SEASONAL ALLERGIES-What are they and how to deal with them.

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Seasons change, weather begins to shine through and we all head to our closets and beauty sections in search for trend worthy pieces and makeup looks. Humans are created to adapt themselves according to the changes in nature and welcoming the variation in our lifestyles whether it is food, clothing and many more.
This is the story with majority of the people but, there are equally large number of souls who can not help but curse the situation when a season is transitioning to another one. I quite frankly have to admit, I am among the latter. Whether it is starting to get colder or warmer, the first few weeks I develop allergies. They tend to be from being manageable to acutely exhausting. These are different from my skin allergy few months ago.
Allergies have many causes and different symptoms, but today I am talking about seasonal allergies.

What is seasonal allergy?
Throughout the year, the changes in the climate affects the flora and fauna. Pollen from trees, grasses and weeds, animal or even birds dander, dust mites, dusty weather, mold and spores are the most common causes of seasonal (or all year round for some)allergies. These depend on the your geographical situation. Allergic Rhinitis or Hay Fever are the terms used more often for seasonal allergies. Although, harmless to most of the population, individuals suffering from allergies have to suffer a lot in the presence of specific substances.

Most Common Symptoms
Itchy Eyes
Swollen eyelids
Red eye associated with dryness and burning sensation
Constant sneezing
Wheezing and changes in the voice
Watery eyes and stuffy nose with reduced sense of smell
Heaviness in breathing

This is different with each case. Aloepathy suggests antihistamines that have their respective side effects.
Homeopathy focuses on suppressing the symtoms and also providing a protective layer
Ayurveda and Herbal treatments are some alternative methods that many people seem to be inclined towards of lately.
There is no cure for allergies because it is initiated everytime an allergen comes in contact with the person’s immune system. Call it an immune system disorder or just bad luck, people suffering from allergies have to face the reaction whenever their bodies will detect any substance as foreign/harmful. Most of the allergens are not even visible by naked eye and being around them unknowingly is of an innocent nature.

Ways that I have adopted to cope with the onset of a seasonal allergy (not food allergy).
-If your body reacts to pollen whether in summers or fall, the best thing you can do is to keep a track of pollen count through weather updates. Depending on the situation, either avoid going out on high pollen count days or wear a mask or scarf to cover nose and mouth.
-For indoor allergens, take preventative measures. It is believed that allergic response from indoor substances is more prevalent during winters. However, if these substances are present in your household/work environment, you are most likely to suffer all year round.
-Take a look around and you may find many things to consider but have you thought of the hygiene and maintenance of that space where you like to chill, rest and sleep every single night? Yes. Bedding and Pillows! Dust mites are practically everywhere in your house especially in living and bedrooms, where upholstery and furnishing is involved. They are not visibly big enough to detect and generally are not harmful. They release a certain enzyme that is the cause of an onset of a reaction in the bodies of allergy sufferers. I can not stress enough how vital is the regular washing of your pillow covers and bedding. Take my advice and wash pillow covers every two days and bedding every five days. Go further and buy new mattresses and pillows by layering them with allergy proof covers.
-Use a disinfectant and some soap or go natural and use homemade cleaning agents to get rid of mold and scales in wet areas like bathroom, wash basins and kitchens. My most loved combination is Vinegar, baking soda and lemongrass essential oil. Do not add water to the solution. Spray it to the affected areas and leave for an hour or so. Vinegar and baking soda are highly effective in killing mold species. Lemongrass is generally anti bacterial and a bug repellent in nature plus a wonderful deodoriser. Spores from mold and other bacterial and fungal organisms are also one of the causes. Have you ever come across black spotty surfaces on usually damp areas or walls that have leakages? Well, that is mold. If it is in smaller areas then you should get rid of them and call a team if it is widely spread in your indoors.
-Wash your favourite fluffy as it might be giving you those constant “ah-choo” moments. Even your loved kitty or pug could be causing more harm than good unless you figure out that they or the dander are not one of the allergens.

Self Care Tips
Once you are done with allergy proofing your indoor environment, take a minute to think about how to relieve yourself from the symptoms.
-Use a clean diffuser and add essential oils. My best bet would be a combination of eucalyptus, tea tree, sage, lemon and peppermint. Use these in combinations or plain and breathe in the diffused aroma.


Most of these are used in aromatherapy for decongestion, relaxation, alertness and all of which are very much needed during allergies.

-If you are like me, you would probably notice dry itchy eyes and swollen lids, dry and dull skin that is sensitised during a reaction. I always keep three things next to my bed and in my purse to soothe the skin and eyes.


All natural rosewater is very soothing and has a cooling effect on the skin. I spritz it multiple times and it instantly helps with the tightness in my skin.

