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Hello My Wonderful Friends!!
I was recently nominated for Blogger Recognition Award by two lovely bloggers… Namrata(Namratasrealmblog) posts about makeup, skincare, hauls and even recipes. She has lovely writing skills. Alix(Crutchesoflife) has quite a quirky blog and shares about life, personal things, hauls and much more. You must visit both of these blogs and know more about the owners.


Normally, I am supposed to be posting all the awards individually, but this award does not involve any Q and A, so I decided to go along and publish as one blog post.
Rules: Although most of us are familiar with the rules, I will mention them anyway.
-Thank the blogger who nominated you while providing a link to the blog site.
-Discuss the reason for starting the blog and talk a little bit about it.
-Give 2 advices to fellow bloggers/readers.
-Nominate 15 bloggers who you think deserve this accolade.
-Inform all the nominees by commenting on their blog.

How it all started: TheBeauty&FoodLab
I have been curious about everything beauty related since I was a toddler. I remember my Mum unwillingly but lovingly buying me every newly released bathing bars and shampoos that fancied me. She is an incredible person.
Growing up, my interests turned into understanding the value of personal care and I started mixing ingredients in the kitchen and preparing scrubs, masques and even herbal shampoos. I had the opportunity to understand the effects of various ingredients on different skin types because my Mum and I have very different skin types. Cooking came to me naturally as I grew up in a household where Mum would treat the family with her versatile cooking skills.
Personal experiences, cumulative knowledge and the constant need to learn more about food, skincare and cosmetics led me to share with other people. Me being an introvert found blogging as a mean to share and learn, I am so happy I did. I have gained so much more confidence and talk about beauty related stuff with much more ease. I have enjoyed watching beauty videos for quite some time but those were just for fun, a way to unwind in my past time. Never knew I would one day share the blogging platform with so many incredible people. I have developed much more respect towards bloggers because I now know it takes in a lot of effort and determination.
I hold a very tiny space in blogosphere but I hope my blog becomes a considerable platform so likeminded bloggers and individuals can rely on my posts and continue to support my work. Your love is the most important thing.

Two most important advices that I would like to share are;
Always be compassionate and honest about what you write and constantly try to improve your work, but at the same time engage with other bloggers and understand what your readers expect from you. A little consideration can go a long way.

Do not ramble about anything that someone else is also doing only because you do not have a proper topic and content in mind. Take a break, inspiration is everywhere, there is no way you will not have enough things to talk about. Every post is important. Finally, Be Original!!

I nominate;












I have nominated the chosen bloggers in random order and also want to admit that this list is only a result of the requisites to finish of the blog post. If I could then there would be so many more bloggers nominated because every blog is unique.

I thank again to both the wonderful people who nominated me and wish GOOD LUCK to everyone❤️❤️

Thank you so much for reading and please continue to support me.

Take Care.. xoxo✨

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  1. Thank you so much for the nomination. BrewNSpew is an award free blog, however, I will feature your blog in my next Tuesday Chatter. 😃

  2. This was such a lovely little read! I’ve been seeing a few of these pop up and it’s nice way to learn more about new blogs.

    Keep up the good work & congrats!

    Laura xo

    1. It is a fun way to know more about the bloggers on a personal level. And people are welcoming the idea to share more about themselves while encouraging other bloggers to do the same. I love reading such posts as well!!
      Thanks a lot for your lovely comment and wishes.. It means a lot❤️❤️
      xx Shehnaz

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