Tried And Tested Products Of The Month- February

Hello Wonderful People!!
Today’s post will be a bit confusing to those who haven’t read about the previous tried and tested products .
As I promised, I am trying out different skincare and makeup items more often than before. Reading about everything altogether can be not a bit, but a lot tedious so, I have chosen products that striked more to me than the rest. Let’s get started!


Garnier Skinactive Micellar Cleansing Water In Oil 400ML

I have shared my love with micellar waters and especially bi phased makeup removers pretty often. Garnier being a budget friendly brand with a couple of really good products, I wanted to try this oil and water based makeup remover. It has an intense scent for a makeup remover. Although, the fragrance is not disappointing, it is certainly distracting if you know what I mean. The scent fades away after the cleanser dries off. The oil used is argan oil and the golden yellow colour does make the product aesthetically attractive. There is a very good antioxidant added but it does not add to skin benefit since everything is washed out.
There are few things that totally took me by surprise. Being an oil based cleanser, it does not leave an oily residue, so I use it to remove face makeup as well. When used around my eyes, I haven’t suffered from any itchiness or burning sensation. The makeup removal is quite easy and fast whenever I have used this cleanser. As claimed, it does remove all the makeup, waterproof or washable without tugging. Even though it is a truly valuable budget friendly makeup remover, I still recommend following with a second cleanse, ALWAYS.

Boots Simply Sensitive Cleansing Gel Wash 150ML

This is a gel face wash meant specifically for sensitive skin. It does not have any fragrance and colour, which is a plus in any product. The product value is excellent and that caught my eye the most along with it being fragrance free. The formulation is very simple and basic with namesake percentage of aloe vera added. This gel is rather thick and lathers very little. You have to take a good amount and lather in your palm along with water before massaging on wet face or else you will feel like slathering on a face gel. I certainly do not mind that since it is safer for comprimised skin types. I find that it does not make my skin dry or greasy. My skin certainly starts to feel little oily after 4-5 hours now that it is getting warmer. During winters, this would be a great basic cleanser. Do not expect it to remove makeup and use it strictly as a second cleanse or morning cleansing product. There is one problem when using face washes with these types of formulations. If not properly cleansed, it seems to leave a film or residue. I think this is a good choice for an extremely affordable fragrance free cleanser that does not causes breakouts.

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil (All Hair Types) 100ML

Being a person who has genetically dry hair that has ability to weigh down I struggle a lot when trying out new products. In my post about my beauty favourites of 2016 , I shared which hair product I was loving last year. Although I have repurchased it, I also wanted to try a pocket friendly version. L’Oreal Elvive range products have been some of my first ever haircare products. This multi usage silicone based serum is formulated with 6 oils. Coconut, Sunflower, Soyabean with Flaxseed oils and two flower oils like Chamomile and Lotus makes this serum a rich and viscous product. The fragrance is not appealing and I normally do not compel much on the fragrances but this one has a rather strange floral scent. I do not agree with L’Oreal claiming it’s suitability for all hair types. It can be heavy for fine hair if used as a leave in without any hair styling. People with coarse and dry hair will also have to use it carefully. Less than a pump is enough for thick and long hair. Use more than a pump only if applying as a pre wash treatment. I notice smoothness after applying it but my ends feels very greasy and tangled on the third day. There is also little bit of buildup I noticed after regular use. Overall, I do not dislike it but it is certainly not one of my favourites. This serum is best used as a pre wash to condition the hair because that is the only way I get great results.

The Body Shop Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo 10ML

If you guys remember, I bought this eye product few months ago and so it is time to talk about it. It is double ended with a serum on one end and a cream on the other. The serum is dispensed through a roller ball that I love while the cream has a doe foot applicator like that of lip glosses.

The serum contains a form of Vitamin C, camu camu for skin brightening, glycerin, aloe vera and few more skin conditioning agents along with an antioxidant that also works to alleviate puffiness and superficial dark circles. The cream also contains skin brightening ingredients like Vitamin C, niacinamide, camu camu and marula, few skin conditioning ingredients along with mica for cosmetically smoother and brighter appearance.
These ingredients are not in higher concentrations to help with lightening intense dark circles. However, this duo works to improve overall skin tone and mild dark circles. I notice that overtime my under eye area is hydrated and looks brighter. It has never stung or caused any sensitivities. The cream has minute light reflecting ingredient that aesthetically gives a brighter appearance. Makeup does not flake or smear when applied on top of the cream. I recommend using the serum first and following with the cream. This is good for those who are looking for minor imperfections and do not want a heavy eye product. The duo is actually cost effective so we can use the serum during summers and apply a layer of cream whenever needed. I will not repurchase it.