-If you haven’t heard of eye roller products then you are literally living under the rock. These eye roll on with metal ball dispensers are sold by many brands. I specifically use them when my eyes are itchy and the skin around them is dry and prone to dark circles if I rub frequently.


The metal ball is cold which relaxes the irritation and the light weight easily absorbing serum inside hydrates and nourishes without the risk of it spreading to the eye area and adding to the irritation. Alternatively, place chilled cucumber slices or rose water soaked cotton pads on the eyes.

Aloe vera gel is a multiporpose ingredient and suits every skin type. Just like the eyes your skin can get irritated and superficial redness occurs. Apply a thick layer of aloe vera gel with a drop or two of your favourite non-greasy oil or intensely nourishing organic oil .
-Upgrade your hydration both internally and externally. If my symptoms are extreme, I am left fatigued and my skin looks lifeless. Include vitamin dense water rich foods along with drinking lots of water. My personal favourites are watermelons, cantoulopes/muskmelons, sweet lime and lemon juices with a bit of honey and himalayan salt.


For topical usage, use a hydrating serum that suits your skin type and add a drop or two of an oil. I prefer oils over creams as they are versatile, customisable according to the needs and even a drop really helps with the supple look of my skin.


-Leaving a non drying mask overnight or a homemade one allows the skin to repair the surface barrier. I have been loving this mask lately and use it thrice a week or whenever my skin does not look as glowy and supple. One use and it instantly gives brighter more supple look that is even smooth to touch. The result from using masks during allergies? Healthy looking skin that is soft to touch, neither dry nor oily and certainly not lifeless that makes people to question your health condition.

-I suggest to drink warm water and herbal teas to soothe the throat and moisten the muscus membranes.


Certain herbs help a lot with congestion and loss of concentration that are very common during allergies.

So, these are my tips to prevent and deal with allergies. Eradication of allergens from our lives is not entirely possible, but daily measures and understanding of ways that ease the problem can reduce to onset of a reaction to a significant extent.
If you have any advice, please share it in the comments, similarly, if you have any questions, then leave me your feedback and I will get back to you.


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  1. Well explained! I appreciate your efforts in collecting the information and sharing with us. ♥

    1. You are welcome babe… Actually this whole post is based on personal experiences and knowledge built over the years than just web research, which allows me to be more confident with my words…😚 xx

  2. Thanks for sharing details about the seasonal allergies.

    I don’t necessarily have only a seasonal problem. It’s more about hypersensitivity in my nose that causes sneezing spells from any of the various allergy triggers/causes. And then due to incessant sneezing, it irritates my internal nasal skin till its sore (rhinitis).

    Since I live in a city with a lot of dust in the air. But keeping all windows closed whole day and turning the A.C. on for the whole house is a very costly option for me. I tried that in my bedroom but since other rooms windows were open, the dust still makes it into my bedroom. Also, the moment I step out of the house, I will again be subjected to dust and smoke.

    Over the years, with self-observation, I have figured out those allergies root causes and try to “manage” them as best as I can and my condition has improved. But how I wish that there was a permanent solution to my allergies rhinitis problem.

    If you enjoy reading the medical stuff then please do visit my blog where I have listed my allergies rhinitis related problems, causes and solutions learned. Please add comments / notes there if, after reading my notes, you think of some solutions or want to share any insights that may help. Looking forward to help and collaboration.

    Again, appreciate that you took the time to list down all of the above causes-solutions for the seasonal allergies.


    1. I truly understand your pain about hypersensitivty in the nose and that weird tingly itchy feeling that eventually leads to never ending episodes of sneezing.. I am right on the same page as you are and yes it is not a disease that can be cured. And if one is allergic to more than single substance it is never possible to rule out the causes…I will be checking out the blog..Thank you so much for the lovely feedback!

  3. Love this post and it is a much wanted post as well for this time of the year and I always take hot water bath and regular facial steam to bring balance to the body

    1. I am so sorry.. I hope they subside very soon and you feel better.. Thank you so much for the love hon.. If you can figure out whether they are from food or other substances then you may be able to control them. I know someone who gets red bumpy skin during summers especially in the areas where they sweat. A little change in clothing and trying to keep the areas dry while avoiding foods that are naturally acidic and heating to the body really helped them. I don’t know if the cause for your skin rashes is the same but I felt to share this with you. Take care😚💖💖

      1. Thank you , I have been using different products and ointment s nothing happens i guess those product triggers the itch , I usually damp ice packs to my burning skin and its a relief , but the redness is still visible . I had acid re flux back in the days maybe this could be the main reason . Thank you that is really informative .

      2. Yeah.. Your gut could be the reason behind.. I hope you can find a solution to those oesky troublesome bumps..Ioved talking to you.. Sharing is always wonderful😚😚

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