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I have been spending sometime travelling and also curating brands that I haven’t tried before. It is a lovely experience trying to gather a mix and match of different brands to assemble a spring skincare collection.
There is one brand that has truly intrigued me recently.

Institut Esthederm is a french born conspiring to offer not only skin loving products but improving it’s health and defense system inspired by biological structure of our skin. Being initiated by the same founder who is behind Bioderma, this brand has claimed it’s position in high end spas and recommended by skincare experts.
I will talk further about the details with my product descriptions and reviews. Today, I will be discussing a little about the Eau Cellulaire range.

This post is going to be short and precise so let’s dig in!!

Eau Cellulaire (Cellular) Water Spray

Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Spray

If you know hydrating waters like Vichy, Avene and La Roche Posay to name a few, you understand the concept and philosophy behind these types of products.This cellular water spray from Institut Esthederm does the samething with few more other ingredients for added benefits. Formulated with essential minerals, it also has skin conditioning and moisturising ingredients. Our body cells need many essential proteins, fats and lipids to function. This spray has added an ingredient that naturally provides energy to the cells to function. If the traditional thermal water dries out your skin or you need more skin benefitting factors out of your water sprays, then this product is a must try. It is much more soothing and leaves the skin soft. You can also it as a makeup setting spray.

Eau Cellulaire (Cellular) Water Gel

Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire Gel

Cellular water in Eau Cellulaire range is referred to by the brand as an identical of tissue fluid in our body. The claim is rather substantial and I do not want to make any judgements about it but the water gel is undoubtedly a very gentle approach to regain skin’s hydration. The brand has infused this product with some of the most highly effective skin hydrating ingredients. Glycerin, hyaluronic acid, sorbitol, lactic acid are highly moisturising. They do not only improve the skin’s surface barrier but also increase the hydration in the deeper layers. Institut Esthederm has also added the same minerals and antioxidants and a cell function stimulator that are present in Cellular Water Spray with anti inflammatory agents making this gel a very suitable option for all skin types. Being said that, very oily skin types may find this gel a little heavy if used generously. It works a great light weight primer and I have noticed the concealors or powders do not look patchy or flaky even after sweating. My skin does not get as red from being outdoors in the afternoon as it use to since I have started using this. I love alternating it with my caudalie lightweight moisturiser  .Although, it has a light pleasant scent, the presence of even little fragrance can be sensitising to highly reactive skins, hence, it should be patch tested. I am going to buy a full size as soon as I run out of this tub.

I hope you all enjoyed reading the post. Do provide feedbacks and questions if any. The more the merrier, as we say!!
(I do have a question for all of my readers. And, it is very important for me to know how you guys feel about my posts. Do you like short descriptions to briefly understand a particular product or you like to go around and read about every nook. In simple words, would you like to see more of simple and short product reviews or would like to continue longer versions as I have posted till now.)
I will be waiting for your replies!!

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24 Replies to “Brand Spotlight- INSTITUT ESTHEDERM”

  1. Isn’t it great to find new products that you like. These sound great, I’d love to give them a go too my skin always need a little extra moisture as I haven’t been drinking as much water as I should recently.

    1. I know!! Sometimes it feels like certain products were meant for you! If you have normal to dry skin.. you will love the cream gel for summers and hydrating spray conditions the skin well..thank you for commenting babe😚💖

  2. I love trying new products and testing them. The water spray sounds awesome and so does the gel. I love anything that will hydrate and moisturize my skin without drying it out. I will look more into these products!

  3. Oh the water spray sounds good you can’t go wrong with a good mist now the weather is starting to get warmer x

    1. So true!! This one isn’t drying because they have added skin conditioning ingredients so there will be an invisible layer of hydration even after water evaporates!! 😚😚

    1. I feel the same way but often I notice that few others don’t really feel excited about lengthy ones. I think a mix of both is the best way so everyone is happy!! 😚💖💖

  4. This is the first time I have heard about the product. I am a label reader and I make sure a product does not have harsh chemicals in them. I might give this product a try too.

    1. It has become very important these days to keep our eyes open and to be honest not all organic and natural products are safe or suit every skin type.
      I hope you like brand. It is a secluded one but the products do work well. Thank you😚💖

  5. I haven’t hear of Institut Esthederm before, but all of their products look wonderful. I’m especially intrigued by the water spray. It would so refreshing on a warm summer’s day!

    1. I love the spray and it is very refreshing. There are few other products that I used by now and I am thinking about sharing those on the blog as well. The cream gel is best if your skin is not very oily or very dry. Thank you so much for commenting🙌🏻💖💖

  6. Haven’t heard of this brand prior to reading this article. Will definitely look into. Thanks for sharing with us. There are soo many brands in the market that it’s hard to find the ones that actually work with our skin.

    1. I know!! Getting persuaded into buying products that work for someone else has become a norm despite knowing the facts. But, there are quite a few brands who actually formulate products with clinically proven ingredients to be safe on sensitive skin as well. Thank you for commenting and I hope you like these products! 💖

    1. Now that summers have started, I use it only during nightime but I love the spray! I hope these products do work for you. Psst..If you suffer from any dehydration do try out their Hyaluronic Mask as well. Thank you love😚💖

    1. It is certainly a new brand for me as well, but I am finding it very interesting and so far quite effective as well.. They have a specific concept towards skincare and that intrigued me in trying the products out. I wouldn’t say the brand as a whole is amazing as I haven’t tried all of their products and false claiming bothers me. Let me know if you try out their products..😚❤️❤️

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