Shikai Natural Tea Tree Shampoo 355ML

I have an oily scalp and shampoos that promise to give squeaky clean feel without drying the hair out are always appealing to me. This is a wonderful product. It has natural cleansing agents with actual tea tree and peppermint oils rather than artificially created scents.I have tried few other products from Shikai and have liked them. As winters have left us and we are approaching towards greasy scalp days, I started using this shampoo already to get acquainted before summers finally hits us. My hair feels very clean and light weight and tea tree with peppermint oil provides antifungal, antibacterial and soothing benefits. There is also a good amount of aloe vera so the product literally feels like a very faintly tinted thin aloe vera gel. This shampoo can literally cause tingling sensation on the scalp but in a good way. As you all may know, this tingling is the result of the presence of essential oils. The tingling disappears when the shampoo is washed out. I have rarely come across a shampoo that has very minimal ingredients as this one has and I love that. This is not a volumising shampoo so your hair and scalp will feel clean but you will not have excess volume neither will the hair feel flat. If you have oily scalp or love using natural shampoos with mint, then you should try this out.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturising Sorbet 40ML

Before I begin, can we just take a moment and adore the beautiful colour of this tube??
Caudalie is not one of the older brands but has gained recognition everywhere. This French brand has been in the news for it’s infamous Beauty Elixir. Vinosource range is focused towards hydrating, soothing and providing an anti ageing solution mostly suited for sensitive skin. There are two sorbets(moisturisers) and the one I am talking about is lighter version. It looks like a cream but turns into a gel when applied. It has a lovely smooth texture and despite being light weight, it makes the skin look nourished and soft. Even though the tube does not look like it will last even a month, you will need very little for each use. This is a hybrid of a gel moisturiser and cream moisturiser. It has three types of grape extracts along with soothing shea butter extract, chamomile, vitamin E and a couple of skin conditioning agents. I found this to be a great alternative to my gel moisturiser for winters. This is a wonderful product to try out even during summers if you have normal to dry skin.

Kiehl’s Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque 28ML

I love face masks and use clay based ones even during winters. Kiehl’s has provided the benefit of deep cleansing and hydrating through this clay based brightening cream mask. It has a mixture of clays, brightening vitamin C and turmeric, conditioning sorbitol, glycerin and jojoba, stimulating essential oil of eucalyptus and peppermint with real cranberry seeds. Kiehl’s claims to give us awakened and brightened skin through this exfoliating mask. First of all, the seeds that are supposed to exfoliate do nothing. They are big in size, very little in quantity and actually stick to the skin rather than providing buffering action. The essential oil will cause warming sensation on sensitive skin types as it does for me as well. However, as the skin got adjusted to these oils, the tingling sensation reduced after multiple uses. There is also something very important to mention is that since it is in a jar and gets exposed to air everytime we scoop some out, the mask starts to dry out before you finish it. Now for the pros.
It may sound surreal but since I am travelling and exposed to sun more than often than normally, my skin is getting very tanned. I can not control that, but whenever I use this mask, my tan seems considerably reduced that is very much noticeable. The dehydration from frequent change of weathers is also taken care of and my skin looks overall healthy, brightened, softened and moisturised. This is one of best masks I have tried and will certainly keep using it. If you have very well maintained skin that does require any significant change then you may find this mask as a maintenance product. But, if you have tan, dehydrated skin that is congested and looks dull, then you will be able to notice the difference. Although, it has clay and turmeric in it, do not expect it to use for clearing up breakouts as the formulation of clay masks meant for blemishes is done differently. You can, however, expect it to aide in soothing the minor spots and helping to dry up faster.

Phew, that was a long one. I hope I did not bore you all. For any feedback, please leave me a comment and I will get back to you.
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39 Replies to “Tried And Tested Products Of The Month- February”

  1. I love your review! The various different products give us more choice to consider and/or buy one or two of them. The Garnier Cleansing water in oil really caught my eyes. I definitely will check it in a local store here.

    1. Micellar water has been my favourite since I used it first time. It is so affordable and such a huge bottle, no one could say NO to that. Elvive serum does have good moisturising ingredients so if you do not suffer from weighed down hair, you would love it💖

  2. I must look for the Garnier make up remover! That’s what I need to remove my make up, no stingy feelings around the eyes. Also the body shop’s vitamin c serum. My eyes is my problem now as I age and I am looking for perfect eye serum to make my eyes not to look dull and stressed. I hope to find this one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for commenting babe!! I have used quite a ton of micellar waters and I believe and know one thing, some of the best cleansers and makeup removers are from drugstore brands. I haven’t purchased Bioderma H2O since I found Garnier Water In Oil. Why would I when I am able to get rid of even toughest mascara in one product and it costs only few bucks, plus it lasts forever!!! I would suggest you to look for richer creams for night time use if you are looking for brightness and anti ageing..💖

  3. I love body shop products and need to try that eye reviver because I have issues with dark circles. This is a great product list!

    1. Thank you so much hon!! I like to try out different brands so I can have better idea of what the market has to offer rather than using all the products from one single brand and feel that there isn’t better out there..Eye serum and cream in one, definitely a good product for people in their 20s

  4. These are all great. Micellar rocks and L’Oreal Elvive does too. I wish I was back in Europe so I could stock up on it. I can’t find that oil in the US.

    1. This Micellar Water has ticked all the boxes for me.. If the scent was little less intense, theb I would not have anything to complain about. L’Oréal Elvive has great ingredients, so, if it works for someone that’s perfect.. Thank you for visiting💖

  5. I like the sound of the Bodyshop vitamin C eye reviver, especially since my eyes are so puffy. It is not a bad price either and I think that Body shop is cruelty free too which is good for me x

    1. I absolutely agree with you! I suffer from allergies and have swollen, dry, sensitised eyes a lot of times so metal ball eye rollers work best , plus this one has brightening ingredients so, good value and good product👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Really liked this post! you have a great variety of different brands, so I thought it was really interesting!
    love, elena

    1. Thanks a lot hon😚😚Your comment is truly appreciated.. It makes me feel happy to know whenever someone finds my posts useful..You should definitely try Caudalie sorbe. It is a lovely product❤️❤️

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