celebrities. They have released many different hair styling tools which are guaranteed to provide salon like results without the extensive price tag. The one I use have floating ceramic plates that are infused with keratin and argan. There is an ON and OFF button that blinks when switched on and stays lit once the device is ready for use(15-20 seconds). Temperature setting being 80-230 degree celcius makes it very convenient for all hair types and styles. The straightener itself is so light weight and sleek and comes with a long cord. You have both UK and EU pin options and automatic shut off if the device gets too hot. With the variant temperature options, you can even use it for touch ups and your hair won’t be stiff. I love that my hair looks shinier and naturally straight. Unlike some other straighteners, my hair does not look limp and flat, yet completely frizz free. Most of the times I use it without blow drying. I wait until my hair is completely dry, spray on my favourite heat protectant, comb my hair, part into four sections and divide as I go. In two strokes, my wavy hair looks 80% straight. Believe me, my hair’s coarse texture makes any styler work harder and take longer. The heat protectant mist I use adds to the softness and is never sticky. I usually style at 210 degree celcius because any lower and my hair will take longer.

I am very much in love with my current haircare routine because even in summers, when the humidity is at it’s peak, my hair still does not feel weighed down or fluffy and dry. The products I use have helped to strengthen and manage the lengths better than my previous choices.

I hope you found this post useful and don’t forget to share your questions and feedback. Thank you so much for reading. Please FOLLOW to never miss any future post.


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  1. I always shampoo and condition my hair, but have never tried to use other products for a hair routine. Just never thought of it… I also try to use as little products as possible because my hair always seems to get greasy so quickly.

    1. I agree.. It all depends on hair type, texture and the environmental conditions as what and how you use products.. My friend has naturally straight, sleek and frizz free hair and she can go along her way with the use of a shampoo..ALONE!!! I can’t even step out of my bathroom without a good dose of conditioner 😂😂 ..But, a serum is a must..Based on your hair type, always use one!!😚💖

      1. Yes, conditioner is my hair’s best friend. I cannot just do shampoo; my hair would hate me… I’ve never incorporated a serum. I’m afraid it will leave my hair greasier!

      2. I am sure it won’t..Always look for the word “lightweight” and “hair mist” . Start with half a pump or two spritzes and you are good to go..I will probably do a post relating haircare..Make sure you read it and then let me know..😚 Hope it l help you in some way!! xx💖 Take care dear

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